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            Easy to use. We only have two size charts, other than infants, in our entire catalog for your convenience. We use only one size chart for ladies (which includes young ladies) and one for little girls.  This keeps it simple for both of us.  As young girls move into the young ladies sizes, please keep in mind that your daughter is growing up and we understand where she is by her measurements, this includes Petite sizes.  We don't state, "Petite," it's understood so don't let that bother you.  None the less, young ladies will begin to select from our catalog under the ladies size selections available for their size according to our ladies chart, when they out grow the girls chart..  Please, never mind what size they happen to be according to OUR CHARTS, this is only for OUR reference and  to determine the amount of fabric you need to get (using standard 45Ē wide fabric).  

            Let us explain some common misunderstandings about small size numbers. With over 40 years experience sewing I have made this simple sizing chart instead of using smaller numbers.  MANY pattern companies and the clothing industry has psychologically tricked lots of people by changing around numbers and lowering the sizes over the last 25 years.  With today's psychological size tagging these manufacturers are labeling garments so a lady the exact same size might be wearing up to (10 sizes)  smaller  today than she did 25 years ago.  BUT she is wearing the same size with a much smaller number (size) sewn in the garment today, (because smaller sizes sell more clothes)!  We know this and have thought of changing our ADULT LADIES sizes to 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, then you are in a small for ladies.  So with Lydia of Purple you can wear any size you want to ladies, but please use OUR chart to determine your purchase and fabric needed so you will be happy with the fit.  It's just numbers.  We are not trying to use everyone else's numbers, in fact, it's impossible to do so --- because they are ALL DIFFERENT,  many times.

            You know when you put on a garment whether it fits you properly or not.  At Lydia of Purple our goal is to sew you quality clothes that fit properly.  So tell your friends you wear whatever size you want to wear and we can sew that number (size) into the garment, for an extra $5.00 and that will be your special size for that dress with Lydia of Purple.  After all, isnít that how you tell the size in the store?  By the number sewn into the garment regardless of it's measurements? All joking aside, to make garments which do fit properly, we do need a full set of correct measurements with each order, for each person please. And your garment will fit perfect, regardless.  I hope this answers a lot of your questions regarding OUR Size Charts.  They are as old as I am so I really donít want to change them.  If you think we should, we would like to hear from you.  After all if everyone wanted us to change it, I suppose we could get up-to-date smaller numbers like every one else.  We might even be able to sell more and charge more then, like everyone else.

God bless you for reading this and give you peace in your hearts.

Lydia of Purple


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