Pictures of the YHWH in Hebrew on cover pages of old bibles




Above is a copy of a 1602 Old Testament Cover Page containing the name of YaHWeH in Hebrew.  Look at the enlargement with the blue arrow below pointing at the name of God, YaHWeH.  i.e. YHWH from right to left as Hebrew is read backwards.  Otherwise we are backwards to Hebrew.


YaHWeH's name has been around for many generations.  It's only the new brand of liberal traditionalist that desire so badly for their learned tradition of men to be correct and the older historical biblical proofs to be wrong, that attempt to hide, defraud, and demean YaHWeH's holy name.  It's something that this blasphemy can also be forgiven, but it will require repentance and forgiveness as any other sin.

YaHWeH's name was wrote by the finger of God, on the tablets of stone given to Moses, several times.  Before that according to scripture men began to call upon the name of YaHWeH in Genesis 4:26 "then began men to call upon the name of YaHWeH."

Will you praise HIS NAME?  Will you call upon HIS name, YaHWeH?

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