Moses, go down

MOSES:  YaHWeH, I do apologize for bothering YOU so late in history, but the people have sent me back with the commandments. The general view is that, they won't do. You see, people want to worship YOU and all that, but they want YOU to keep up with the times.

YaHWeH: Very thoughtful. They say the commandments are out dated, do they?

MOSES: Yes, YaHWeH. It's felt they need some revision. Take the first one where YOU demand an exclusive allegiance. People feel this is intolerant and overdoing it. I mean, the people have other obligations.

YaHWeH: Well, Moses, how would you feel if your wife showed you affection one day a week and ignored you the other six days? Or just ignored you altogether?

MOSES: That's not the same thing.

YaHWeH: Isn't it? Come now, what personal relationship can survive on one day or a few minutes of time each week. For I AM a jealous Father who loves HIS children.

MOSES: Perhaps YOU have a point, YaHWeH. Anyway, what about the second commandment? No graven images, nothing before YOU. The general complaint is that YOU are a bit down on statues and materialism.

YaHWeH: Quite wrong, Moses. Don't forget, I AM the author of all material blessings. All I ask for MY work is one tenth of a man 's income. If a man can't give that, he's put his money before ME. His money is then an idol, a graven image, a god. Carry on, what’s next? And don't drop those tablets - I’M not making another set!

MOSES: Well, YaHWeH, how about swearing? What YOU call "taking YOUR Name in vain", or doing away with YOUR Name - YaHWeH.

YaHWeH: MY commandment stands. How would you feel if one of your children cursed you, or forgot your name?

MOSES: Really, YaHWeH, YOU keep making it so personal.

YaHWeH: But Moses, isn't it a “personal relationship” to those who claim to know ME? Yet so many don't even know MY Name: YaHWeH.

MOSES: Well then, a day of rest and worship. Is it really necessary? I mean, there is so much to enjoy these days in recreation and sports.

YaHWeH: Yes, it is. MY people need rest and fellowship with other believers, gathering in MY Name, where I AM. So I have set aside a day for them.

MOSES: YaHWeH, YOU have such good reasons for everything. I don't think the people quite understand.

YaHWeH: That's MY impression, too. You seem to be losing your nerve a bit, Moses. Now I'll ask you some questions. How do they feel about honoring (obeying) father and mother?

MOSES: It's like this, most kids get their own-way and the teenagers think they know more about life than their parents.

YaHWeH: When there's great disobedience in one generation, the next generation has more killing and no respect for human life. Abortion, Euthanasia, and Genocide follow. Now, what about the sixth commandment? Thou shalt not murder.

MOSES: The general principle is acceptable. They just want an amendment to cover abortion. Then there wouldn't be such a controversy of it being wrong.

YaHWeH: Wrong for who? The doctor, the mother, or the baby? Premeditated murder will always be sin, especially for those who shed innocent blood, regardless of man's law. Now number seven, adultery?

MOSES: Well, YaHWeH, most everybody has or is doing it. If not just mentally then by remarriage after divorce, being adultery as YOU say, is rampant everywhere. Being married, to the same person, “till death do you part” is just too long and not up-to-date. The serious people rather just get a renewable license for a  time of love making, instead of permanent responsibility for better or worst. Your laws seem old-fashioned, so people find all kinds of excuses for breaking them.

YaHWeH: No, Moses. They don't break The Laws. The Laws will break them. Just look around. As people turn away from ME, they turn to their own lusts for fulfillment. No, Moses, I cannot change MY Word. Not on adultery or theft, nor on false witness or covetousness. My commandments were given to protect and to promote man's happiness, not restrict it. You see, I love men enough to want the best for them. That's why I, YaHWeH, came in the flesh in the name of YaHWe-shua, (meaning YaHWeH is salvation) in the Father's Name, to redeem man from his sin and to turn their hearts back to the only Creator. To ask ME to revise MY commandments is to ask ME to stop loving. You know I can't do that.

MOSES: YOU are always right. So what am I to do with these people who have forgotten YOU and YOUR Name?  

YaHWeH: Go down, Moses, go down and say, "what YaHWeH has written, HE has written."       I, YaHWe-shua, (Isaiah 44:6) came in the form of man to redeem ALL of mankind that believe in MY Name. Therefore put away all forms of Baal worship from you. But most of all; tell them "not to forget MY Name, YaHWeH. And those tablets I wrote because I love MY people.


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