A summary about "the kingdom of  God."

There are at least three if not four different "kingdoms of God" which confuse the preterits.

1) Our God reigns NOW in heaven above, "the kingdom of God".  PAST ETERNITY & PRESENT ETERNITY

2) PRESENT:  BUT ALSO Our God reigns NOW in the hearts of his SAINTS on earth IN PRESENT TIME DIMENSION.  "thy will be done [in earth] even as it is in heaven"  For Christ has brought the kingdom to us personally without observation.  For the kingdom of God is within you; SPIRITUALLY come within our living bodies (lively earthly stones).  

3) FUTURE:  Yet CHRIST shall PHYSICALLY RETURN to earth to come to rule and reign in person as the KING of KINGS coming to this world (this earth) to re-establish the kingdom of Israel and reign over the whole earth and rule it with a rod of iron. And peace shall reign among the nations for a 1,000 years they shall not learn war.  During this kingdom of God upon the world, all nations shall come to worship the KING at Jerusalem or they shall not receive rain.  People shall again live long periods of natural life-time and the animals shall all be vegetarians again as before the fall.  Neither shall they hurt man kind, nor shall man kind kill and eat animals during this time.  

4) FUTURE ETERNITY:  Then the FINAL kingdom of God shall come when "there should be time no longer."  Rev.10:6  In the New heavens and the New earth all the redeemed shall live FOR EVER with their God and KING in HEAVEN.  At this point someone will say that this last kingdom of God has now become the first kingdom of God, being meshed together with it in   ETERNITY.  The everlasting past ETERNITY, now PRESENT and now for ever foreward ETERNITY kingdom of God - one and the same.

5)  There is a fifth fact that God has always reigned over the kingdoms of men, though secretly, indirectly, spiritually even controlling the depths and direction allowed Satan our enemy.  Hence Yahweh has always been sovereign whether we admit it or not.  Free will is always subject to the potter of souls.  But the pots feel it is they that have decision making power and therefore in real-time live life and have their choices which decides their eternal fate. 

End of summary.


I do believe that people living in America, that is the United States of America, today really do not know where their freedom cames from.  That answer simply is God; or better explained the God of the Bible, Yahweh.  This nation was born out of the hearts, souls, and spirits of men dedicated to the word of God as a way of life.  Nations even empires before had some level of  “freedom” as in the Roman Empire, but everyone was still subject to a single dictator, Caesar.  His word was law without appeal; such is not the case in the USA because of the Constitution that represents “Caesar”, which is “We the people.” Of course, we can not forget that the Sun never sat on the British Empire.  As the first Protestant Christian nation of great renown.  Yet the second temple though smaller had greater glory because of the great presents of the lamb of God to it.   by Dale Sabin. Dale Sabin.


Now don’t jump to the conclusion that you now understand because we have been raised in a culture that has dummied down the original meaning of  “REPUBLIC” to mean, “Democracy” but we are currently living closer to a “Socialist State” today; being passed off as Democracy. REPUBLIC the true thought without God acknowledged, as the HEAD becomes nothing but a Democracy.


While a REAL REPUBLIC is  “One REPUBLIC under God” views the equality of men under God as the first and most important issue of this form of government.  Once America was “a Christian nation.”  This is no longer the case, since our government now respects all religions the same whether Hindu, Witchcraft, Buddhist, Muslim, Jew, or Christian.  While it is true that the Jew and Christian have the same God according to the Bible the Jews and some Christians dispute this. 


Only in a Christian REPUBLIC do individual citizens have the LIBERTY (which is the freedom to do right) to worship God according to their individual consciences without fear of government intervention.  A true Christian REPUBLIC Government is the only form of Government that brings TRUE freedom to its citizens without the BONDAGE of anarchy.  A REPUBLIC frees people to become more creative than any other because men’s thoughts are freed to THINK and dream, to invent, to profit (some believe profit is evil), and for freedom to give money, mercy, and freedom to future generations, other nations, and even protect the world.  The answer for all the problems in this government is (Yahweh) the God of the Bible as the ultimate answer.  Scriptural truth and to tremble at the word of Yahweh.


The Greek idea of city-state Democracies is equality of men and equality of men’s rights.  The focus changes from LIBERTY to RIGHTS which begins to put restricts upon righteousness so evil men have rights to do their evil as well.  Yet in all systems “thoughts” battle for top opinions only the winning views form the cast system of leadership and that forms the cultural and thought of the society.  Hence evil laws contradict the Bible and Christians suffer as Lot did Sodom. As humanism (man acting as god) becomes “the law” of which all are forced to bow.  

The lie of the thought that the answer to all problems becomes our self government.  This society then looks to MEN as their God and likewise look to MEN for the answer to all their problems. Hence even as liberal Christendom looks to government for a political answer to cure and save their society backsliding into more and more sin.  


Socialist Government makes government the answer to our problems instead of God.  The Socialist Government becomes the provider of benefits, the provider of life, and the answer to all problems.  This form of government leads to Democracy for those that have been oppressed in the past by Dictatorships.  But it also leads the ignorant democracies further towards Dictatorship because the people are stupid enough to believe the lie that government is the answer instead of God and the Bible. The Socialist Government makes itself God and the people its servants instead of serving the people as it continuously tells them they will.


This is the backdrop for understanding HOW FREEDOM COMES TO A INDIVIDUAL MAN.


Man is body, soul and spirit.  TRUE FREEDOM comes to a man by being convicted of sin in his spirit. Godly sorrow that worketh repentance not to be repented of.  The man is SPIRITUALLY BORN AGAIN – the SPIRITUAL kingdom of God comes into his heart.  From within this kingdom, as the man continually cries out to God his soul becomes converted being changed from glory to glory…  until finally his body also obeys the Gospel of Life and is controlled by his redeemed spirit and soul walking in sanctification according to the word of God.


This redemption of man is the picture of the coming of the full kingdom of God.  While the SPIRITUAL KINGDOM OF GOD has come within the hearts of those which receive it.  The EARTHLY kingdom of God to come in this world as REST and PEACE has not yet come.  And will not come until the MESSIAH rules the world from Jerusalem.  (This represents the soul of man in individual salvation.)  Lastly, THE ETERNAL kingdom of God spoken of in Gal.5:21 & 1 Cor. 6:10 this is normally spoken of in Christian circles as “going to heaven”.  (This represents the body of a man walking in sanctification that also happens to be the requirement to go to “the kingdom of God” by inheritance according to the same verses.)


Hence “the kingdom of God” is not an overly simple subject to proclaim everything happened on a certain calendar date in history.  But “the kingdom of  God” is within you today, yet coming upon the world future when MESSIAH will reign over all the earth, yet shall be inherited ETERNALLY as “the kingdom of God” in the next life (at the resurrection of the body), in heaven (or the new earth) if that wording is preferred.


Now we could go into great detail of each of these three aspects of  “the kingdom of God.”  But space and time is not here and now to do that.  So we see that all there is today is NOW.  But history is PAST and the future is COMING which will clear all of our errors we have projected upon it.  And God will be TRUE and every man a liar.  (Or at least we have seen through a glass darkly).  So we must not be too frozen minded about things we can not know perfectly today and must be very careful how we would interpret our Bible so that we do not make God a liar--- for HE is not a liar, but we could easily make ourselves one.


Therefore we need to be willing to work together and HEAR each other out and HONESTLY consider each others views for God warns us about private interpretation of the Bible.  So we must go to the COMPLETE BIBLE and carefully consider ALL OF IT together in honesty and truth before man and God, praying that MESSIAH will grant us wisdom to see our personal errors, and repent from every thought that would exalt itself against the knowledge of God in MESSIAH.


Christ is the only way to freedom.  MESSIAH told us, “IF ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”


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