Hey, we did Hanukah; what's Hanukkah?

It's an eight day celebration that I would love to tell you about.  Here are some emails of explanation, we mailed to our friends in 2003.

Happy Hannakuh to you and yours

Hi, and Happy Hannakuh to you and yours.  We are celebrating Hannakuh the next eight days, this year with gifts each night and a new candle in memory of Hannakuh.  We have a neat gift game and would like you to play it with us.  If you want to, just ask for the directions of what you need to do... It's limited in value each night, starting with one dollar, then adding one dollar every night for the eight nights and play the game every night.  You and your family are cordially invited to join us some day/night for some good food and fellowship.  RSVP please.  Perhaps we will worship YaHWeshua some in song, eat, and play some games for fun just making a family tradition.  The question today is what culture should we be changing to or keeping??? Ours is (Galatians 3:29), what is yours by birth or adoption?
In Messiah,
the Sabins


The Jewish day starts at sundown.   This is your second day, email below:

Happy 2nd day of the festival of lights

Happy 2nd Day of Hannakuh to you.  Some people count up to a single day holiday.  While others enjoy a long season of Holy Days.  We are doing presents each night bringing in the new day.  Did you know that a day starts at sundown?  That's from the book of Genesis.  Thank you for your emails:-)  If you tire of receiving these, just ask to be removed.  But I'll try to keep you informed as to what's going on here, so you can join in the joy.  Messiah come to earth as a Jew, and do doubt celebrated, "the festival of lights"  Hannakuh.  If we walk in HIS foot steps, would we do the same?  So each night we light another candle.  Perhaps tomorrow we'll find out WHY Hannakuh is for eight days.  CHRIST our Messiah is the LIGHT of the world, who came to save sinners from their sins.  WORSHIP HIM this season.  


The Sabins


Happy 3rd day of the celebration

Happy  3rd  Day of Hannakuh to you.  By the way Chanukah has many English spellings some of which are Hanukkah or Hanukka or  Hanukah.  Feast of Lights or Feast of Dedication, or Feast of Rededication. According to, The Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible, this was held on December 25.  Interesting, or a western Roman Catholic injected thought?   If you want to sell expensive books, they must be political or religious correct (which is not necessarily the TRUTH.)   This feast represents the yearly Jewish celebration of the rededication of the temple.  This had to happen for Christ (the promised Jewish Messiah) to be able to come and visit the temple, cleanse the temple and teach in the temple. Did Christ KEEP this feast?  If so should we remember it more than the traditions of men, which are of PAGAN origin, regardless of how popular?  Should we walk as Christ walked as our example?  Or allow our traditions of men to control our thoughts, words, and actions?  What does Colossians 2:6 "so walk ye in HIM" instead of verse 8 "vain deceit, after the tradition of men".
Hannakuh or Chanukah started after the Jews recaptured the temple from the pagan Syrians who had defiled it, in 165 B.C.  The story is in the original 1611 King James Version Bible in the Apocrypha Books in many Christian bibles before the 1900's in the book called First Maccabees.  According to some Daniel 11:30-32 predicted this event. The word Chanukah means "rededication". Chanukah begins on the 25th day of the Hebrew month of Kislev, but the starting date on the western calendar varies from year to year.  A quick link for you: (I do not say I necessarily agree with everything on this website).
So?  Did Christ the promised Jewish Messiah observe Hanukah?  "the feast of dedication"  John 10:22 "And it was at Jerusalem the feast of dedication, and it was winter."  WINTER, snow anyone? verse 23 "And YaHWeshua (Jesus in the KJV) walked in the temple in Solomon's porch."
Well, folks there you have it in your New Testament.  Show me the word, "trinity" or it's definition in the bible.  Show me X-mas or it's celebration or command to remember the event with a holiday.  Passover was replaced by the pagan Easter of the west.  Now you know why the Roman Catholics instituted the pagan practices of X-mas.  It was to replace, the festival of lights.  There are more changes replacing more of God's O.T. feasts as well.  This is just some of the biggies.
A quick link for you: (I do not say I necessarily agree with everything on this website).
   CHRIST our Messiah is the LIGHT of the world, who came to save sinners from their sins.  WORSHIP HIM this season.   
 Shalom ,   The Sabins
Day four of the LIGHT Celebration
Shalom dear Friends.  I hope I'm not boring you.  The light of the world has come, but men loved darkness more than light, because their deeds were evil.  Of course, CHRIST is the LIGHT of the world.  Did you ever notice that darkness flees in the presents of light? QUICKLY I might add. Over come evil with good.  Someone said, two wrongs don't make a right.
Well, God who's name alone is YaHWeH (Psa.83:18) commanded Moses to put a Menorah in the tabernacle which God designed to give light inside the tabernacle to dispel the darkness therein.  It was NEVER to go out, but was to burn continually.
Just as when we allow the Holy Spirit to come into our lives by accepting the promised Jewish Messiah, we can have a changed heart.  We get a heart of flesh for our old heart of stone.  We can become a light in this dark, sinful world, ourselves (as we follow CHRIST, and walk in HIS foot steps).

Menorah (pictured above) --- The Golden Lamp stand
Old Testament Significance: Symbolizing light from God, the intricately patterned Lamp stand was to give light continually, fueled by clear olive oil (Exodus 27:20)
New Testament Lessons: Rev. 1:12-20 indicates seven local churches represented by golden candle sticks. YaHWeshua is the light of the world (John 8:12). Christians are to be a light to the world, also (Matthew 5:14). 

As a golden lamp stand, we individually can REFLECT the LIGHT of the Messiah to the lost of this world, as we stand up for CHRIST instead of putting our light under a basket.  Shalom, the Sabins

For more information on the feasts:  http://biblicalholidays.com/links.htm  (I do not say I necessarily agree with everything on this website).  Also I want you to know that we are students ourselves and am learning as we go here.  Please don't think we think we are know it alls.  There is so much more for us to learn and we look forward to growing in Christ our Lord.


Fifth day of the Feast of Dedication

In these last days of this festival we are going to examine four more issues.  Prophecy today, Legalism tomorrow - should almighty YaHWeH grant us another day of life, then the priestly prayer or Blessing of Passover and Chanukkah, lastly a review and reason why this festival lasts for eight days.  Hope you will decide to join us in this journey re-discovering TRUTH from the Biblical Past.
Some of the Preterit Heresy have latched onto only the first part of what I'm going to share next.  We must understand that scripture can have several applications, but only one true teaching.  Also that some prophecies happen in picture or type, yet can have a future or other greater climax as the final authoritative conclusion or fulfillment.  Having said that I will be quoting from David H. Stern's , Jewish New Testament Commentary, page 827. (I do not say I necessarily agree with every conclusion of this author).
Quoting --- "Many scholars regard Daniel's prophecy as fulfilled in  168-164 B.C.E. by the Seleucid king Antiochus IV, who 'changed times and laws', even causing pigs to be offered to idols in place of the daily sacrifice, an abomination which desolated the Temple (Daniel 9:27, 11:31, 12:11) for three-and-a-half years ('a season, seasons and half a season'), until the Maccabees recaptured and rededicated it, an event memorialized by the festival of Chanukkah (John 10:22).  But since Yeshua (YaHWeshua would be more correct) renewed the prophecy two centuries later, there must be a later fulfillment as well.  See: (Matt.24:15 & Mark 13:14 under the authority of John 17:8." --- End Quote
Shalom until tomorrow,
The Sabins
Psalm 20:5,  32:11,  33:1,  35:9,  40:16,   97:12,  105:3,  and 118:24   Have you rejoiced in the God of your salvation yet today?


Day six of the festival of Lights

Have you rejoiced in your Salvation today yet?  Have you rejoiced in the Saviour yet today?  Well, I don't want to get legalistic about it, but the FATHER seeks those which will worship in Spirit and TRUTH.  You are the TEMPLE of God today, if you are a true believer in Messiah.  Greetings, peace and shalom on this sixth day of Chanukkah.  The day, Adam (man) was created, or six being the number of man.  Just as 666 will be, the triune number of man, for the anti-christ.  It's appropriate that we would take a look at legalism on this day, numbered with man's number, or the 6th day.
Again quoting from David Sterns, Jewish New Testament Commentary.  I have replaced YaHWeH (John 5:43) back into the Saviour's name and added a couple of notes for clarification.  So this is very slightly edited, but I have not changed the tone, nor the conclusion of this Messianic Jewish writer.
  From his Commentary of Galatians Chapter 4   QUOTING:
Why was YaHWe-shua born into such a society? (Jewish Society)  So that HE might redeem those in subjection to this legalism. ('In subjection to this legalism' again is a rendering of 'upo nomon').  YaHWe-shua had to submit HIMSELF to being in the same predicament as we humans are in order to redeem humanity; therefore, HE was 'born from a woman.'  Additionally, HE had to submit to being in the special circumstances Jews are in - namely, being legally bound by a covenant to obey the Torah (Exodus 24:7 their marriage vows) and at the same time being in a culture where the norm is to pervert that Torah into a legalistic system - in order to enable us, both Jews and Gentiles, to be made God's sons, adopted by God the Father (see Romans 8:14b-16). Romans 8:3 and Matthew 2:14-18, 4:14-16 deal with the same subject and are essential commentary on this verse.  Paul empathizing with the situations of various classes of unsaved people (1Cor.9:19-23) may well be imitation of the Messiah (1Cor.11:1), as reflected in these two verses and verse 12.
Galatians 4:8-10  Beings that in reality are non-gods, i.e., idols, are one species of elemental spirits verse 3.  The Gentiles to whom Paul is writing served them before they came to put their trust in YaHWe-shua.
    Judaism, as Conservative Jewish Rabbi Abraham Heschel eloquently pointed out in his writings, is a religion based on the sanctification of time.  Jewish communal life thrives on celebrating biblically prescribed times.  The special days come once a week - Shabbat (Sabbath - Rest). Months are noted at Rosh-Chodesh, the "head of the month," celebrated when the new moon becomes visible and commences a month of the Jewish calendar.  Seasons include the three Pilgrim Festivals --- Pesach (Passover), Shavu'ot Weeks, Pentecost) and Sukkot (Tabernacles) --- along with Rosh-HaShanah (New Year), Yom-Kippur (Day of Atonement), Chanukkah (Dedication, Lights), Purim (Lots) and other minor festivals and fasts.  The years are the Sabbatical Year (every seven years), the Jubilee Year (every fifty years) and other years related to tithing; and there may be reference to the life-cycle events of milah (circumcision), pidyon-haben (dedication of the firstborn son), marriage and the ceremonies related to death.  Also see Colossians 2:16-17
    But when Gentiles observe these Jewish holidays neither out of joy in sharing what God has given the Jewish people nor out of spiritual identification with them, but out of fear induced by the Judaizers who have convinced them that UNLESS they do these things, God will not accept them, then they are not obeying the Torah but subjugating themselves to the legalism of men - becoming men pleasers.  Hence Legalism is just another species of those weak and miserable elemental spirits, no better than the idols left behind.
    (An alternative interpretation, however, is that the "days, months, seasons and years" of this passage do not refer to the Jewish holidays at all but to pagan Gentile feasts, naturally and directly reflecting "those weak and beggarly elements."  According to this understanding Paul was worried that his ex-pagan converts might be returning to these pagan festivals.)
    Gentile Christians who choose to add a cultural identification with the Jews to the spiritual identification they had already made by trusting the Jewish Messiah, or those who enjoyed the beauty and significance of the Jewish rituals, are, according to Romans 14 and 1Cor.8, free to observe them.  Moreover, Gentile Christians on their own have developed many adaptations of Jewish ceremonies.  The very idea of a weekly Sunday church service is an adaptation of the Jewish Sabbath (Acts20:7 a continuation meeting over into the next day and sending off party for Paul and 1Cor.16:2 - or at least for money collection and changing not to pollute the Sabbath --- used 50 times in the N.T. of which nine verses are in Acts ) It is said that Christmas is celebrated on December 25 because Chanukkah begins on the 25th day of the Jewish month of Kislev.  Erich Werner wrote an entire book detailing the Jewish roots of various Christians worship practices (The Sacred Bride: the Interdependence of Liturgy and Music in Synagogue and Church During the First Millennium, 1959).   ...  But a Gentile who supposes that he earns God's favor or approval by conforming his religious ceremonies to Jewish practice violates the message of Galatians by subjugating himself to legalism.  There are many cults on the fringe of Christianity that foster such legalism Judaizing of Gentiles.
    This will no more save a person than one which puts their trust in keeping the Roman Catholic Mass on Easter and Christmas or Mennonite Church Laws . Christians that believe they please God by KEEPING, some Churches man made traditions of men are no better off then Gentiles adopting Jewish ritual for the same reason.   
    Since Paul is writing (to prevent Judaizing by zealous law keeping Jews) but also and primarily to correct a Gentile error,  since he is writing to the Gentiles in Galatia, he is the emissary to the Gentiles, his remarks here have no relevance whatever to Jewish believers, except as a caution to avoid legalism in general.  To use these verses as a wedge to drive Jewish believers away from celebrating SABBATH, Passover, the rest of the Jewish holidays and other Jewish customs, is to misappropriate them for a purpose that contradicts Paul's teaching and personal practices.  For we know that Paul himself made substantial efforts as a believer to observe the Jewish holidays (Acts 20:16 & 1Cor.16.8-9), and that the Jerusalem Messianic community surely did so.  The New Testament does not oppose Messianic Jewish observance of Jewish holidays.  Messianic Jews are, at the very least, free to observe all Jewish holidays and customs without interference by other Jewish or Gentile believers, and without being subjected to any accusations or guilt feeling connected with "Judaizing," since it is impossible to Judaize other Jews.  (Gal.2:14b)  The degree to which , the circumstances under which, and the manner in which Messianic Jews might be obligated by Torah to observe the holidays and other Jewish customs is a subject worthy of investigation by believers (for more information see Messianic Jewish Manifesto, Chapter V, entitled "Torah").  But the investigation must be conducted by believers in the Messiah, that are FREE of anti-Torah bias.
Also see my web page on Law Keeping by clicking on the hyperlink below... 

Is Law Keeping for Today?

Conclusion:  Walk in the spirit and fulfill not the lusts of the flesh.  Bring honor to MESSIAH in what you think, say, and do.

Shalom,  the Sabins


Day SEVEN of the festival of Dedication

Are you Dedicated to MESSIAH?  Number 7, completion, REST, the number after man.  Man needs ONE added to himself to be complete, and that is the MESSIAH.  Once we are IN HIM, then and only then can we have true REST.  Sabbath...  Six days shall thou work, but keep the 7th HOLY unto YaHWeH, a day of REST made for man.  Man was NOT made for the Sabbath, but visa versa.  The Sabbath was made for man's REST, enjoyment, set-a-side TIME for worship and meditation upon God and HIS words, a time when if man will DELIGHT himself in God, God will in turn BLESS the man.   Psalm 37:4  and  Isaiah 58:13-14  furthermore a study on the KJV word, delight, will show that we are to delight in God and especially HIS WORD and LAW.  Romans 7:22
Without delighting yourself in God and God's word you will NEVER be complete.  When was the last time you were BLESSED in the Spirit with NEW revelation revealed to your heart FRESH, beautiful, exciting???  Has it ever happened for you???  If not, you perhaps are not even saved...  For the Holy Spirit indwells his people and they will delight themselves in God's word and God HIMSELF will speak to them through HIS WORD.
When ever the word says, "and Christ blessed ..." without saying exactly what he said.  It was the Jewish blessing used primarily and repeatedly in the Passover observance and Hannukkah.
"Blessed are thou, YaHWeH our God, KING of the Universe, who has kept us alive, sustained us and enabled us to reach this time." 
The ending words can be changed to whatever is the blessing issue, "created the wheat and bread", "creates marriage...", whatever... "bringeth forth the fruit of the vine"...
Also there is the priestly blessing: Numbers 6:22-27
YaHWeH bless thee, and keep thee,
YaHWeH make HIS face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee,
YaHWeH lift up HIS countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.
Shalom,  the Sabins
P.S.  If you didn't notice yet, we don't know how to light the candles properly.  The center candle is supposed to be the SERVANT and then you light one of the EIGHT from the SERVANT each new night, if your candles are fueled not to burn out.  So we have been one candle short according to custom each day so far.  Sorry for our over-sight on this matter.  It will be corrected tomorrow, just as the SUFFERING SERVANT (the LIGHT of the WORLD) came to correct all our faults and sins:-)  HallaluYah, Praise HIS name YaHWeH YaHWe-shua.
Interested in the name of God?  see our site at www.thenameofjesus.com

1   The Name of Jesus


The eighth and final day of Hanukah

There we did get all the candles burning.  Are you on FIRE for MESSIAH today?  We relight our candles every night, with the exception of the SERVANT CANDLE which was a jumbo round one.  Then we used our seven candle stick menorah lighting one additional candle starting on day TWO, because we counted the SERVANT as number ONE:-)
We have fun, enjoyment and spiritual growth as we study and observe the different festivals from time to time.  NO, we don't claim to KEEP them.  We DELIGHT in them as we do them, out of a willing heart to please our heavenly father.  We do not do any day or time keeping to stay on good terms with our God.  Nor do we keep any day or time so we can be accepted by MESSIAH.  The finished work of messiah upon the cross is our Passover and Salvation.  But we have learned so much more about our BELOVED because of Passover and the other feasts.  Perhaps you will want to some day also ?
Let's review our Rededication to Messiah and see if Canukkah has any parallels to our personal spiritual life in CHRIST.  Oh, perhaps you are the spiritual Giant which never fails or falters?  Or have we had times in our life that the enemy seems to have taken over and perhaps even defiled us, OUR TEMPLE.  There is HOPE, with FULL repentance, yielding, and turning back to God.  There will be scares many times and that is to be expected.  But the salvation of our soul is important to God and it should be to you also.
From Stern's Commentary again:
Chanukkah, the Feast of Dedication, in which the Jews since 164 B.C. have celebrated the victory of the Makkabim (Maccabees) over Antiochus IV, king of Syria.  This is the earliest mention of the holiday in all literature and the only mention of it in the Bible, since the Tanakh (Jewish O.T.) was completed before that date (the book of Daniel contains prophecy about the event celebrated).  The apocryphal books, 1,2,3 and 4 Maccabees, present historical and other perspectives on what happened.
    Antiochus, recently defeated in Egypt, expressed his frustration by attacking Judea, ruthlessly slaughtering men, women and children, and invading the Temple.  There he carried off the golden altar, menorahs (seven stick candelabra) and vessels; and to show his contempt for the God of Israel he sacrificed there a pig to Zeus.  (Please note this name injected into the 1611 KJV)
Odd that it is connected with another Syrian this time, but the Syrian's name is the same as the O.T.  It's the prophet's name that has been perverted in the KJV1611.  This is an actual photocopy of the print and I have a second witness in my 1841 Hexapla containing the KJV1611 N.T. reprint.
Back to the quote:
Antiochus, forbabe circumcision, observing Shabbat (Sabbath) and keeping kosher (O.T. dietary law), and commanded that only pigs be sacrificed in the Temple; he  himself cooked a pig in the Temple and poured its broth on the holy Torah (first five O.T. books of the law of Moses) scrolls and on the altar.
    Syrian officers were dispatched to enforce these cruel and blasphemous decrees. (Remember this was before the Messiah come).  One day when the Syrian officer in Modi' in commanded Mattityahu HaMakkabi (Mattahias the Maccabee or Hammer), head of a family of cohanim (you have seen the last name: Cohen, meaning Priest), to sacrifice a pig, he and his five sons killed the first Jew to comply and then killed the officer and his soldiers.  This was the start of a rebellion.  After Mattityahu's (we know this name as Matthew) death his son Y'hudah (Judah) (Judas Maccabeus, about whom Handel wrote his oratorio so named) assembled a number of courageous Jews and led them to victory over the Syrians, first in guerilla warfare, then later in open battle.  On the 25th of Kislev they rededicated the Temple and consecrated a new altar.  The ner tamid ("eternal light") was relit, but there was only enough consecrated olive oil (Holy Oil) to keep it burning for one day, and it would take a week to prepare more.  By a miracle of God reported in the book of 2 Maccabees the light burned for eight days, by which time a new supply had been prepared.  For this reason Jews celebrate Chanukkah (Hannukah) for eight days, starting on the Jewish calendar Kislev 25, which can fall between November 27 and December 27 on the Roman Calendar.  The Jewish calendar is a solar calendar and needs correcting with an odd month from time to time to bring the seaons back into line.  Hence the Roman Calendar and Jewish calendars are not in agreement as to the individual day numbers within a month normally.
    The Bible does not state when YaHWeshua (Jesus KJV) was born, perhaps as a prophylactic against our worshipping "the day" instead of the ONE, who is worthy.  But it is interesting that the early believers in the Messiah apparently saw a link between Chanukkah and the birth of the Messiah: the one is concerned with an earthly building, the other with the living God come to tabernacle with men (Emanuel) God with us, the light of the world. ...
    Chanukkah is celebrated using a special Chanukkah Menorah which is a nine stick candelabra. One uses a match to light the shammash ("servant") candle, and then it is use to light one of the eight candles, one additional one is light each night until all nine are burning on the eighth night.  Note the Hebrew (Jewish) day starts at sundown, so the "day" begins at nightfall lasts into the "light" time of the "day" ending at sundown (when it is still light).  So the Jewish day goes from night to day light.  The Roman day starts in the middle of the night and ends in the middle of the night.  Just as a lost sinner begins their natural existance with the spark of life then darkness falls as sin grows and controls the person until they turn to God and the real light is shown to them and they live the rest of their life in "the light" of God.  If a person dies in their sins, they end their life in darkness just as it also started, like the Roman day.
   For the Messianic Jew the imagery is  rich:  YaHWeshua, the suffering shammash SERVANT (Mark10:45) come as the light of the world (John 9:5, 12:46)  to light every man, (John1:4-5) so that we might be lights unto others. (Mat.5:14) 
    But Christmas itself is not a biblical holiday at all.  If it is to be celebrated, it should be observed as a Jewish holiday; for what is more worthy of voluntary celebration than the coming of the Jewish Messiah into the world, by whom all may have the light of life?  (Much material in this note is drawn from the chapter on Chanukkah in The Gospel In the Feasts of Israel, by the Hebrew Christian, Victor Buksbazen.)
Well, that's the story of Hanakuh.  I don't know what you used to think it was, but now we both know:-)
Well, we would hate to think that our religious experience is limited to lighting a few candles made of wax.  Light up your life and witness of the Salvation you have in our Messiah to your co-worker, friend, neighbor, or the clerk at the store, or other people you get to meet and speak to during your week.  Let the next week of your life be sharing some of the information you have learned from this last eight days of Hanakuh exploration.
Give away some LIGHT, of life, sharing the truth of God's word this year.  Don't let your holiday season be like the world, because there are more suicides during the holidays than at any other time of year.  It is clear, they don't have the light, cheer, or joy everyone pretends to have.  LIGHT is not a string of little electric colored bulbs, cheer is not a bottle of alcohol, and joy is not receiving a few presents.... when we neglect to take the free gift of eternal life, the gift of God is eternal life thru YaHWeshua Messiah, the promised Jewish Messiah "the lamb of God" which has rose from the death to give each of us LIFE ETERNAL...
Worship HIM this season,
the Sabins
P.S.  We've received over eight positive replies to our Hanukah emails and not a single person asking to be removed from the mailing.  For those that just have trouble with things that are JEWISH... well look at it this way, in heaven Abraham, Isaac, Jacob will be there.... King David, Esther, Samson, and all the other Hebrew folks from which the nation of Israel come...  Then the Messiah, born of a little Jewish maid named Miriam (Mary) together with all those JEWISH Apostles...  HEAVEN is going to be a Jewish place folks.  Do you still want to go?  Go Jewish...  Try it, you'll like it.
And all the Christians like to have "candle light" Christmas Eve services... and Christmas Lights...  WHO and WHERE did that originate from???   now you have a better idea...  So be very careful WHO you point fingers at for observing Hanukah because there are three of your fingers in your palm pointing back at you:-)

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