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 If you are having trouble with a rebellious daughter 
or other rebellious teenager, you need to read



Has the (5th) Fifth Commandment been rescinded by CHARITY for rebellious children?  Home Schoolers need to realize that witchcraft is being practiced under the guise of CHARITY by some unsuspected churches today. Has your young daughter left or run away from your truly loving Christian home being coached by a minister of the Gospel which believes he knows how to raise your children better than you; father and mother? Fellowship with the child's God given natural parents is broken and many times never properly repaired following a series of unhappy events.



This is a WARNING to the unsuspecting Christian Home


  READ Mark 10:19 ***   Luke 18:20 ***



This tract exposes witchcraft in the church and contains much of a letter sent as a plea for repentance to a well known minister against committing future acts as described within. May each father remain the head of his own daughters without interference of Romish style ministers steeped in manipulation of others. No doubt some will say this tract is uncalled for and the parties didn’t follow Matthew chapter 18 properly to the defendants satisfaction. Yet the only names openly listed will be of victim fathers that affirm such acts are going on in churches today. The guilty parties names will be withheld from clear public view. Though they  may seek to discredit this tract and attack the character of each name listed by gossip, marking, or by breaking the 9th Commandment.  We all have faults, but we pray we are not found guilty of any unrepented  Life and Death sins, or raising our families off the labors of enlisted surrogate daughter(s) domestic help.  We stand against the perversion of the word of God, making the design for a Godly Home off,  pampered ministers wives using daughters of other fathers whose honor has been usurped and misdirected to the minister's home which claims to be the expert at raising children God's way. When we do commit any Life and Death sin, may each of us be tender of heart ready to repent from every evil way as soon as it is brought to our attention by the Holy Spirit and both with restitution when possible and confession before all that have witnessed our sinful deeds – and that we might be each cleansed by the blood of the Lamb as our final hope of righteousness before the Eternal King.



Dear Reader,                                                                                                4-25-01



Greetings in Christ’s Blood.  Today is our 31st Wedding Anniversary. We have two married children and seven children still at home by God’s grace and it is our desire for our girls to remain living at home until married. My wife and I have raised our nine children, without outside help of others, as God intended the family to be a single unit under the headship of the natural God given father.


After being a Christian over 25 years I would have never guessed I would be writing this tract EXPOSING THE PRACTICE OF WITCHCRAFT within ultra conservative non-resistant Christian groups.  Truly we wrestle against SPIRITUAL WICKEDNESS in high places.  Christ "rebuked Peter, saying, Get thee behind me, Satan: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but the things that be of men." Mark 8:33,  Matthew 16:23


"For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, 

"For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry."         1 Samuel 15:23a 

Yes, by this definition of witchcraft, we all have witchcraft being practiced from time to time within the walls of our own Christian homes.  Of course, it is to be repented of.  I thought it IMPOSSIBLE that Christians, ministers, Bishops and even ones held in highest esteem as an Apostle would set themselves up as prosecutor, judge, and jury removing a flesh and blood child from their legally unabusive home and God given natural parent(s) - against the direct will of the legal parent.


Don’t think this is a knock out / drag out / kidnapping but it is many times an illegal coercion against [the God given parent(s’) direct will] and therefore against the 5th Commandment of God.  Many times temporarily confused and disoriented a teenage daughter / young adult daughter believes the grass is greener outside the fence of home.  Some ministers held up as spiritual giants side with the child’s rebellion against her God given parent(s) until they are actually able to manipulate the child into coming to live with them or one of their church members perhaps that are in need of a little domestic help. Using the arts of Greek Psychology the family is manipulated.  Note: this is not a Christian Act of Charity, it is an act of supporting and further inciting rebellion against the God given parental authority of the individual family home.  In short, it is an act of witchcraft against the parents and the fifth Commandment to honor THY father and THY mother; instead of a minister and his wife.


The ministers and their wives that do this, run ruff shod over Exodus 20;12, Deut.5:16, Proverbs 1:8 & 23:22, Matthew 19:19,  Mark 7:10, Luke 18:20 just to list a few scriptures there are many more also.  Regardless of what HOLY pretenses, when this is done against the direct will of the father or mother of the daughter it is WITCHCRAFT against God given parental authority established by the 5th Commandment.  Holy Kidnapping is done against the direct will and wishes of many CHRISTIAN fathers and mothers.  It is REBELLION against the 5th Commandment of God.


"For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft," 1 Samuel 15:23a


Many times this is a total surprise to many a Christian parent which is caught off guard by these SUPPOSEDLY “spiritual friends” now turning on the God given parent as ravenous wolves, at least in instances like these.  In cases dealing with minors if the parent doesn’t exercise their governmental legal rights (which most of these parents don’t since they are so religious to believe ever going to governmental law is a SIN).  The perpetrators (menstealers 1 Timothy 1:10) are therefore never stopped and many times the child (even MINORS) are transported over State lines to make it more difficult for the God given natural parent to get their child back in their home again - where the child belongs.


Hatred in the New Testament is the same as being a murderer. "Murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers . . . "  1 Timothy 1:9  This happens just before the "menstealers" in 1 Timothy 1:10 come to do away with parental authority by finishing the convincing job of rebellion to leave father and mother.


HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?  The parent(s) are SLOWLY put in a “negative spiritual light” by the wolves in sheep’s clothing. Sometimes a parent is accused of not being a Christian.  Many times the victim's family has willingly started counseling with these ministers “which will split families.”  Because they ignore Malachi 4:5-6, they do not attempt to assist the parents or help the father or mother keep their home intact.  


Their answer is, “TO GET YOUR DAUGHTER BACK, You will do 'thus and so' as we say, or she will stay with us.”  In white America we call that, BLACKMAIL.  Biblically it is Witchcraft against the 5th Commandment.  “They” usurp authority over your daughter against your God given parental will.  “They” then usurp custody over your daughter and even instruct her as to which bed she is to sleep in at night.  Some are so stupid to believe the father should still foot the financial bills for this child they have stole against her parents will.


"For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft," 1 Samuel 15:23a


This flies in the face of the 5th Commandment in both Testaments.  These self-appointed surrogate families steal the honor due the natural God given father and mother.  This ruins the child / parent relationship sometimes for life. These blind judges some times are backed up by their church group that is accustomed to this “tradition of men” of   HOLY RIGHTEOUS KIDNAPPING. 



They THINK, “they” do NO wrong.  They THINK, “they” are serving God in this.  Surprisingly these people usually have large families themselves.  They just are not satisfied with the number of children God has blessed them with.  THEY JUST WANT CONTROL OVER YOUR DAUGHTER AS WELL AS THEIRS.



Usually these girls do leave home of their own rebellious free will.  "For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft," 1 Samuel 15:23a  Practicing witchcraft causes confusion and disorientation just as it did to King Saul. The witchcraft of (child rebellion) causes the child to become confused, disoriented, and under much guilt from her action of abandoning her God given home, her God given parents, and her God given siblings that she can’t think straight.  The daughter is easy prey for a religious sympathetic more dominate established home structure. The TRUTH of God's word is being slowly replaced by psychology and the manipulation of others by spiritual psychology. She usually soon becomes the CHEAP live-in maid service of some minister’s family. Catering and honoring this minister and his wife more and better than she would ever honor her own father and her own mother.  The people that do this are normally in some leadership position in a church.  They think they are saving souls from Christian homes but they are destroying family relationships by separating families. This is a Greek substitute of manipulation and psychology instead of honoring the homes which CHRIST has ordained as units and God has sent these children to their parents for HIS Glory, not a ministers.


The surrogate family will justify the daughter’s rebellion to her God ordained parental authority.  Practicing character assassination on HER PARENTS as they learn the internal shortcomings of her REAL FAMILY’S “private inter-family workings.”  Her GUILT for leaving and dishonoring her family will be psychologically balanced off with BLAME against her father and/or her mother's shortcomings. 


This in turn (if not truly repented of) will turn into bitterness towards her God given natural father and mother and the surrogate family will have effectively destroyed the heritage and reward of her parents. Honor which God intended for each child to give THY father and THY mother alone.


These self-appointed dirty do-gooders will meanwhile be attempting to dig up all the dirt they can uncover, discover, or even better create (false witness Exo. 20:4, Mat.15:19, 19:18, Mark 10:19 ***, Luke 18:20 *** , Romans 13:9 breaking the 9th Commandment in both Testaments)   as they find / make / and spread gossip about her parents to justify their actions if any one should challenge them.  These types of ministers work together undermining biblical God given and created parental authority (honor THY father and THY mother).



BEWARE, if you hear of a girl in a minister’s home that is not his own child - see if you can contact the natural God given parents to see if INDEED THEIR CHILD is there with their HONEST BLESSING, instead of against their REAL HEART'S will.  Not their reluctant I’m going along with it because our daughter is so rebellious we can’t do any thing with her anyway.  And if we don’t let her go to this Godly home she may end up in REAL sin.  If she left the parents home without their express consent, the parent’s will is probably being usurped or manipulated.  This daughter is in real sin, but it is white washed.



She is in REAL SIN and probably even worse because she now thinks she is doing God service in her rebellion, so is hindered from finding true repentance towards honoring her father and her mother.  It's called being self-deceived. And after this sin is white washed with the help of others, which are enabling her rebellion against her God given father or mother, this only feeds and encourages this kind of rebellion which is sin. Which is witchcraft according to 1 Samuel 15:23a.



A REAL Ambassador of the Gospel will attempt to maintain interfamily relationships AT ALL COSTS.  Calling on the power of God to change lives in these homes which can be done best in the natural God given parents home. TRUE REPENTANCE can only accomplish this on the part of all parties desiring to be forgiven and healed.  Running from God given parents is NEVER taught in the scriptures, especially for daughters.  


If a girl doesn't get married until age 37 and her dad is still alive, she will want him to walk her down the isle, if their relationship is good.  WHY?  Because she is still under her father's God given authority.  If a woman is ever going to be submissive to a husband, she will only be as submissive as she was to her father.  Young men beware.  A rebellious daughter will become a rebellious wife in a short while.


HELP for hurting families, parents, and children is available from:

Bill Gothard...

“The Basic Life Principles Seminar”

Chicago, Ill.

or Community Seminar Office

1312 S. Ervay

Dallas, TX 75215

Phone  (214) 421-0001   Fax  (214) 421-2009


This tract is not endorsed or known by the above organization.  This information is placed here as a help to families to build strong Christian Homes, supporting the Father as the Head of the Home and leader of his own family. Wives are to be submissive to their own husband as they learned the Godly way in their parents' home by being submissive to their daddy. 


All usurped authority by manipulation is psychology and witchcraft. Church leaders are supposed to be EXAMPLES to the flock.  NOT  Heads,  NOT masters, NOT Kings, and NOT Lords ruling over other men’s wives, children, or daughter.  


But God did make each MAN, "THE HEAD," of his family.  Children you will never have another God given natural father or mother.  You may marry again after the death of a spouse, you may be married many times before you die, but  THY father and THY mother God gave you to honor will never change.


But the wolves in sheep’s clothing WANT CONTROL OVER YOUR DAUGHTER.  They don’t want to help your family be everything God wants it to be.  Oh, they may say that in pretense.  But they really want your daughter living where they SAY, she should be living and sleeping.  After all who will they get to change their toddlers dirty diapers, wash their clothes, make their beds, help dress their children, sew, cook, wash the dishes, scrub floors and the other household duties and baby sit?  Believe me there is something in it for the minister's family, and those which have been the house help, know it.

These type of ministers work together to GET A GIRL in each other’s home’s for CHEAP maid service.  They look to government’s legal age to protect them against God’s 5th Commandment.  Yet if it gets too hot to keep one in this State they can very easily ship her to another family in another State sometimes even without the parents knowing about it until weeks or months later as to the exact where a-bouts of their daughter.  Sounds real Christian doesn’t it? Is this 1Cor.13 Charity in action? or conceited selfishness in a guise of Godliness pretense?


I know you are having a hard time believing this but it really happens.  There is a list at the bottom of this tract of men’s families it has happened to in one way or another have personal experience with such matters.  Some situations were very minor when the father and mother at all costs went immediately to restore their daughter to living in their home, instead of someone else’s.  Other situations got worst, going on for years, even to the point of immorality and years after which a proper child honoring parent relationship was never again regained.



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Godly Ministers should Teach children to Honor Their OWN parents, instead of themselves... Stop Holy Kidnapping... Charity Christian Fellowship has some good messages by Denny Kenaston and some of his associates: Mose Stoltzfus, Dan Mast... By Dale Sabin outsider

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