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"Holy Kidnapping"  continued . . . 


Are the natural God given father and mother without any fault in these issues?  NO, we have all sinned and come short of the glory of God  (Romans 3:23) - even Apostles and Bishops need to repent from sin.  Is any daughter totally innocent?  Even at birth before doing anything wrong our beautiful daughters came into this world with Adam's original sin within their being.  This became evident to the parents as soon as the parents detected defiance to their will and it didn't take long.


Every child left to their "own misguided will" rebels against the authority of their father and their mother at some time in their lives.  Daughters especially today in our woman's liberation culture need Biblical counsel to REMAIN at home until married.  The Home God has placed her in.  The Home where she belongs for help and training for marriage until given away by her father.  Wrong ideas are to be repented of.  BUT as an emotional teenager, a daughter can become confused and make wrong decisions.  Have not all of us made a wrong decision before?   


Have any of us ever “FELT UN-LOVED” at some time growing up at home, as an adult or even in a marriage experience? All feel unloved at some low moment in their life. Then some people have real battles with this all the time. Their self-worth is all the more reason to stay at home with THY father and THY mother.  To learn to overcome bad feelings from the enemy, the answer is not running away to another home where the daughter may think she will feel better. The answer is totally yielding to CHRIST’S LOVE for her as an individual while she learns to work through life’s problems in the proper place. The proper place is at home with her God given natural father / mother.


A surrogate home is the wrong place for a hurting daughter to be.  The daughter will not be able to work out her personal problems which have developed at home by running away from them to another home.  Until repentance and forgiveness can be obtained between parents and children all future family relationships are endangered by these unresolved issues.  Escape to a surrogate home is a mirage of over-coming by burying, ignoring, even denying that any problems exist between parent and child. Since each family have their own problems in life.  Many times a surrogate home can "look" perfect because the daughter doesn't detect her personal conflicts there. But we all know there is no PERFECT home, except the one God has placed us in by HIS will at our birth for this earthly pilgrimage.


 "The surrogate family" is usually at least two adults (a minister and his wife), each claiming to be a mature Christian, having several small children of their own.  The surrogate family feeds on their "hosted" victim because evidentially these parasite parents are inadequate to manage their family without outside domestic help.  Yet "they" definitely feel “they” are superior to you and your daughter which "they" feel so compelled to keep and "help."  Otherwise why would “they” remove and keep your daughter in their home instead of encouraging your daughter to return and rejoin your home?    

These surrogate families are "parasites" and make conscience unemotional decisions to be involved in HOLY KIDNAPPING, INSTEAD OF RESTORING THE CHILD   IMMEDIATELY   TO HER GOD GIVEN HOME and the AUTHORITY of  her NATURAL GOD GIVEN father / mother.   


This is like the sin of ADAM compared to EVE's.  "The surrogate home"  should know they are going directly against the 5th Commandment of God for children to honor THY father and THY mother while the daughter is being deceived by her rebellion being justified.  Especially when this is going on within a group, church, or organization of ministers.  THEY should know better than to go in direct opposition to Malachi 4:5-6 and the 5th Commandment.  THEY should not SELF-elect themselves as prosecutor, judge, and jury of another families’ parenting skills or lack of them.  God has placed HIS ministers in government to deal with illegal sinful acts of abuse and kidnapping for that matter.  This is not the time for the FBI Frank Busybodies In other father’s business pastoral commission.


If these people really wanted to help. As they say, they do, they would;  (1) help keep the natural family together at all costs - instead of helping split the members up by putting one in their house.      (2) Help the WHOLE natural family with physical and spiritual resources to build, correct, and fix any family problems they may be experiencing, while keeping the family together.  (3) If outside interference is absolutely required because of actual abuse  (physical not imaginary or supposed spiritual abuse according to some self-elected spiritual dictator)  CALL THE APPROPRIATE governmental agency - which are God’s ministers for this purpose. As clearly stated in Romans13 which also speaks of  HONOR to whom HONOR is due (even as in the 5th Commandment). These ministers don’t have your personal church interests at heart - no wonder the founding fathers of our country did not want a STATE CHURCH...  


This is exactly one reason why, it brakes down parental authority.  Just as the Roman Catholics produced the doctrine of "NUNS", unwed ladies leaving their father and mother to work permanently for the church.  It's not in the Bible no more than the Roman Catholic doctrine that their Priests, (i.e. ministers) can not marry.  This is the spiritual seed and root of  Holy Kidnapping.  Many Anabaptist groups have a lot of doctrinal carry over from the Roman Catholics --- like the churches ministers are above individual family authority.


Each family must be able to worship and serve God as the parents, the father being the head of the family, sees fit.  Not coerced by some minister, other family, church, or government.  But if evil (of a life threatening nature) is going on according to God’s law and the Governmental law, call the authorities, (after you have exhausted family and church appeals to the parents the father in particular), then help the family to stay together (if you really mean to HELP).  If a parent does not have or is not willing to spend ($10.00 a month or less) for what some believe is a personal necessity, if the love of God dwells in the person saying they want to help a family --- won’t they give up to $10.00 a month to keep a family intact --- instead of believing they need to split a family over some supposed need of less than $10.00 per month?


It is a known fact, that the safest place for a child, is with her natural father and the further removed from the God ordained home the more danger that daughter is in as to her physical safety and with Bible Believing Christian parents spiritual safety also. It is a statistical fact that a daughter is seven times more likely to suffer physical abuse when in a home with a man other than her natural father as the head.


Most all HOLY KIDNAPPING takes place against Christian homes and Christian parents that have legal custody of their natural daughter or of legal age young daughter still at home.  WHY?  Because they believe the doctrine of NON-resistance.  They don’t even resist the devil in this case.  See Matthew 12:29 & Mark 3:27,  what is more valuable than our children?  They will probably resist a tract like this though.


THE LIFE AND DEATH ISSUE.  “Life and Death” for our Christian witness is one thing, but people setting themselves up as JUDGE and JURY over another’s family and children, parenting skills or the lack of them without any authority to do so is quite another thing. KIDNAPPING is a “life and death issue”.  Kidnapping was a capital crime in the O.T. with the death penalty attached. Exodus 21:15, 16, &17.  


ONE Flesh marriage is to be preserved at all costs and the authority of the husband and wife over their own children. (the 5th commandment)  Israel was commanded to kill all husbands and wives and male children of the heathen inhabiting the land they inherited from God.  Only the virgin female children were sometimes spared and assimilated into Israel.  Isn’t it interesting that these older virgin females are the primary targets today for Holy Kidnappers.  Spiritually killing their parents God given authority and family relationships, by pointing this misguided girls to themselves for direction as their new usurped surrogate authority.


Is society really more loving than God today or just more sinful, condoning sin under a guise of Charity?  We no longer use the death sentence for adultery, sodomy, or even kidnapping.  Many times our government won't even use the death sentence for convicted serial killers.  We are in the age of understanding.  To understand why is the same as to forgive, they think. But Christians need to think like Christ.  There are damning sin listed in Galatians 5:19-21 and there are important issues which in God's eyes are issues of a "Life and Death" nature.


Even Christians should use civil authority in issues of a "Life and Death" nature to God's Law.  Let us follow the Apostle Paul in this.  He rejected the Jewish leaders spiritual authority when it appeared they wanted to take his life - he then appealed to Caesar - where he ought to be judged.  Acts 25:10


Dear Christian parent don’t let that minister come in and destroy your family.  Satan’s last goal in America is to destroy Christian Homes and to separate children from honoring their God given natural father and mother. These ministers that do this have NO authority, but usurped authority you let them have.  If a minor is involved immediately appeal to government in this LIFE AND DEATH ISSUE.   It’s right.  It’s Biblical.  It’s your duty as a parent, if you love your child.  It’s the righteous thing to do for your daughter and your family.  To protect and provide for all your children is the father’s responsibility.   NOT the neighbor's down the street, NOT the pastor’s family,  and they are NOT supposed to be removing your children to live with them against your will either.  YOU ARE THE father and mother in the 5th Commandment of your sons and your daughters and always will be.




No one has the right to be dogmatic and ABSOLUTE about your home, your family, your parenting-style or lack of it --- so long as illegal abuse is not going on.  And that requires proper governmental authority (non-emotional involvement) to the parties concerned.  NOT some over zealous, biased, self-righteous, self-appointed church dictator over another man’s wife, another  father’s daughter and another man’s home.  

 While grace through faith in: the Deity, Life, Death, Burial, and PHYSICAL Resurrection of the  promised Jewish Messiah and HIS shed blood as our ONLY means of salvation according to the scriptures  should be dogmatic and ABSOLUTE as our acid test of the true BROTHERHOOD.                                                                                       


Contrary wise raising Godly children is not an ABSOLUTE in any home structure, methods, instruction, rules, conduct, and the mechanics of how-to.  But God has given an ABSOLUTE in the 5th Commandment, which is the basis of God given parental authority. Granted we can all learn from each other, even from bad examples to be avoided. We should personally give testimony of how we do or did it in our family BUT for our parenting style to be elevated to “the PATTERN OF God for others” is dangerous.   A short study of Samuel, Eli, and their sons should open our eyes. Besides God created the perfect children, in the perfect family, in the perfect environment, with the perfect parent (God the Father) and HIS children Adam and Eve rebelled. I hate to say this but the problem is usually the child not the parent.

So when a so-called minister starts pointing fingers at the parents as the cause of the problems with a rebellious daughter, REMEMBER, YOU HAVE ALREADY BEEN WARNED.



Quoting the Modern KJV Malachi 4:5 “Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD:”  Malachi 4:6  “And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to THEIR fathers, LEST I COME AND SMITE THE EARTH WITH A CURSE.”


What’s wrong with that verse when it comes to thinking about separating a daughter from her natural father? ? ?   By Mr. Self-Righteous Preacher receiving ANOTHER'S DAUGHTER into his home, under his then usurped authority, (against HER father’s will) literally destroyed THE RIGHTFUL God Given RELATIONSHIP of this father with HIS DAUGHTER.  By both the actions and doctrine of this Self-Righteous Preacher “over-riding God given parental authority”  in his teaching, church and home practice by these acts.

Preacher, you covertly “stole” the daughter’s fatherly affections by allowing them to be directed to yourself (even if not intentionally.)  Is this the proper way to deal with rebellious girls?  NO.  And many preachers and fathers would agree this is not right..  But Christians shouldn’t be living to please Any Preacher or Mr. Self-Righteous Preacher - “but they do” - based on their preaching and teaching. What should the Godly Man or Godly Minister do?  He should turn the heart of the fathers to (their) children, and the heart of the children to THEIR father (not themselves).  

The SPIRIT OF God has clearly spoken on this subject in Malachi 4:5-6 ... to turn the heart of the children to “THEIR FATHER” ... not another man AGAINST the direct will of that daughter’s natural God given father!   


This should be dogmatic!   


This is the clear direction and will of God on this matter.


Now is that right or not?  Mr. Self-Righteous Preacher, you look much better than Albert Glick, John Laing, or D.H. Sabin; but God didn’t give you authority over any of our children - neither did God set you or any minister, church, or family as JUDGE of another’s parenting skills or lack of them!  It’s been years now. THE DAUGHTER is grown and PERHAPS doing or done the same thing I’m writing to you about. She learned her lesson well in that she doesn’t take the TIME to TRULY HONOR HER FATHER TODAY, and YOU are one that helped DESTROY THAT HONOR! 


By dishonoring and ignoring God’s word in Malachi 4:5-6 and the 5th Commandment, in both the Old and New Testaments you were practicing witchcraft by usurping authority over another man's daughter against her father's direct expressed will. Basically you justified rebellion against parental authority thereby stealing this father's honor which should be given to him by his daughter.

If you’re thinking this is none of my business, perhaps your right, then perhaps WHO will ever call you to ACCOUNT on this issue? ? ?   I have no offense to you (personally), but (the act) of HOLY? KIDNAPPING (or harboring a child from their God given father) against this Christian father’s will should be an offense to any true believer.   

Witchcraft can be rightly defined as, “usurping God given authority”!   See the book; “Exposing Witchcraft in the Church” by Rick Godwin.   

Kidnapping is a capital crime in the O.T.,  the DEATH PENALTY.  Exodus 21:16b, “or if he be found in his hand, he shall surely be put to death.” Deut.24:7  Ask Abraham and Lot. Gen.14:12, and Gen.14-16. Exodus 21:17 "And (the child) that curseth his father, or is mother, shall surely be put to death."


After experiencing a similar occurrence of HOLY? KIDNAPPING I have found HOLY? KIDNAPPING quite common among some Anabaptist sects (even some Mennonite sects) and supposed “Charity” fellowships.  Why not? The world is doing it, but abduction is abduction whether done for evil purposes or SUPPOSEDLY RIGHTEOUS (HOLY?) REASONS.  Can you save a soul without controlling which bed a child shall sleep in at night?  The Holy Kidnappers can't.


But these people believe “they” are so removed from the world, “they” have even deceived themselves, setting up themselves as God, prosecutor, judge and jury; over other men’s family, other men’s children and other men’s personal family business.  

Quoting the Modern KJV Malachi 4:5 “Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD:  Malachi 4:6  And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to THEIR fathers, LEST I COME AND SMITE THE EARTH WITH A CURSE.”  

This verse PROVES “they” are not following a “higher law”, but are indeed practicing witchcraft BY REBELLION against God given parental authority and the 5th Commandment.


CULTS specialize in kidnapping or abducting children or just plain church members into their group, church, and/or home. Taking them away from Honoring THEIR parents because “some other men” think they know better than the natural and legal father God gave the authority and child to.   These NON-resistant ministers have the LAWISH SPIRIT OF SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS to walk over top of the DIRECT WILL of the Natural God given father (that is truly a NON-resistant Christian). 


Did God remove the Fifth Commandment at age 18 or was she a MINOR when transported over State lines?  Other MINOR daughter(s) have been transported over State lines, I believe that the parents should have called the real FBI and pressed KIDNAPPING charges.  That would put an end to this DEVILISH activity.  


But until these Holy Kidnappers are taken to task they will continue deceiving as self-appointed Popes over other men’s families.   Practicing rebellious witchcraft against God given parental authority in the 5th Commandment of both Testaments. 


ON THE WORLDLY SIDE OF THIS ISSUE:   I just heard about a couple arrested for “Kidnapping” after the child was already raised by them.  As an infant an upright sterile family adopted the child. A few months after a completed legal adoption, the natural mother (a gross sinner) changed her mind after completing drug rehab.  The court ordered the child returned to his sinner mother. The infertile adoptive guardian parents were devastated, therefore left the State of NY.  They were never found until 20 years later when the child NOW grown wanted to be an Arizona policeman that required his birth certificate.  The only parents he ever knew were then arrested for “Kidnapping” having raised him in their good home.

In this story “the court” changed it’s mind.  God doesn’t change HIS MIND after HE gives a child to parents - people change - government changes - but God doesn’t.  

Noah didn’t save babies from a dying world by kidnapping them to the ark. Abram (Abraham) didn't take any daughters of those he delivered from being kidnapped (with Lot) out of Sodom (and they were surely headed for destruction). The Apostle Paul didn't attempt to kidnap the damsel he cast out a spirit of divination from, in fact he was the one that suffered at the hands of her masters. There is no endorsement of Holy Kidnapping in the New Testament, in fact, to the contrary the commandment is to HONOR THY father and mother; Ephesians 6:2.

Whitewashed Self-Righteous Preachers, the God of all the earth shall judge for these things and HIS judgment shall be eternal.


The afore Holy Kidnapping is now history; it’s water over the dam. 


            (1)        But have you repented - have you repented to the (God-given) father for 
                         stealing his daughter’s fatherly affections and HONOR ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


(2)               Have you repented of practicing witchcraft against another’s home?  “Witchcraft is listed in Galatians 5:19-21 as one of those practices which can prevent us from inheriting the kingdom of God.”

(3)               Have you repented of harboring other father's daughter(s) AGAINST  the parent's will?

(4)               Have you repented of doing HOLY RIGHTEOUS KIDNAPPINGS
“in  the   f u t u r e” ?


These are the biggest issues:  Witchcraft (siding with the rebellious against God given authority), kidnapping (encouraging a child to leave their God given parents home), 5th Commandment (going against God ordained parental authority and the free will of these parents)  and failure to turn the heart of the daughter to her father.  Malachi 4:5&6


Reading “A church magazine” I recall Mr. Appointed Self-Wonderful leading a group of “youth” out of a South Dakota church community.  Perhaps parents that believe in the GOVERNMENT MAGIC AGE OF 17 or 18 feel GOOD ABOUT THAT, I mean the ones doing the sheep stealing.  I really wonder how the HEARTS of those fathers and mothers "really" felt? Was the Fifth Commandment suspended from Matthew15:4, Mark7:10 & 10:19, Luke 18:20, Ephesians 6:2 or have “ye made the commandment of God of none effect by your tradition”?  

Matthew 15:3-9

3b Why do ye also transgress the commandment of God by your tradition? 4 For God commanded, saying, Honour thy father and mother: and those that curseth father or mother, let them die the death. 5 But ye say, . . .  6 And honour not their father or their mother, they shall be free. Thus have ye made the commandment of God of none effect by your tradition. 7 Ye hypocrites, well did Isaiah prophesy of you saying. 8 This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me. 9 But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrine the commandments of men.


There can be revival of hearts without displacement of bodies can't there?  YES. The Apostle Paul delivered the damsel of a spirit of divination but did not seek to control her bodily living quarters thereafter. There can be wheat and tares growing together in the same field without teaching rebellion to "Honor THY father and THY mother" can't there?  YES. Or are these teaching following men instead of God?  TEACHING daughters to honor THY father and THY mother is of God not men.  It is of the tradition of men against the commandments of God  to separate families.


Mark7:9 “Full well ye reject the commandment of God, that ye may keep your own tradition.”  Read the context it fits all too well.


Mr. Self-Righteous Preacher, You have your own children given to you of God.  How would you feel if some man (some other father) decided he knew better how to raise one of your children (even one of your daughters) and took HER away against your wishes?  Regardless of how good a man he was or what age your daughter was.  DOES Christ endorse that action?  Let alone the thoughts and doctrines of conceit and self-righteousness over others and their families that leads up to actions like these?   

My thought is:  “ ... If therefore the LIGHT that is in thee be DARKNESS, how great is that DARKNESS!”   It was related to me that during the girl’s wedding ceremony (you conducted) the wishes of the father were ignored by you (AGAIN) and you looked right at him, before the defying act. WHO has any authority in marriage Biblically other than the fathers and mothers of the couple?  Biblically no one, but God, who is the one that really joins a husband and a wife (not you preacher).
If you get your authority from the State government to marry, then your church is also subject to and under that government instead of God as the head.


Or has God / Christ delegated Gen.2:24 or the Fifth Commandment to be subject and manipulated by government, preacher, or church? NO, The Fifth Commandment will stand. The Biblical record of ONE FLESH is clear and Christ in the New Testament without amendment upholds Gen.2:24.  It is still God that joins and let not MEN put asunder. MEN- government, preacher, or church. If God is still not master of marriage (ONE FLESH), you better start accepting government divorce and believing divorce and remarriage to another is not adultery or sin!  It’s a matter of where the REAL authority lies, God word or in men.


When you usurp a father’s God given authority over his daughter, do you think his child is going to respect and honor her father thereafter?  Actions are louder than words and a mockery of genuine repentance DOES NOT LAST or cure sin.  Bring forth therefore fruits meet for repentance.


Brother, the word says, “Against an elder receive not an accusation, but before two or three witnesses.”  They are listed below.


Damage exists between Mr. Natural-father and his daughter, which covers years.  Things done in PUBLIC VIEW require PUBLIC Repentance more than just ideal words, a sincere written apology for being an UNAUTHORIZED SURROGATE FATHER (to the splitting or destroying of rightful honor due this daughter’s father) would be a nice start.  Can you imagine the nights Mr. Natural-father has longed for his daughter’s sweet voice of love over the telephone in just family conversation?  No, he doesn’t have that.  He didn’t push her out of his house.  She was abducted, against HIS will, BUT HE WAS NON-RESISTANT, he played the REAL Christian is this case.  And his daughter stayed in your house against his direct will also and you know it. 



THE KEY IS THE SPIRIT operating in you in the future, Mr. Self-Righteous Preacher.  To honor God and HIS word on the issues of Mal.4:5-6 and the 5th commandment in both Testaments or continue to endorse and practice white witchcraft (1 Sam.15:23a) contrary to the scriptures about each daughter honoring her own father and her own mother. Instead of being shipped off to a family in your association for domestic help practice.  Let these daughters learn domestic help in their own homes or is your wife slothful?  This daughter doesn’t have any time for her Born-Again Earthly Father and you are the final reason, the self-appointed Mr. Self-Righteous Preacher the final surrogate father, and performed the final act of defiance (at the wedding). If all that doesn’t fly in the face of Mal.4:5-6 and the 5th Commandment you might as well burn your Bible, for you pervert its authority.  






Quoting the 1881 and later printing of  KJV Malachi 4:5 “Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD:” Malachi 4:6  “And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to THEIR fathers, LEST I COME AND SMITE THE EARTH WITH A CURSE.”  

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