This is NOT an attempt to condemn those which have used the name of Jesus (just as we did) before getting to know HIM on a first name Hebrew basis.  We do believe over 2,000 years the translations from language to language have drifted from their original Hebrew Roots and cultural setting from which we desire to return and see reformation again in the faith and the natural olive tree to be grafted back in again.

Do you cry out to God in praise?  HalleluYaH in praise to God?

The Word 


(its origin, meaning, and significance)


The word hallelujah, pronounced hal-le-lu- YaH, is the most ancient of all words of praise to the Creator commonly known today. It is used both on earth and in heaven to worship the Almighty Creator. We should let the Bible interpret the Bible. 
(Rev. 19:1, 3, 4, & 6 ) What is the origin, meaning, and significance of this word?


HalleluYaH is a Pure Hebrew word and yet is pronounced the same in many languages, when properly transliterated. Hallelu-yah means, "praise ye" - "YaH". 

Strong's word ref. # H3050        "YaH"
Remember to read Hebrew characters from right to left.

YaH is the name of the one being praised. [Sing praises to His Name: extol Him that rideth upon the heavens by His Name "YaH" Psalms 68:4]. We also find "YaH" in the name of many of the Hebrew Prophets such as Elijah (EliYaH) which means "God (or the Almighty) is YaH", Jeremiah means "YaH will rise" which is what the Messiah did, Obadiah, Isaiah, Zechariah, etc.


YaH is the personal name of the Creator. Although YaH is the basic or short form of the divine name, YaHWeH. The full form of the Heavenly Father's Name is YaHWeH found in the 0.T. of the Bible in its original Hebrew language 6,825+ times according to Strong's word referenced #H3068 & #H3069. 


The name YaHWeH is found in many Bibles, Bible concordances, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and in many current writings of history and archaeology, etc. "The Bible" by James Moffatt, Hon.D.D., D.Litt. translation 1926 A.D. reprinted several times by Harper & Row, orderable through some Christian book stores, it states on pg. 20-21 of the introduction: "Strictly speaking, ought to be rendered "YaHWeH" which is familiar to modern readers in the erroneous form of [Jehovah]". ISBN: 0-06-065778-2.


The spelling and pronunciation of "Jehovah" was erroneously introduced by Galatinus in 1520 A.D. and came about when some Bible translators mistakenly used the vowel sounds of the Hebrew word for lord (adonai) and mixed them with JHVH alleged equivalents to the Hebrew letters that form the divine ~ inventing a new hybrid word. As early as 1902 "Rotherham Emphasized Bible" revealed this error with a detailed explanation in the introduction and was the first English Bible to restore the correct spelling "YaHWeH" throughout the 0.T. in English. This 1902 Bible was reprinted in 1959 by Kregel Publications. Library of Congress #:59-7560. ISBN0-8254-3601-X Orderable through some Christian book stores.


Now all up to date English dictionaries show "YaHWeH" as the true form of the divine name. Originally the name YaHWeH was used in the whole earth when all men knew YaHWeH was the Creator. There were no other titles or names of false deities substituted in the place of the Hebrew , then. (Gen.4:26) YaHWeH being the correct English transliteration by spelling and pronunciation. Even after most of the world went into idolatry, YaHWeH made Himself known again by name to certain men such as Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Genesis 12:8, 26:25, 28:13) and later unto Moses (Exodus 3:15,34:5).


It is interesting how and why the name YaHWeH after being freely used for centuries as revealed to the Hebrew people who were instructed to use it, (Deut. 6:13, 10:20) actually were the ones who later obscured the name with substitute titles. Jewish religious leaders began to say "it was too sacred to be spoken". Because of this tradition the people were taught to just think, read, and say "Adonai" (LORD) when they came across the divine name in the Scriptures.


Therefore, when vowel marks were later added to the Hebrew language, (about 900 A.D. by the Masoretes) they inserted the vowel marks for Adonai upon the divine name of YaHWeH, instead of those that actually belonged there. This is the tradition of men that even holds christendom captive today from praising HIS name. The vowel points indicated to the Jewish people to think, read and say "Adonai" the substituted title instead of, YaHWeH,  the true name of God. As a result, centuries later, when some Gentile translators sought to translate the Scriptures into other languages they became confused, and mixed the vowel sounds for Adonai with the letters YHWH of the divine name, and incorrectly (let it be assumed accidentally) came up with the hybrid name of "Jehovah".


Some may ask, “What Is the Importance of all this anyway?” It seems strange that anyone should question the importance of their Creator's name, especially if they claim HIM as their Heavenly Father. Did HE not teach us to pray, “Hallowed be thy name?” Which one of you has a close  relationship with anyone, and does not know the identity given and requested by your friend as his given proper name and appellation? Who gives us the idea that we can treat the Creator of the Universe with any less respect than a human being?

Honest men had a desire to correct the translations to include the Heavenly Father's name.  John Nelson Darby printed the O.T. with Jehovah in the 6,800+ times in 1881.  It was NOT the Jehovah Witnesses that first restored the name thought to be right; it was the Brethren movement.


 The Bible itself does not leave us to doubt as to whether or not the name of YaH, or YaHWeH, is important for us to know, use, and praise. When the true name is put back in the places where the Jewish and Gentile translators have substituted the words "LORD" and “GOD”, the reading of the Bible makes it very clear that we should know and love the name of YaHWeH. Here are just a few examples:


Micah 6:9a "YaHWeH's voice crieth unto the city, and the man of wisdom shall see thy name." Ezek. 39:7 "So will I make MY Holy Name known in the midst of MY people Israel; and I will not let them pollute MY Holy Name any more; and the heathen" (Gentiles) "shall know that I am YaHWeH the Holy One in Israel." Zech. 14:9 "And YaHWeH shall be KING over all the earth: in that day shall there be one YaHWeH, and HIS name one." Joel 2:32b "And it shall come to pass that whosoever shall call on the name of YaHWeH shall be delivered" (quoted in Romans 10:13 & Acts 2:21) Exodus 20:7 "Thou shalt not take the name of YaHWeH thy God in vain, for YaHWeH will not hold him guiltless that taketh HIS name in vain." (To say HIS Name is unimportant or a vain thing is certainly one form of taking it in vain; as in bringing it to naught, or ignoring it.) Jer. 23:27a “Which think to cause my people to forget MY name . . . ” Mal. 3:16 “Then they that feared YaHWeH spake often one to another; and YaHWeH hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before HIM for them that feared YaHWeH, and that thought upon HIS Name."


The Messiah preached the name YaHWeH to his disciples and taught them to Hallow it, even in prayer "Hallowed be thy name". (John 17:6, Matt. 6:9, Luke 11:2) The KJV clearly brings this name over into English in the short form "JAH" (pronounced  YaH as in halleluJah). This by itself is enough for the obedient sou1 to see his responsibility and to use the correct name. "JAH" is 

Strong's word reference #H3050,     pronounced "Yahh" a contraction form 

   of  #H3068      pronounced "YaHWeH"   

Now we know "Jehovah"  should be "YaHWeH" the sacred name, as written in stone by the finger of the Creator HIMSELF. So it is very clear that the name of YaHWeH is meant to be known and used by HIS peculiar people.


The English letter “J” may be troubling you. How could so many people get the first letter of so many words wrong? Operating under a Greek Label, theologians have added or changed many words to start with a “J” or soft “G” sound incorrectly hiding or covering the name of the Most High, following the tradition of men.


Many theologians believe several books if not all the New Testament was originally written in the Hebrew language of Bible days (Aramaic). Just take your Strong's Concordance and reference each word that starts with a “J” you will find the pronunciation NEVER starts with “J”. Why? Because the Greek and Hebrew languages of the Bible have NO equivalent letter to the English “J” sound. In fact, the letter “J” was added to the English alphabet around the eighteenth century which is easily proved with many ENGLISH Bibles printed before the 1900's. The ORIGINAL KJV 1611 used the LATIN letter “I” where you now see “J”s. This word-for-word reprint of the ORIGINAL 1611 KJV is available at your Christian book store, Thomas Nelson Publishers book #301, ORIGINAL 1611 reprinted.


The “V” comes from the Germanic Hebrew, while the double “V” – “W” comes from the Spanish Hebrew which is the one thought to be the most accurate biblically by the majority of scholars. German speakers can’t pronounce “W” but pronounce “V” in it’s place. The majority of Jews resettling the new nation of Israel formed in 1948 A.D. spoke German and hence MODERN Hebrew uses the “V” instead of the “W”.  “W” in Hebrew is also the number 6.  Internet addresses use “WWW”, clearly 666, not “VVV”.  “W” is supposed to be the closest to the Hebrew spoken in historical Israel. 


HaLLeLuYaH, YaHWeH did not leave us to question which language HE gave HIS name in. Read the 119 Psalm and you will find the Hebrew alphabet all twenty-two letters used as divisions in the Psalm. Let the Bible interpret the Bible, it must all fit together. YaHWeH wrote HIS Name In Hebrew on stone with HIS Own Finger for Moses. (Exodus 20:7, 31:18 and Deut. 5:11, 9:10)  Moses' time is believed to be the beginning of the written word of YaHWeH, about 1700 B.C.


The Resurrected Messiah spoke HIS Name in the Hebrew tongue (according to KJV Acts 26:14-15) to Saul, who is accused of making it Greek, which origin we shall explore in a moment.


Proverbs 30:4 “Who hath ascended up into heaven, or descended? who hath gathered the wind in his fists? who hath bound the waters in a garment? who hath established all the ends of the earth? what is HIS name, and what is HIS son's name, If thou canst tell?


Most Christians' answer: God & Jesus. God (without capital OD) is used in our English Bibles simply to denote “a mighty one.”  So what is HIS name? You now know the answer to the first part: YaHWeH, which answer comes from Scripture in Psalm 83:18 "That men may know that thou, whose name alone is YaHWeH, art the most high over all the earth." Here is a list of Bibles which translated the name YaHWeH in this verse and else where in the O.T.: 1902 Rotherham Emphasized Bible, 1963 Holy Name Bible, 1966 Anchor Bible (Bible [not verified] and Complete Scholarly Commentary), 1966 Jerusalem Bible (Catholic), 1981 The Sacred Scriptures, Bethel Edition, 1993 The Scriptures (from South Africa - contains the Hebrew letters), 2000 The Word of Yahweh, and there are others as well not listed here.  There are a great cloud of witnesses to this fact.


Proverb 30:4b "And what is HIS Son's Name? IF THOU CANST TELL ??? ” 
This question was wrote by Solomon under the pen name of Agur almost a 1,000 years before the Messiah came. The number of man is six. The Scriptural answer is the (sixth) book of the Bible, Joshua. If the Bible asks a question it must have an answer. The answer cannot be Jesus spelled “JESUS” because the English language didn’t start until about 2,000 years later; 1,000 years after Messiah's first coming. The name spelled “JESUS” was NEVER in print until the late I700’s, not even in Bibles, it was spelled with the Latin “I”  Iesus. Therefore the answer must be a Hebrew answer to the Hebrew question...( 1 Thes. 5 :21 )


Joshua or YaH-shua (silencing the middle Hebrew letter)  is the answer from a Hebrew Bible.  Full pronunciation would be  YaHWe-shua containing the Father's full name. Note the first two Hebrew letter starting at the right working left.  YH


John Wycliffe, who did the first well-known English translation, supposedly didn’t know Greek or Hebrew (he only knew Latin).  Yet he translated the Saviour’s name as, ihesus.  ih or YH are the Hebrew letters for YaH.  The Latin “I” was a “Y” sound. The common Latin for the name is IESU.  Can we assume Wycliffe knew Latin better than we do to come up with Ihesus for English? I think so.


I have also seen the letters “I H S” interpreted as being the first three Hebrew Letters of the father's and son's name,

(remember read Hebrew right to left)       why  “YHW”

 “YHW” though “I H S” comes via the Latin "I"  and the Greek "S", I forget the whole song and dance of how they allege it come to be that way but it seemed plausible. Yet I am aware of some negative things also said about " I H S ".  Maybe that has something to do with the "W" turning into an "S"?  If you have information on this please send it for our consideration.  The first three letters in Hebrew is the KEY, as in many of the prophets names.


There is also a direct connection between the name of the Father and the name of HIS Son, our Saviour. In Psalm 72: 17, in the well known “World Publishing Co. edition of the KJV,” the center reference gives the original Hebrew to read as follows: “HIS name shall be as a Son to continue HIS Father's name for ever: and men shall be blessed in HIM: all nations shall call HIM blessed.” This is clearly a prophecy concerning the Saviour. Of course a son always bears his father's name or family name. The Saviour Himself said, “I have come in my Father's name.” (John 5:43) If the Son did not have the Father's eternal name, how could the Son have a name, which is above every name, that every knee in heaven must bow to? (Philippians 2:5-11) We must not forget that our God is a Jealous God. Exo.20:5 & 34:14 & Eze. 39:25 The name of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world needs to be eternal as Hebrews 13:8 indicates, “the same yesterday, and today, and for ever.” The Holy Scriptures proclaim that the Father would name HIS Son. Isaiah 62:2 “And the Gentiles shall see thy righteousness, and all kings thy glory: and thou shalt be called by a new name, which the mouth of YaHWeH shall name.” Only God has the right to name HIS son. We see that the Father would name, HIS Son, in harmony with Proverbs 30:4 and Hebrews 13:8, that the name is THE SAME YESTERDAY, AND TODAY, AND FOR EVER, and answer the 3,000 year old question of Proverb 30:4 - what is HIS Son's name, if thou canst tell?


Doesn't that almost indicate a "hiding" of the name?  IF THOU CANST TELL?  Is it going to be so easy just to pick up any printed Bible and give the answer that has only now been in print about 250 years?  Jesus.  This is a 3,000 year old question, which the resurrected MESSIAH HIMself spoke in HEBREW from heaven to the Jewish (Hebrew speaking) Apostle Paul.  The secret, the key of David, is in a Hebrew answer.


Yet HIS name YaHWeH YaHWe-shua  is NEW to untaught people who have been raised only with the traditions of their fathers instead of  seeing the clear linkage to the Hebrew. The demons in the N.T. recognized the person and name of the Son immediately. (Mark 1 :24 & Luke 4:34) Bible scholars and many pastors know that our Saviour was not known by the label of “JESUS” in Bible times, nor for over a 1,000 years after. 


The fact many have come to accept the persona of the Saviour, while knowing only the name of Jesus, (or Iesus) does not make that HIS actual authoritative given name. HE was born a Hebrew as prophesied in Isaiah 9:6, Micah 5:2, and elsewhere. But the spelling “JESUS” is not Hebrew or Greek. Its origin is PURE LATIN “IESU” with the addition of the “S” ending borrowed from the Greek syntax then in the eighteenth century the Latin beginning of “I” was changed to the New English Letter “J” along with other words like: Jeremiah, Jehovah, Jerusalem, James, John, etc. of course all were “I”s in THE ORIGINAL 1611 KJV; which corresponds to the Hebrew “Yode” as the English letter “Y” sounds.

 The German name, Jungmeyer, pronounced Young-Meyer.  The grocery chain, Meijers, pronounced Meyers.  There is a proof of a "J" used in the beginning and middle of a name and both are pronounced "Y".  Just as all the Bible words are originally in Hebrew.

In addition, many N.T. names are changed ignoring the known correct 0.T. names, some are: Esaias (Isaiah), Osee in Romans 9:25 is really (Hosea), Jeremy (Jeremiah), Jonas (Jonah), Elias pronounced Helias for (Elijah). But Helios was the name of the ancient Greek god of the sun, as they were sun worshippers.  What’s going on here? Is the God of the universe, the god of Greek mythology?  NO, but it appears man’s translation has attempted to interject some of these ideas by the names used (or substituted via the Greek).  It is an unchallenged fact the Greeks were all messed up mythology with all kinds of gods by several names. 

Some people are mistaken to believe the Greek is more authoritative than Hebrew for biblical content and Hebrew name transliterations.  People and their traditions do unfortunately cause that thought to arise though.  The Roman Catholics believe Latin is the Holy Language, some Anabaptists believe their German tongue is the Holy Language for church services, many Protestant theologians believe Greek is the Holy Language, many King James Only people believe the King James English is the Holy Language.  One even said Jesus is the “new Name” spoken of in Isaiah 62:2 and Rev.3:12.  Well, if that is a fact, we have only had it since about 1769 A.D.  So what about all the people before that?  The Hebrew has been here since Moses.


But lets let the KJV be the basis of this decision not our personal bias.  Above we saw several of the O.T. prophets whose original names were Hebrew without question given very mystique nicknames in the New Testament.  We are told this is because of the Greek.  OK, but since their original names were Hebrew, shouldn’t we be concerned with the Hebrew for an English translation?  Of course, but Luke 4:27 proves Greek injection upon both Greek and English by the 1611 KJV placing Elizeus for the Hebrew prophet’s name of Elisha.  Later printings were changed to camouflage the “Z” by writing it backwards as an “S”, Eliseus (Elisha).  This singular injection shows the clear inference being played upon the English people – if no more than tradition today.  But someone in time and space started it.


Bar-jesus (son of Joshua), the title: Christ (Messiah), and Jesus (Joshua or better YaHshua short form of YaHWe-shua). By now you are beginning to see the pattern being set, by the Hellenization of the N.T., as in contrast to honest translation of proper names (into English) from the name’s original tongue. The third century Latin & Biblical Koine Greek are DEAD languages which live on today as ENGLISH. Read any "Encyclopedic Unabridged English Dictionary and look at the origin languages from which our English words come, and don't forget the romance languages came from Latin also. "Jesus" is customized Latin for the ENGLISH "GeeZ-us", having no direct connection, except by 300 years of tradition by association, to the Hebrew


 or it's traditional translation, Joshua, transliterated, YaHshua, short for YaHWe-shua.. 


The following information is given NOT in an attempt to demonize nor blasphemy the name of  Jesus.  But this information is historical (if it can be honestly PROVEN wrong it will be removed from this web site).  Also we are not attempting to condemn those which have used the name of Jesus (just as we did) before getting to know HIM on a first name Hebrew basis.  We do believe over 2,000 years of translations from language to language has drifted from their original Hebrew Roots from which we desire to return and see reformation again in faith and the natural olive tree to be grafted back in again.

The oldest N.T. Greek translations remaining today  “Iesous” for the name. According to the famous Liddel and Scott Greek Lexicon, Iesous is the Ionic masculine form of the name “Iaso” (the Greek goddess of healing). See by looking up the word “Iaso”.


Someone may be thinking: "well where did “Iesous” come from, it had to come from somewhere. The pronunciation of "Jesus" in Spanish is similar to “Ea-Zeus” as is “Iesous” could have been pronounced? I am not a Greek scholar nor want to be. 


But these things can be looked up by the average person in dictionaries / Lexicons.  “Ea” - a healing god of mythology and "Zeus" - supreme deity of the Greeks and by whom the Romish Translators belonged at which time the N.T. ~ were effectively Hellenized in 100 to 3OO A.D. just as the Jewish Sabbath was replaced by the Romish Sun-God holiday, Sunday. The Roman Catholic Church took up dogma and bloody persecution to enforce their opinions.


This was nothing new as brought out in Moishe Rosen's book “Y’shua”. The Roman Antiochus Epiphanes instituted a program to fully hellenize Jewish religion in 167 B.C.E. He decreed that the Jewish Deity would be regarded as a local manifestation of ZEUS with services altered accordingly and enforced under penalty of death. This history is recorded in the apocryphal books of Maccabees. This resulted in “Hanukkah” also mentioned in (John 10:22) as the feast of the dedication celebrating the Jewish Temple recapture in 164 B.C.E.


Constantine the Great commanded whole armies to be baptized as the religious and political authorities were being solidly combined, as the Roman Catholic Church made sweeping compromises to gain the following of the pagan masses. History tells us the rest of the story how the Roman Catholics lead the world into the dark ages. Slowly courageous men began to expose the dead traditions of churchianity and the reformation started. We still need to forsake tradition for truth.  The reformation still needs to continue “till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of YaHWeH, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Messiah:” (Ephesians 4:13)


The important thing is WHAT IS HIS NAME?  It is in fact the same as Joshua the successor of Moses in the KJV Hebrews 4:8 & Acts 7:45 the name “Jesus” in (Strong's Greek Lexicon reference #G2424 is "Iesous" the same for Jesus everywhere in the N.T.).  Some King James Versions are now printing Joshua in these two verses. However it is true these verses should be Joshua, BUT this PROVES using the Greek reference that Joshua should be everywhere "Jesus" appears in your Bible, since the same Greek word #G2424 is used throughout. Also Strong's clearly tells us that the N.T. name of the Saviour comes from "Joshua" the Hebrew reference #H3091.


Young's translates both Heb. 4:8 & Acts 7:45 Joshua  #G2424  but then contradicts himself saying the Hebrew Messiah's name is #H3442 "Ye'shua" which only means "he will save", or as , some say “salvation”; and forget the precious link with the Father’s name (YaH); short for YaHWeH.


Many Messianic Jews are making this same mistake, refusing to give glory, praise, and honor to the Father's Name, YaHWeH, or by hallowing "YaH" HIS revealed name.


HaLLeLu- YaH, we can worship in spirit and in truth if we will just obey the commandments of YaH and leave the traditions of men to the unbelievers. They worship, they know not what, we know what we worship. (John 4:22)


As we have already seen the letter "J" is not in Hebrew so instead of "Joshua" we have "YaHshua", or fully pronounced YaHWe-shua.  Do this yourself. Say "Joshua" now take off the "J" sound and insert the "Y" sound and you will see you pronounce, YaHshua.  YaHshua is the short condensed pronunciation silencing the middle Hebrew letter.  If you pronounce all the Hebrew letters you will pronounce YaHWe-shua, with the complete name of the Father YaHWeH. This clearly shows the connection with HIS Father's name. 


Therefore the best way to transliterate the name “Joshua” in present day English is "YaHshua".  Spanish spelling is the same.  Strong's #H3091 "Joshua" is from #H3068 "YaHWeH" and #H3467 "shua" meaning salvation.  Therefore the full pronunciation YaHWe-shua now says exactly what it means: YaHWeH Is Salvation. 

Insert YaHWe-shua into Matthew 1:21 and you can read with new, greater and clearer understanding the same as Joseph received from the angelic messenger. Joseph immediately understood the meaning of the name, he was told to give to the Son of God, by the Heavenly Father. Matthew 1:21 "And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call HIS name YaHWe-shua (meaning: YaHWeH is Salvation): for HE shall save HIS people from their sins." There are also many beautiful parallels between Joshua in the O.T. and YaHshua (i.e. YaHWe-shua) in the N.T. So our Saviour's name in answer to Proverbs 30:4 is YaHWeshua, or YaHshua for the shorted contracted form. HIS name contains the divine, family name of YaH. He truly came in HIS Father's name just as HE said HE did "I am come in my father's name" (John 5:43 & Psa. 72:17) He alone is "YaHWeH's Salvation". "Neither is there salvation in any other, for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved." (Acts 4:12) "To HIM give all the (Hebrew) prophets witness, that through HIS name whosoever believeth in HIM shall receive remission of sins." (Acts 10:43)


We are not attempting to condemn those which have used the name of Jesus (just as we did) before getting to know HIM on a first name Hebrew basis.  We do believe over 2,000 years the translations from language to language have drifted from their original Hebrew Roots from which we desire to return and see reformation again in faith and the natural olive tree to be grafted back in again.

This is not to say that those who, in the past, have been unwillingly ignorant of HIS true name have not found salvation in the persona of our Saviour. For God is a spirit knowing the hearts more than spoken words from mens' lips.  Yet when our hearts are given totally over to HIM, we believe HE will visit our lips by HIS Spirit with TRUTH also.  Some have accepted the personage of the Saviour as recorded in Scripture while being ignorant of HIS true given name. In heaven it is recorded that they are saved by the blood of YaHWe-shua the Messiah. The reason this can be so is that YaH is the Father of grace and mercy. We are not saved by our works, or our correct pronunciation of HIS name.  But an honest earnest hungering and thirsting after righteousness and to KNOW HIM better, and this is why this was written for your edification, not your condemnation.  Therefore HE looks not on the outward appearance, but on the intention of the heart. (1Sam.16:7) Let us be quick to leave our ignorant past, even the tradition of men, and begin worshipping in spirit and in truth.


What is the intention of your heart, now? Can you honestly now use HIS Hebrew name YaHshua/YaHWe-shua in your prayers? Is this your heart's cry. Psa. 25:5 - "Lead me in thy truth, and teach me: for thou art salvation; on thee do I wait all the day." Psalms 86:11 "Teach me thy way, YaHWeH; I will walk in thy truth: unite my heart to fear thy name. " Psalms 86:12 "I will praise thee, O YaHWeH my Elohim, with all my heart: and I will glorify thy name forevermore." Psalms 145:21 "My mouth shall speak the praise of YaHWeH: and let all flesh bless HIS holy name for ever and ever." IsaYaH 52:6 - "Therefore my people shall know my name: therefore they shall know in that day that I am He that doth speak: behold, it is I."  JeremYaH 16:21 - "Therefore, behold, I will do is once cause them to know, I will cause them to know mine hand and my might; and they shall know that my name is YaHWeH." Eze. 39:7 -"So will I make my holy name known in the midst of my people Israel; and I will not let them pollute my holy name any more: and the heathen shall know that I am YaHWeH, the Holy One of Israel." Psalms 105:3 "Glory ye in his holy name: let the heart of them rejoice that seek YaHWeH."


He is full of justice and TRUTH. So his past mercy in no way justifies continuing in ignorance. To use the words of Acts 17:30, "The times of this ignorance YaHWeH winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent:". When any truth is restored that men's traditions have hidden, it becomes the responsibility of HIS true peculiar people to walk in that truth regardless of the cost. “Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin." - James 4:17 Judge righteous judgment neighbor. For it is YaHWe-shua Messiah (YaHWeH) who shall judge each of us. Just as HE did the Jews. Malachi 2:2 – “If you will not hear, and if you will not lay it to heart, to give glory unto MY name, saith YaHWeH of hosts, I will even send a curse upon you, and I will curse your blessings: yes, I have cursed them already, because you do not lay it to heart." Keep in mind that the word “LORD” is a substitute, normally camouflaged as "LORD" notICE the SMALL CAPITAL LETTERS HAVE HIDE THE CAPITALIZATION FROM CLEAR VIEW OF THE IGNORANT and is still not the true name, YaHWeH. 

The word “baal” came into Hebrew from the Babylonian language and is translated “lord” read these verses: Jer.23:26&27 The Muslims, the Jews, the Christians, the Eastern Religions all use LORD.  Our God has a name to set HIM apart from the others. “How long shall this be in the heart of the prophets that prophesy lies? ..which think to cause my people to forget my name. their fathers have forgotten my name for Baal,” (That is, for “LORD”.) Hosea 2:16&17 “And it shall be at that day, saith YaHWeH, thou shalt call me Ishi” (my husband) “and shalt call me no more Baali.” (my Lord) “For I will take away the names of Baalim” (Lords) “out of her mouth, and they shall no more be remembered by their name.” Baal (Lord) was the name of the deity of pagan Babylon. Lookup “Baal” in any good dictionary, many show its origin as Hebrew and its equivalent as “lord”.  Some people make a big deal about capitalization which is a weak argument, in light of the origin, of “lord”. Jer. 12:16 “And it shall come to pass, if they will diligently learn the ways of my people, to swear by my name, YaHWeH liveth; as they taught my people to swear by Baal (Lord); then shall they be built in the midst of my people.”


Hard to believe?  I know it was for me too.  But I finally checked out the references and had to accept God’s Hebrew Name as the authoritative name for Matthew 28:19. Check out the many references given in this tract, don’t take it on a person’s word, check out the Hebrew, the dictionaries, the commentaries. The Savior was born a Hebrew with a Hebrew name, not Greek, not Latin, not German, not English . . . HIS name is of HEBREW origin – learn it, love it, know HIM, love HIM, call upon HIS name in spirit and Truth.


Just as the 0.T. is the foundation of the N.T. quoting Joel 2:32 in Romans 10:13, Acts 2:21, and Acts 22:16 “Whosoever shall call upon the name of YaHWeH shall be delivered” or “saved” is fulfilled by calling on the name of YaHWe-shua the Messiah, which contains the Father's name, the family name YAH, short for YaHWeH. Perhaps you have already accepted the Saviour. If so we urge you to start calling upon HIM by His true name YaH as also in YAHweh, and the Messiah, YAHshua / YaHwe-shua (for the full pronounciation) to “take the names of Baalim” (LORDS) “out of” your “mouth”. 


If you are yet in your sins having never really accepted, the promised Jewish Messiah, Saviour of the world; put your trust in the Promised Jewish MESSIAH now. YaHWe-shua died for your sins and is now seated on the right hand of power, who will also soon return coming in the clouds of heaven to set up HIS kingdom to rule and reign on the earth. You too can become a child of the Most High YaHWeH and an heir of eternal life as a gift. “He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life, and He that believeth not the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of the Almighty abideth on him." (John 3:36) Eternal life was only made possible by the shedding of YaHWe-shua's blood, the lamb of YaHWeH, making atonement for our sins. But you must personally accept HIM as the sacrifice for your sins and as your KING and Sovereign Ruler over your life. “For as many as received HIM, to them gave HE power to become the sons of YaH, even to them that believe on HIS name.” - John 1:12 “He that believeth on HIM is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, BECAUSE he hath NOT BELIEVED in the NAME of the only begotten Son of YaHWeH." (John 3:18)


YaHWe-shua is the answer to Solomon's second question in Proverbs 30:4 “and what is HIS son's name, if thou canst tell?" in English YaHshua in the short form or YaHWe-shua in the complete form, in Hebrew 


You may ask, “How do I receive HIM and put trust in HIS name?”


Repent, and be baptized, every one of you in the name of YaHWeH YaHWe-shua Messiah for the remission of sins, and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit (which is HIS indwelling invisible presence and power in your life and body), for the promise is unto you, and to your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many as YaHWeH our Almighty One shall call. (Acts 2:38,39) (See also Acts 8:12,16,35,36; 10:43,48; 16:31-33; 19:4&5; 22:16; Romans 6:3&4; Gal. 3:26&27; Titus 3:5; Heb. 10:22; 1 Pet. 3:21; and Mark 16:16). Psalms 33:21 “For our heart shall rejoice in HIM, because we have trusted in HIS holy name."


I Chronicles 16:10 “Glory ye in HIS Holy Name: let the heart of them rejoice that seek YaHWeH.” If you desire prayer, further information, spiritual counsel, or baptism in the Sacred Name please do not hesitate to contact us. Life is very short and uncertain, and time is fast running out. We are in the last days, Obey HIS Word today!


Then you will be truly able to say, "HALLELU-YAH"!


thanks to R.W. Young, who has ministered the Hebrew name for thirty years, 
expanded by Dale H. Sabin, Ministers of YaH  


You do believe Jesus is LORD don't you?  
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Copyright 1990-2002 Dale H. Sabin


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