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Dear Sir or Madam:

  Thank you for inquiring about our Cottage Castles.  I donít need to tell you how the high costs of labor and materials today have made owning a real on site stick built house very expensive.  We at Cottage Castles believe every familyís needs are different and it is our job to design, quote, and stick build the right house for your family on your site with your help and guidance.

  Our first service is one of a consultant.  We will visit your future construction site with you.  We will sit with you and your spouse and brain-storm what your families needs are whether it is a ďvacation get-a-wayĒ or your future permanent dream home. Then we will computer design a custom house just for you (unless you choose one of our advertised plans).  We will cost the job for you according to your building specifications.  You will be able to see your house literally walking through the home in virtual form on computer screen.  You will also receive a computer generated plan on paper for you to keep.  We are able to incorporate your present ideas and plans together with the custom changes you desire. All this service comes for a small single consultantís fee for one professional house design.

  Your consultantís fee can then be applied to your cost of building if you want us to do your building for you; should you decide to have us build the dried-in shell for you (ALL LABOR AND MATERIALS INCLUDED), using this option we then will apply your consultantís fee as a credit towards your building costs. 

  So whether you just need our Professional Consultant Service to bring your dreams into focus, or whether you also need a builder to do the hard and heavy work (you can save a lot of money by finishing the interior yourself).  Either way you win and you will be one step closer to getting that dream home underway while the interest rates are still low.  Interest will soon go up you know.

  That means if you are really serious about having someone else do all the heavy building of exterior walls, doors, windows, roof and exterior finish and interior support walls --- you have everything to gain by beginning now by hiring us as your Professional Custom Home Designer.

  Professional services today have gotten out of financial reach for most common Americans. You can help us bring these services back down to earth again.  Making it possible for people like yourself to get the personal attention and style of services only previously experienced by Big Commercial Developers and wealthy famous individuals. 

  Call us at 573-378-1917 to set up your Professional Custom Home Design Consultation today.  You should already have a simple understanding and family agreement as to the basic rooms and sizes desired and be prepared to make your minimum Consultant Fee payment of $365.00* at the beginning of the meeting.  People that are serious about building or planning should only respond.

  *Larger house/garage designs pay a consultantís fee of 32 cents per square foot.


After payment is made, various plans, computer information, options, and floor plans will be shared and discussed --- with direct costs and building specifications, including the prices listed in our advertisement.  Do to the high cost of Labor these days, this Consultant Fee separates those which are genuinely sincere and ready to build from those who are still only in the thinking stage, competitor builders, or developer/investors Ė which havenít made up their mind yet, or just want to pick our brain.

We encourage lookers and thinkers to keep on looking and gathering their own ideas that can some day be used in their own dream home (this takes a lot of time) even decades for some families.  So be patient and enjoy this stage of your personal house planning, it is needed.  To keep our costs as low as possible we are unable to spend that time with our inquirers.  So when that dream is ready to become a reality on paper, or you have the minimum funds to begin building - call us then, and we will make room for you in our busy schedule to bring your dreams and special design ideas to life. 

Connecting great thoughts, your dreams, real needs, actual budgets, conventional building methods, and putting it all together in virtual reality and then on paper for you personally.

Sincerely Yours,

Dale Sabin

Your Serious Builder/Consultant  

P.S.  After reading the above you will know better whether our building service which begins with the Consultantís fee being paid up front is what you are looking for.  We are a family run CUSTOM  building business not a Jim Walterís operation.  Many of our Franchise team mates are smaller independent builders which strive to bring you quality work at reasonable prices. You are able to decide EXACTLY what your home/castle will look like (INSIDE and OUTSIDE and SEE IT on computer) before construction begins and specify what products will go into your cottage/house or just go with one of our advertised special prices.  Typically there are extra charges for foundation/slab and any changes you make.  We will do the computer virtual walk through for whatever size plan you like..  But we do charge our initial consultation fee up front regardless of you taking our advertised special price or going total custom built...

Thank you for your time.  Give us a call if you seriously desire to move forward with building soon or are just ready to start planning NOW..

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