Pro-Life  versus FOR-LIFE   is there a difference?

PRO-LIFE is truly anti-abortion.  Many of these people have been activists for the purpose of saving yet unborn babies lives which is a very noble cause.  Considering 1 out of 4 pregnancies in the USA end in Abortion.  Murder of the unborn child that has a separate/different DNA from the mother.  So the Abortionist and the mother are involved in the premeditated murder of another human being though yet unborn.  God says that HE knew us while we were yet in our mother's womb.  So from the biblical perspective the unborn baby is a separate person from the mother's body.
FOR-LIFE people would never get an abortion neither.  FOR-LIFE is a mind set that 1) honors marriage as God intended it to be.  Until death do us part.  Just as divorce is not an option, neither is abortion in the mind of a FOR-LIFE person.  2) A FOR-LIFE person believes in God's mandate to be fruitful and multiply.  Therefore just as Birth Control is NOT an option, neither is abortion for a person truly FOR-LIFE. This lifestyle is what is lacking in Christendom for a lasting political victory against abortion because it is not being modeled or presented to our society at large.

Unfortunately many PRO-LIFE people are missing the boat because they don't realize that divorce and birth control are the TRUE ROOT CAUSES of the acceptance of ABORTION by our society.  Before World War 2 divorce was frowned upon and birth control minimal and of course ABORTION was not an issue.

As America moved towards feminism, pleasure seeking, free love and irresponsibility the battle for the minds control and loss of morality, purity, and commitment to God's family values took it toll.  This is what must be reversed to obtain a permanent end to Abortion.  This is what is being ignored just as modern medicine treats symptoms instead of causes --- the same thinking is being applied to Abortion.  And that is exactly why in 30 years the battle over abortion can not be won by PRO-LIFE methods.



To: Whom it may concern


Dear Friend,

Sorry to hear you won't be joining us . . . at the capital. 1) Christians will be there - that is my reason for going  2) the politicians will see us - that is the reason the anti-abortion people will be there (for Christ clearly told us that our prayer closet was the real place of POWER)  NOT in public  3) the media will no doubt cover it.

Here are a list of posters I believe contain the answers to stopping abortion at the ROOT CAUSES. Please number them 1, 2, 3, the lowest number being the BEST. I would be interested in having your family, individual number them and then send us the results. We appreciate you in MESSIAH.

God bless you and your family. The commas indicate the next line.


The Answer, is REVIVAL, in CHRIST, not political


Abortion's the preachers fault who condones divorce and birth control


Every Baby, a family has, reduces their, chances of, divorce by 20%


Social Security, is collapsing, because 
it's, been aborted with, birth control


Christians, NEED, LARGE FAMILIES for prosperity too

People have always been the strength of a nation, don't abort them.


Most BIRTH CONTROL, is ABORTIVE also in the real sense

Our Nation's Destiny Depends upon Christians Repenting 2Chron.7:14




When Christians all teach against and QUIT, Divorcing & practicing, Birth Control, Abortion, will end - it may be a long time coming


Only, Family Love, will stop, Abortion.  It was aborted first.


DID YOU, ABORT your, Social Security?


Children, are the, WEALTH, of a NATION


Churches need, to REPENT of, Birth Control, Divorce, Planned Baroness, then Abortion will end


Abortion killed TRUE national prosperity


Christians WE WIN against, The Root Causes of ABORTION, 
when we REPENT and follow 2 Chronicles 7:14 by
quit divorcing & quit practicing birth control


I believe these are the ROOT CAUSES of abortion. Meaning when people REPENT in their HEARTS to LOVE their FAMILY, to LOVE children, and quit playing God with birth control and LOVE "of children" returns to America --- Abortion will slow down and stop because Abortion is only the product of a SELFISH, self gratifying, divorcing, lost families which when multiplied together control a nation. Abortion was not an issue until the 10 commandments were thrown out of the public schools. Since the pro-aborts have taught Abortion as the 5th, 6th & 7th commandments of women.

So until 1) the pastors take a stand against DIVORCE instead of pandering it 2) the pastors  a) start having large families themselves and  b) preach and teach against birth control IN GENERAL 3) teach family values as the ultimate LOVE and place to learn, use, and teach 1Cor.13 ... any political victory will be short lived and perhaps even back-fire in our faces.

The DEVIL and HIS PEOPLE are HELL bent to ABORT your baby and they are more zealous than we --- but they can't win against TRUE LOVE 1Cor.13... but we are going to have to get that LOVE  FIRST ---  to put and keep CHRIST first together with our first spouse then allowing God to be the one to open and close the womb when HE desires.

Abortion has no place in the mind, heart, or soul of truly family minded people. For 30 years we have told them about the KILLING of the baby, (STOP KILLING THE BABIES) but that didn't stop abortion though it was the TRUTH, nor change the minds of the self-seeking politicians whom bend to the will of the lost majority of the nation, or at least to the noisy minority which is wrong.

The appointed judges saw it the same way - because the moral teachings of marriage, family, and love of children are not much different even among the church going populous from society in general..

Therefore only salvation in CHRIST and the REVIVAL of old fashioned family values will ultimately stop ABORTION. If the total time, effort, and money were spent with the same zeal within the churches (for us "the so-called believers" to repent 2Chron.7:14, instead of demonizing the abortionist and the other lost which are YES doing the devil's work... Then and only then will we see a LASTING political answer. The hearts of the people must be changed and only CHRIST can do that, not laws, or any other political means.

Many times church people fall over themselves in complimenting each other all agreeing to point their fingers at the evil doers. When the real answer is to LOVE enough to be willing to STRETCH each other to GREATER heights for CHRIST by looking up for help instead of looking down in agreement on the lost.

I fear a sudden, quick political shift to the right might bring a temporary relief from Abortion --- but if it were to then backlash as did prohibition --- it could perhaps never be regained.

MAD - alcohol is known to be BAD, but it's still legal. And how many Christians DRINK? How many still practice ALCOHOLIC COMMUNION? Even serving minors? What our moral leaders (preachers) allow in moderation their children and the lost will allow in excess...  So it is with birth control and lack of love for children.

And that's the way I see it. Abortion was the next logical step in BIRTH CONTROL. But how many Christians practice Birth Control? WHY? Because they believe the over population myth of the humanist controlled public school environmental whack-o's.



When Christ cursed the tree, it dried up from the ROOT FIRST --- not just cutting off  branches.

I realize that this message requires more of a commitment then to stand on a street corner one day a week. It requires 24 hours every day, until death do us part and therefore will not be liked by most so-called Christians. If you have a better game plan I would like to hear it.

P.S. This is NOT to say that we don't need Crisis Pregnancy Centers, unwed mother assistance, adoption instead of highway abortions, but ultimately these only treat symptoms not bring a lasting cure to society.   Even the feminists, gays and lesbians have Pro-Life organizations and perhaps have helped prevent some abortions.  Abortion is NOT the ultimate SIN to be overcome as some seem to be spell-bound.  Rejecting CHRIST is.  And until society is once again lead by HOLY spiritual leaders against divorce and birth control, into a biblically family oriented mind-set, society at large will not support a lasting political stoppage of ABORTION.


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