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Aging and Life



At birth we learn that life will be painful at times, yet exciting, with new experiences to satisfy our longing desire to know everything new.  This is A time for spiritual indoctrination too.


At 10, we realize that besides for play, learning, school, and social time that adults have to work and that we are growing and will not always be small, as we look forward to adulthood.  When WE can make all the important decisions!  Spiritually time to learn the MISSING virtues of kindness, caring, trust, loyalty and love, or are they still missing?


At 20, we feel as if we will really live forever, we are so full of life.  Life is at itís best as in the summer time and we know the sky is the limit in the USA.  We intend to have a promising career and make our mark upon history too.  Spiritually it is the time to drive forward and find God afresh for ourselves, no longer settling for a second-hand faith, of our teachers and mentors without first hand experience, knowledge, and understanding.


At 30, we have settled into some routine, are married and should be in the productive time of life.  It is a good time, happy and secure as the world unfolds all itís mysteries before us.  As we also grow spiritually in depth we are aware of the negative sides of life in this world.


At 40, we are over-the-hill, past the half-way mark of the average life expectancy in USA of 70.  Routine seems to control us on itís treadmill of life.  We desire to escape to a better way of life but it is always just out of reach as a mirage.  Some will attempt to find the fountain of youth again and others which have found it already will continue to be productive both physically and spiritually in their first marriage.  Spiritually, we are now ready, if willing to deal with the deeper things of God which many will die never exploring for lack of spiritual growth and interest.


At 50, we know for a fact that we are not what we used to be.  Life is turning as summer turns to fall.  Many yet productive feel decline coming.  We have the warning that if we aspire to do something in this life, now is the time, or it might never happen.  Both because of lost ambition and drive beginning to slow down yet there are all the cares of this world that there has always been, pulling on you, holding you back down.  Unless we have truly saved for a rainy day, financially this time forward can become very painful and trying.  Spiritually wise now, or extremely ignorant, you know few are even interested in spiritual things in the USA and fewer are hot for God.  Revelation comes during this time as never before; assuming you have a good foundation, children married, grandchildren, you gain more depth and insight then ever before.  But who else cares? Yet life moves on for those which avoid the other option; (death).


At 60, health care is no longer an after thought, but a continual burden we see pressing upon us.  The grandchildren hopefully donít live with us and our prayer is that we donít have to go live with them.  At this age we know few people even think we know anything any longer, yet we have more wisdom then we have ever had both from learning and experience lacking in the younger generations.  Life marches to the end as we hold-on to our present religious traditions.


At 70, most will die.  Most are retired and have lots of time to think and remember for winter is here.  Our faults and virtues are magnified as if we are children once again ourselves.  After all itís the last rump before being called up yonder.  Few will change their spiritual choices at this point, for they have little energy, and less mind to do so with.


At 80, only the strong make it this far.  You are set in your ways everyone knows, what they donít know is that was a long time ago.  We sleep, eat, drink, and think Ė for we can do much else, besides time goes so fast thatís all we have time to do in a day anyway.  Besides it doesnít matter because all our peers, teachers, parents, and friends arenít here.


At 90, few reach, itís a goal so sweet, to know that you have won a marathon you know. You smile, love, and think as you occupy your seat.  Others help you do everything while you ache.  No cares in this world, for you know what is next, your constant prayer is that it will be in your sleep tonight.


At 100, is it true that it is really you?   By George, you must of done something right! Doctor Denmark is still practicing medicine sheís so smart and the first woman doctor in Georgia, USA.   Happy Birthday you are a celebrity today, otherwise who really cares?  You have out lived your spouse, sisters, brothers, parents long gone, and most of your children.  Your friends, patrons, customers too have all gone and died why didnít  you?  When will you join them?  Only God knows, after all you donít live to 100 if God doesnít care.  You wonder why me, as you have a little tea, yet you have learned itís just one day at a time, and Iím presently doing just fine.



Time goes on until YaHWeH calls us home, then the judgment of whether we were in Christ or will we be standing alone?  For judgment will come, our thinking canít stop it, if you stand on your OWN; sinfulness persons we humans are before a Holy, Holy, Holy God, it will be the biggest mistake you ever made in your lifeÖ and it will cost you eternally.  The verdict is passed upon our last breath as there is no second chance after your death.  In the grave the decision all made Ė Heaven or Hell will be sending you a petition..  Life Eternal for those who choose Christ and Hell Fire for our personal vice of trusting ourselves our goodness and best for it will stink to God on HIS mercy seat.  For HE only sees Christ as fit for HIS judgment, and if you are not in Christ, you will have much disappointment. 


You better choose Christ today before itís too late.  Just like how old will you live?  We cannot tell, nor can we change the appointment of our end, it is with God just as the plan of salvation is to be accepted or rejected during this mortal life.  Oh, you say, you have never accepted and lived for HIMÖ  Then by default you must know that those who think they are good, those who think they are noble, those who think they keep the law, those who think they are good enough, those who think they are adequate without Christ shall awake to eternal damnation.


Perhaps you have wondered what life was all about.  Regardless of your age or stout.  Well friend it is a game.  To see if you want to see if you can win by yourself or forfeit. Forfeit your life here and now for one which is eternal in Christ starting now.  Trade-in your life for one thatís true, accept Christ as your trainer, tutor, king, and priestÖ  For HE alone is God indeed and able to keep the playerís piece. 


It is HE who sets the game in order, and it is surely going to be played by HIS rules ďthe BibleĒ.  Some die claiming no notice, but the creation is witness and proof, of the creator that will Judge.  Only FOOLS claim there is no God, Self-Deceived thinking themselves so wise and go to the place of a Devilís Woe.


Be wise my friend, cash-in and trade, your worthless life for the one which PAID.  The promised Jewish Messiah died for all, that all might have life instead of having to crawl.

Take this Christ as Saviour today, read HIS rule book the ďBibleĒ and pray, and adjust the course of your life as much as HE tells you.  Be honest and true and not self-deceived for when HE says do, think not disobey.  HE speaks life, eternal life, for when your days are ended; it is HE which shall resurrect you. 


HE knows you, better than yourself.  So be honest and true to the God above so when you die you can be there too.  Eternal summer, bliss, and happy to live with Christ is surely heaven. 


All holy, love, caring, with God; our old man, our old evil, our old self YES must die, but that is the way to be free forever more.


The decision is yours my friend make it now.  For when this life is over, so is your game.  Be winners with God or suffer eternal pain.  The choice is so simple, you think itís hard to miss, but fools love company in a devilís bliss.  YES, the cost is your life, if you are willing to pay Ė so they think tomorrow Ė for they love their own way.


Tomorrow is not promised.  Without Christ they forget, so they go through life, playing Russian Roulette.  Is that the game you are playing my friend?  Better cash-in, before itís too late.


Today is the day of Salvation!

  A Rose for You

Copyright By D.H. Sabin  12-7-02


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