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Custom Fitted Pricing compared to our Standard Cut Pricing

First off let us tell you we truly do "Custom Sewing".

Some places say "they do custom sewing" but ONLY use standard stock patterns  without any alterations.  We call this manufacturing, since several are normally cut at the same time which does keep costs down but many times yields a poor fitting garment.

At Lydia of Purple we actually make a pattern, JUST FOR YOU, and keep it on file for one year from your last order.  That's CUSTOM Sewing using all your actual measurements not just the three primary ones.  Don't be fooled by poor fitting imitations.   After you try us once you will see and feel the difference and your friends will too.  You will clearly just look better.

CUSTOM Sewing entails "making a PATTERN" which takes a lot of TIME. This we do for both our CUSTOM FITTED PRICED garments and STANDARD CUT PRICED garments. We have found that some people perhaps do not require a completely professional done CUSTOM FITTED (tailored) Garment and would prefer to save that extra cost involved.  Therefore let me explain the differences between our CUSTOM FITTED PRICING and our STANDARD CUT PRICING.  We do not return patterns or fabric/remnants sent to us but we do keep your pattern on file for one year from your last purchase off it.


YES, we are able to sew and make professional FULLY TAILORED garments from your EXACT BODY MEASUREMENTS ONLY - that is to say professionally fully CUSTOM FITTED garments just from your EXACT CORRECT MEASUREMENTS, but they must be ACCURATE. 

This is why we ask for so many different BODY MEASUREMENTS with your order form. So we can have you here in the form of our DOUBLE in the upper right hand corner of this page.

Lazy Tailors all use LARGE standard cuts then have you come back for multiple fittings which #1 flatters you with attention, so you THINK you're going your money's worth and #2 is simpler for the tailor to use your extra time just to poke PINS with points around you, instead of with PEN ink numbers and knowledge fit you properly.  #3 No Body Form is needed by the Lazy Tailor, just more of your valuable time to see this tailor for alterations which could have been done from exact body measurements and a Body Form - without the waste of your precious time seeing the tailor again and again.  So the next time someone thinks multiple fittings are required for a tailor fit, you will know they are right if the tailor is lazy or still learning the trade or just racking up more time to make a bigger bill?  You be the judge.

So please be EXACT and DO NOT try to fudge or double guess us, by not giving us your actual measurements. LET us do the tailoring to FIT YOU... And we can ONLY do that if we know the EXACT REAL "body measurements" the garment is supposed to fit. We know you need room to move and we will do the calculations, trust us, we are experts/professionals/tailors of an exceptional sort. If you want a garment that fits properly, you need to give us your ACCURATE BODY MEASUREMENTS without any guess work. YES, this costs more money, it's a lot of work, time, patience and we do use a body form to check our work based on your BODY MEASUREMENTS you have supplied. So please, please, please give us your REAL measurements.  Don't be tempted to second guess us based on your previous experience with other fitting problems... Just use accurate measurements only.  Thank you.

  Custom Fitted Prices  include (when needed) zippers, thread and elastic, plain standard buttons , and shoulder pads. Decorative buttons of choice are supplied by you.  Standard Cut Prices you supply all these notion items with the fabric of your choice.


Some people don't have any problem wearing standard sizes because their body shape conforms close enough to the majority average that standard patterns are made to fit.  If this is not you, you will be happier with a CUSTOM FITTED garment from us.  But if you are either more cost conscience then fit conscience OR don't normally experience fitting problems then our STANDARD CUT PRICING is going to produce a well fitting garment without going to the extra expense of completely CUSTOM.

Now if you have determined that you don't really need a completely CUSTOM FITTED (tailored) Garment or you just prefer to save the extra cost involved and are willing to wear a STANDARD CUT (with minor adjustments of up to 1 inch).  THEN you will want to use our STANDARD CUT pricing.

"Standard Cut Prices" limits any changes (per your body measurements) to 1" from our Standard size charts. We make these adjustments based on your EXACT CORRECT BODY MEASUREMENTS you supply with your order form.  So please fill out all the body measurements just as if you were ordering a tailor made garment.  The minor adjustments Lydia of Purple will make will still improve the fit of your finished garment far beyond manufactured sewn garments.

STD. CUT SIZES When ordering Standard Cut Size Prices (these are for labor only) therefore besides for fabric you must supply all required NOTIONS: of thread, elastic, bias tape, etc., shoulder pads and lace if offered on your selection and desired, a regular zipper or buttons if required, call or E-mail for the length or number, if it's not listed on your selection.  However the notions are normally included with the Professionally CUSTOM FITTED prices, see the notes on your selection for details.  Thank you for your understanding.  Feel free to ask questions.

Those are the differences between our pricing structures.

Whenever making an order, either "CUSTOM FITTED" or "STANDARD CUT" please print out and fill out both the ORDER FORM and the BODY MEASUREMENTS completely, it's on the same web page. Thank you.

If you have any other questions please ask:-)

Lydia of Purple

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