Family Up Date


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Thirty-Five Years of Marriage

We believe marriage is "until death do us part" and teach this to our children and grand-children by word and deed. Marriage is a life- long commitment which takes love, forgiveness, patience, and long-suffering. We encourage our children and grand-children to let the Creator of the Universe bless them with all the children HE wants to give them, since children are BLESSINGS from God. Your family is the only thing you can take to heaven with you.

As you look though these pages, you will see family members and friends,  we hope that we can be a blessing to your family if no more than giving a word of encouragement.

No, we are not Mennonite or Amish and never have been.  Just bible believing Christians on this earthly pilgrimage from the city of destruction to the pearly gates of glory land.  Entrance bought and paid for by the blood of the promised Jewish Messiah.




  Our children have grown into beautiful young adults and each of them is in the care of the Master's Hand to be used as HE knows best.
  With two daugthers married, their husbands and children, we will try to keep you updated as long as we can all fit into the picture. Taken November 2003.
  Our first daughter and son-in-law have so far been blessed with five strong and growing boys.





Our second daughter and son-in-law have two girls, two boys with another on the way !

Great Grandma with all her great grand-children. Just the being of the numbers she'll have one day. She still has that Grandmotherly touch with one in each arm.

for a few more good men for son-in-laws.








 This third daughter is 24, a farm girl at heart.  Doesn't want to get too far from her milk cow or the other animals for that matter. 

Would like several children of her own, just has to find the right man first.

Mature, spiritual, obedient, kind, and a real blessing to all.






The proclaimed Daddy's girl?  That's what they all say.

Daughter four is 22 and enjoys the piano, one day hoping for a baby grand.

Kind and loving to all, very out-going personality.


Fifth daughter is 21
 and loves 


Sixth daughter
and always ready.







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