Finding Homeschooling Christian Homesteading Communities  

Welcome to Homeschooling Christian Homesteading Communities. by Dale Sabin

Find other families that want to live in a rural area with a Christ centered support group.

CHRIST (the Messiah) must be first place in everything.  For those of you that are homeschooling to preserve Christian Principles and to transfer "the faith" to the next generation we salute you as co-workers for our Saviour in your families' discipleship program. Education in America originally was church controlled and the primary reason to read was to know God through HIS word, the Holy Bible.  For those of us who have left the city and those which desire to leave the city to start country living on their own homestead but desire to find like minded believers to be in a closer community setting (but NOT a commune) - you have come to the right place. Dale Sabin.

We believe in CHRIST as the only true HEAD of the church and each Husband/Father as the only true HEAD of his own family.  Church leaders are for guidance, counsel, and example NOT to be lords over God's heritage but helpers, ministers, and encouragers.

While the local church needs more strength through unity today we believe this can be achieved by forming homeschooling communities where each family (under God's design) maintains their own nuclear family, has their own homestead (land and home), their own finances, their own homeschool, but at the same time finding ones of like-mind so we can begin to be our brother's keeper, by old fashioned helping the neighbor, help each other build homes debt free, working together to form a local home church which can example the love, righteousness, joy, forgiveness, and peace which should characterize the body of CHRIST.

This will not be easy since humanity has been trying to do this for over 2,000 years and is still struggling to do so.  It will require those which have a vision and knowledge but more so patience's and tolerance for strength through diversity with a willingness to work together and grow together with the goal to model CHRIST to the lost and dying world around them.

The vision will not be selfish or short sited.  But will be a vision for the next generation of home schoolers to help them start new families and build their homes without the pain and withdrawal us parents have suffered in leaving the bright shining luxuries of Sodom and Gomorra.  Many of us have left living high on the hog with borrowed credit card debts to living a more simpler life instead of mortgaging tomorrow, to live yesterday.  Wisdom and knowledge with fore thought can save the next generation from the slavery treadmill of indebted extravagance..

Now you may be thinking, why should I take my time to Email these people?  I promise you, we will respond. Besides if you don't have the desire to make relationships within the household of faith more than the usual church services of one or two hours per week you probably shouldn't respond.  If you are a serious believer and interested in true Christian friendship on a family level some time during the usual work week besides for regular home church services you owe it to yourself and family to take the time to respond.

We are not talking about ONLY becoming electronically connected here.  We are talking about major family moves to be in an area with other home schoolers for fellowship and ministry purposes.  If this is your heart's cry  then please, let us know what State(s) you desire to live in, a short explanation of your faith and doctrinal background, martial status, number of children, length of time you have home schooled, what you are looking for and anything else you think would be important.  Then ask whatever questions you have for us.

Building relationships requires openness, honesty, and 2-way communication for anything to happen.  Shalom.  We are waiting to hear from you.

 HUSBANDS ONLY, PLEASE E-mail ME at:    OR CALL 573-378-1917

Families helping families as Christ intended it to be.  WE DO NOT ENDORSE COMMUNES.

We do NOT endorse making covenants between people or church members, but only in marriage and personally to CHRIST but not to a church. We do not believe in Vows unto death accept for marriage.  It is one thing to marry a spouse.  It is quite another thing to (marry) a group (a commune) which has all things in common but wives and make vows before God to be faithful to the other members until death.

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