Divorce is NOT the unpardonable sin. 


The doctrine of


i.e.  (  THE ONE  FLESH  STATE  )

  Dedicated to my unmarried daughter Michaele  !

Steve and so many that my heart aches for...


Introduction to WHY this was wrote. 

For a proper understanding of this subject one must be willing  to see this matter "AS God  VIEWS IT" or forever wonder in a sea of misunderstandings. This sea of misunderstanding is continually tossed to and fro by the various opinions of men and their organizations as to the �final authority� on this subject.  

The Final Authority must be God and HIS word,  not (the church), not (the government), and not (the vows).  People in these three categories believe they carry, have, or compel God on this issue of Holy Matrimony.  But I believe that God is the author and finisher of our faith as well as what Holy Matrimony is and what it is after (God) hath joined together - and they twain shall be ONE FLESH: SO THEN THEY ARE NO MORE TWAIN, BUT ONE FLESH.


        NOTE:  It is within this  ONE FLESH ,  that the man and woman 
which are  ONE FLESH  (in God's sight) may come together until death: 
without sin  BECAUSE they are ONE FLESH  at all times, 
no more twain until death.  

Just as Hosea took back Gomer again and again after
she had been defiled with adultery and whoredoms.


First off, there is no where in scripture where God gives COMPLETE AUTHORITY over MARRIAGE, it's definition, it's participants, it's permanence to: any government or church PERIOD.   Whenever government's or church's laws, rules, standards, etc. violate, transgress, disrupt, infringe, dishonor, or even go beyond (to usurp) God's law on any issue God has established for all man kind in general is despotism and should be ignored by those who seek praise from God instead of men.  

This is the basis from which the reformers that settled America drew their conclusions of  unalienable rights under God. Marriage according to Genesis 2:24 is an unalienable right from God to one unmarried man and an unmarried woman.  According to God's definition of unmarried. God is against any who desire, plan, or attempt to usurp HIS rightful rulership of mankind in things God has given, created, and governs the institution of (i.e. THE ONE FLESH STATE) established by God in the Garden of Eden before sin entered mankind.


    NOTE:  To usurp rightful God given Authority is the sin of witchcraft. 

1 Sam. 15:23 "For  rebellion is as the sin of WITCHCRAFT, 
                            and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry..."


Second, there is no scripture which gives any authority concerning marriage to any government, church, or anyone except the parents and the ELIGIBLE participants which God HIMSELF we believe will join together into THE STATE OF INSEPARABLE HOLY MATRIMONY (i.e. ONE FLESH) but only when God's prerequisites are meet. Only according to Genesis 2:24.


Thirdly, this is the first and last GREAT MYSTERY created by God for people which is also the symbol of Christ and HIS Church.  This is the last great institution which the devil, secularism, ecclesiastical debauchee, humanism, Sodomy and the United Nations and all that are against God would like to pervert, control, and usurp God's authority on that which HE, HIMSELF has the only complete authority over... "What therefore God hath joined together," from God's view point not ours.


"AS God VIEWS IT"  from the revelation of what "ONE FLESH" is: when "ONE FLESH" is established by God, "ONE FLESH" permanency, "ONE FLESH" until death do us part, "ONE FLESH" is HOLINESS, AND THE BED UNDEFILED. "ONE FLESH" is Holy Matrimony, that is THE  ONE  FLESH  STATE created by God - not the government, not a marriage license, not the preacher, not the justice of the peace, not the judge, not any man that says, "now by the power vested in me by the State of ... , I now pronounce you, man and wife" and not the church and not even the vows (but, but, but you say).  

Vows may be "A PART" but are NOT "the lone controlling factor" so many preachers and churches have made them.  Where are the vows of Adam and Eve ?  Where are the VOWS Christ would have used against the Pharisees when questioned about divorce?  Where are the vows of Isaac or Jacob and Leah ?  Where are the vows of any one of importance in the scriptures to give us the binding, lawful, correct, fullness, and understanding of what "the vows" MUST be composed of ?


When you find them; I want to be the first to know.  Because I want to put them in this tract; which vows, IF REQUIRED makes this tract incomplete without them. But from God's Word it is clear "VOWS" are not required because the Scriptures contain several marriages but NO compelling "VOWS".  No pastoral magic in marriage.  No magic binding vows to be said.  No magic governmental license or paperwork.  No magic official church celebration.  I ask again for the Biblical proof.  From the scriptures it is clear their is no magic outside of following Genesis 2:24 willingly in obedience to family patriarchal authority.


God created Eve in the ONE FLESH state, i.e. from Adam's rib.  Genesis 2:24 "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be ONE FLESH."  

And God made Isaac and Rebekah ONE FLESH when he took Rebekah into his mother's tent.  Gen.24:67  Now, Now don't go off the deep end. SEX ALONE does NOT constitute Holy Matrimony (ONE FLESH).  We will return to this issue of  ONE BODY  versus  ONE FLESH  later.  First we must understand "ONE FLESH" as God views "ONE FLESH".  We will have to take off our cultural sun-glasses to see the purer light and color of God's "ONE FLESH" institution established in the Garden of Eden even before sin entered man-kind - "ONE FLESH" is HOLY.


This is really easy but you will have to remove your cultural sunglasses and allow God to expand your understanding, to take you beyond your experience and educational barriers of marriage and the brainwashing we have all had through our lives concerning this topic. Isaiah 55:8  "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith YaHWeH." 

The world, the government, America is NOT going to teach you what HOLY MATRIMONY in ONE FLESH is...  They want to teach acceptance of adultery by license and sodomy by tolerance and are doing it in the public schools of America.  It starts in elementary school and by the time you're an adult you don't even know you have been brainwashed.  After all you don't know any thing else !  

You don't know, that you don't know, if you don't know.  Understand ?  Read that sentence again. 

A closed system that is ASSUMED TO BE CORRECT, is accepted as correct, and those which differ are thought to be in error.  So if this paper seems awkward to you, don't be surprised.  Come back and read it again from time to time, God is patient, but we are not.


Most people in America and around the world view government as the Final Authority in marriage, BUT God is.  Government  CHARGE$ VIRGIN$ MONEY  for what God entitled them for FREE in the Garden of Eden, "until death do us part."  Government CHARGE$ EXTRA MONEY to UN-do their license they charged for the first time and say this divorce (revoked their marriage license) making people single again.  (i.e. without a marriage license).   

Problem:  Government doesn't know God and besides that, government doesn't care what God says either.  So Government CHARGE$ $OME MORE MONEY and allows a remarriage again to another person (the first one was THOUGHT TO BE - the right one) until something goes wrong again and the whole cycle goes on and on until death.  

Then God will then tell you that you weren't married in ONE FLESH all those INELIGIBLE TIMES  you got a government license but you were just entering LICENSED ADULTERY instead of ONE FLESH.  Acting as a sinful one body, not ONE FLESH. Romans 7:3 "... she shall be called an adulteress..."


Churches play these same kind of games also, using annulment instead of divorce and then come up with all sorts of sophisticated exceptions justifying divorce of even consummated VIRGIN COUPLES and their remarriage to others / divorcees with living ex-spouses..


Who cares what God says any way ?  I do !  And I hope you do also.


Where did "COMMON LAW"  come from any way ?  England, legally and officially..  And who did America pattern their laws after ?  England and the Bible.  The Bible has always been regarded as part of the "COMMON LAW" of England.  Sir William Blackstone: Commentaries on the Laws of England.

Legally has more to do with what man things.  Lawfully has more to do with what God says. Where did  COMMON LAW  marriage come from?  Lawfully through the Bible, from God.  


But most people have been brainwashed to think it's wrong, dirty, second class or something evil.  But "COMMON LAW marriage" was Bible based or from God and still is allowed and recognized by many of the States in the USA.  Attorneys (i.e. Lawyers) and legal humanism has not totally replaced the Bible yet in America.  COMMON LAW marriage came from God in the Garden of Eden, can you better that?   

Not unless you are one that believes you can better what God has designed and ordained.  The COMMON PLACE all people came from unless you came from a rock and evolution.  NO. Evolution is wrong, God still made Holy Matrimony at creation, in the beginning when HE made EVE,  ONE FLESH with Adam.  From Adam's rib - that's why she was Adam's flesh from her first breath.  Poor woman was married all her life from her first breath to her last assuming Adam out lived her.  Now could Eve ever be anyone else's ONE FLESH?  NO, not unless Adam died first.  We should all be able to understand and agree with this as FACT, from God and the Bible.   And if you know anything about breeding animals you know why Adam died last. Eve was also the one who first sinned, then Adam.


Romans 7.2 "For the woman which hath an husband is bound by THE LAW to her  husband so long as he liveth; but if the husband be dead, she is loosed from THE LAW of  her husband."


1 Corinthians 7.39 "The wife is bound by THE LAW as long as her husband liveth; but if her husband be dead, she is at liberty to be married to whom she will; only in YaHWeH."


What is "THE LAW" in these two verses ?  

Genesis 2:24, which is also quoted in the N.T. Mat.19.5, Mark10.7&8, and Eph.5.31.   Leaving the positive side let's look at the negative side for a moment: Exodus 20:14, Deut. 5:18 and Gal. 5:19.

Everyone should be warned as to making absolute definitions on General terms: words like wife, husband, married, marriage, marry, bound, loosed, etc because these words do not CONTROL on this issue.  These words are only adjectives to the subject; "THE LAW" Gen.2:24 which creates "ONE FLESH" under God. ONE FLESH only created by God, must be the CONTROLLING TERM. General terms if there definitions are construed to control could lead you to wrong conclusions which I will give some examples of later.  "Put away" and "divorce" have the same meaning and effect, but some try to make them different to condone their sin.   

We must first come to the absolute, ultimate, statement of Holy Matrimony and what it is before we can go any further.  Being a New Covenant believer in Christ the Saviour and that salvation is only through HIS shed blood.  I therefore give extra emphasis to Messiah's words, which are in RED if you have a RED letter edition.  So by what scripture did the Messiah use as HIS ultimate proof text when challenged by the Pharisees and HIS enemies on the question of divorce and remarriage ?


Genesis 2:24
"Therefore shall a man LEAVE his father and his mother
and shall CLEAVE unto his wife
and they shall be

                        As God ordained from the beginning.

There we have the proof text of  "HOLY MATRIMONY".  Please be careful to note that the word, "Marriage" is NOT in the text.  Nor is the word, "Marriage" in the SAME TEXT QUOTED in the New Testament, Mat.19.5, Mark10.7&8, and Eph.5.31.  

                        Our Saviour answers them so brilliantly:


Matthew 19:4  
"And HE answered and said unto them, 
"HAVE YE NOT READ, that HE which made them at the beginning 
made them male and female,  
Matthew 19:5 
And said, For this cause shall a man LEAVE father and mother, 
and shall CLEAVE to his wife: 
and they twain shall be ONE FLESH ?"


Messiah's conclusion 
is God's conclusion 
and my conclusion, 
will it be your conclusion ?


Matthew 19:6 "Wherefore they (Eligible Parties Only)  
What therefore God hath joined together, 
let not man put asunder." 


Man and man's institutions can never make the ONE -TWAIN AGAIN. Only DEATH, NOT Divorce, will end the ONE FLESH union of Holy Matrimony.

If they are NO MORE TWAIN, which they are; HE is telling us that they are ONE FLESH until the death of the husband...   regardless of what government or church excuse or mind games besides the license games are being played.

The religious leaders that come to tempt CHRIST understood it this same way
because of their next statement.

Matthew 19:7 They say unto HIM, Why did Moses then COMMAND (or did Moses really Suffer them instead) to give a writing of divorcement, and to put her away. ?  

These religious Judaizers were saying:  Hey, we have THE TORAH and OUR LAW given us from God by Moses it states a man can divorce (or put away) his wife by giving her a written bill of divorcement and send her away and she can go and be another man's wife, and it's ok.

Now if Christ were not God in the Flesh, Emmanuel.  1Tim.3:16, Mat.1:23, Isa.7:14, Isa.9:6, Isa.12:2   If Christ's words were not spirit and life. John 6:63  Even Moses prophesied to hearken unto the words of Messiah.  Deut.18.15, Acts 3.22, & 7:37  If Messiah had not said, "ALL POWER is given unto me in heaven and earth� - teach people to observe ALL THINGS whatsoever I have COMMANDED YOU.  Matthew 28:18-20  If Messiah alone didn't have THE WORDS OF ETERNAL LIFE (John6:68) we might rely on the Old Covenant of Moses for authority to divorce...   BUT,  BUT,  BUT,  in times of ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent.  Acts 17.30

So how did the Messiah answer those doctors of THE LAW OF MOSES.


Matthew 19:8 �HE saith unto them, 
Moses (((in Deut. 24:1-4))) because of THE HARDNESS OF YOUR HEARTS 
you to put away your wives: 


Did you hear that ?  
"BUT FROM THE BEGINNING *** IT WAS NOT SO.***"  God once winked at their adultery, adulterous second marriages, adulterous third marriages, etc. ( i.e. divorce and remarriage) to another:  ADULTERY according to the New Testament MESSIAH..   But now, that the light of men has come, Messiah - God expects us to believe MESSIAH'S words and repent.

Matthew 19:9 �And I (Messiah) say unto you, 
WHOSOEVER shall put away his wife, 
except it be for fornication, 
and shall MARRY ANOTHER, 
and whoso marrieth her which is put away 
doth commit adultery.�


"MARRY ANOTHER, COMMITTETH ADULTERY"  note HE didn't say ONE FLESH,   HE said, ADULTERY !    ONE FLESH is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled, Heb.13:4. ADULTERY is sinful cohabitation "in the guise of husband and wife" according to Romans 7:3.  Adultery is a SIN against Holy Matrimony (ONE FLESH).  Adultery is NO WHERE established as, "what God hath joined together"! - Adultery does not create ONE FLESH.  God does not condone it nor add HIS blessing of righteousness to the bed.

The definition of Adultery as commonly understood by society is a singular act, each time.  Society does not understand the Word of God and that having another person�s divorced ONE FLESH spouse (i.e. divorce and remarriage to another) in Romans 7:3 is entering the state of an Adulterous Union in the sight of God. NOT entering a lawful marriage according to Genesis 2:24 because the divorced person with a living ONE FLESH ex-spouse  is still ONE FLESH with them in the eyes of God (LAWFULLY) according to the bible and Genesis 2:24.  Even if they have a "Legal" divorce from the government which cancelled their previous marriage license... WHY?  Because it is not the marriage license that marries two virgins into the ONE FLESH of Genesis 2:24.  That record keeper is God Almighty that  ordained author and designer of the institution of marriage in the Garden of Eden by Genesis 2:24.  That's exactly why CHRIST took the Pharisees and Lawyers right back to the beginning of marriage, right back to Genesis 2:24.

The world views any and all governmental marriages as OK.

Brainwashed sinners think divorce and remarriage is just another valid marriage before God, on the basis that "it is" to the government.  But "it is" only adultery to be repented from in the judgment of God Almighty.  The divorcee (with living divorced ONE FLESH spouse) when remarried to another enters NOT A HOLY ESTATE of Matrimony, but an Adulterous Union. 

Meaning THAT TO MARRY ANOTHER is the state of Adultery (NOT One Flesh), and sinful because the Messiah has proclaimed it such.  From such repentance and turning from that evil way was and is the proper thing to do. 

The steps taken to "marry another" entering an adulterous union, should be completely reversed in true repentance.  Separate from the other person immediately, do not have any further contact, and reverse all paper work involved.  UN-do any governmental licenses to get UN-LICENSED (unmarried in the eyes of the government and general society)  (obtain a divorce) if necessary from this adulterous union (called marriage) by the State and Godless society.  Sinful marriage should be repented from; to end or stop the contracted adultery, and its legalities.  Some one will ask why?

Because UNREPENTED adulterous persons shall not inherit the kingdom of God according to Galatians 5:19-21.  And Adultery begins the list of life-styles which shall not inherit the kingdom of God.  Not many sins are concluded as "hardness of your heart" in the New Testament by our Saviour made it clear on this issue.. Mark 10:5 "... For the hardness of your heart he (Moses) wrote you this precept."

Matthew 19:8 ..."Moses because of THE HARDNESS OF YOUR HEARTS suffered you to put away (divorce) your wives: but FROM THE BEGINNING IT WAS NOT SO."

To Divorce (a ONE FLESH spouse) and marry another is HARDNESS OF YOUR HEART. To end an adulterous union of the State by a State divorce is a fruit met for repentance. It's just undoing what should have never been done to begin with.  Some will say that two wrongs don't make a right.  The point here is that the first official ONE FLESH marriage is right.  And the adulterous union made after divorce and remarriage to another party is considered ADULTERY, even if it is state government licensed.

Therefore to put an end to a licensed adulterous union in the sight of God is not a wrong, but a rightful divorce from SIN.  We need to divorce ourselves from the Devil and his ways.  And return to God and HIS ways.

Moses suffered (his people) Deut. 24:1-4 to divorce and remarry BECAUSE OF THE HARDNESS OF THEIR HEARTS...   RELIGIOUS AND WORLDLY HARD HEARTED PEOPLE WANT TO FOLLOW MOSES INSTEAD OF CHRIST.  Christ calls sinners to repentance.  Christ says, "BUT FROM THE BEGINNING IT WAS NOT SO."  NO DIVORCE can end the ONE FLESH of Holy Matrimony, what therefore God hath joined together, is made ONE by God, no more to be twain, until physical death..  People may think divorce separates ONE FLESH, but it does NOT effect God�s judgment one bit.  You are to return to your ONE FLESH mate or keep yourself separate if reconciliation is not presently  possible.

UNDER THE LAW OF MOSES.  Deut.24:1-4  There was only one requirement.  You could not return to a previous spouse once they had been married again.  This is very logical.  For without this limit marriage would be like a baking contest with a new winner every time an event happened.  Besides our problems with our spouse and hardness of heart will just carry on to the next marriage as well.   So Messiah raised the standard to UNCONDITIONAL ONE FLESH LOVE (hence until death do us part) instead of conditional love (until divorce do us part).   Lost people still desire the Hardness of Heart way over the Softness of Heart, repentant heart, desiring to regain permanence of commitment, until death do us part. Marriage until death instead of from wife to wife.


We must conclude that once God hath joined together, in ONE FLESH, this Holy union is only broken, BY PHYSICAL DEATH OF THE HUSBAND. And obviously the physical death of the wife.  1 Cor. 7:39   Jacob and Leah in Genesis 29:23, Isaac and Rebekah in Genesis 24:67.   Romans 7:2 

IN the New Covenant we are all PRIESTS, in the O.T. the Priest was only to take a VIRGIN or priest's widow to wife, not a woman put away (divorced). Eze.44.22

Lev. 21:7 The priest was not allowed to take a wife that was a whore: for he [is] holy unto his God.  Yet Hosea was COMMANDED by God to take a wife that was a whore.  This proves two things.  (1) God is greater than The Law of Moses.   (2)  The SEX ACT alone is not Holy Matrimony, and does not create ONE FLESH.  Sex outside of being ONE FLESH ordained by God is sin to be repented of, without LEAVING prior parental authority, and CLEAVING the understanding of taking �eligible parties� for the purpose of marriage - which normally involves vows but at minimum mutual understanding of taking each other in marriage for life until death, and holding themselves out as married afterwards. 

Whoredom is sex acts (outside of Holy Matrimony) or fornication.  FORNICATION is pre-martial sex, so far as the exception clause in Matthew is concerned.  As initially defined in Black's Law dictionary:  FORNICATION is unlawful sexual intercourse between two unmarried persons.  Further, if one of the persons be married and the other not, it is fornication on the part of the latter, though adultery for the former.


Since God made women  VIRGINS  and since virginity is lost in the first sex act and since Priests were entitled to a virgin or widow of a priest.  God made a safeguard against a lying NON-virgin woman.

Messiah made one exception for breaking betrothal vows: Fornication.  Jewish marriage was by Betrothal i.e.  "marriage by covenant"  which was signed by the parties up to a year before the father released them to come together.  THAT SINGLE EXCEPTION IS  "FORNICATION."   Just as explained by Joseph and Mary in the same book (Matthew) which contains the explanation of the ONLY exception.  

Matthew 1:18 "... When as HIS mother Mary was espoused (Betrothed) to Joseph, before they came together, (before sex) she was found with child of the Holy Ghost."     verse 19  "Then Joseph HER HUSBAND, being a just man, and not willing to make her a public example, was minded to put her away privily."  KJV

Here is a good example of the word, "Husband"  in this case (1) they didn't live together as husband and wife yet  (2)  they have never had sexual relations yet either  ...  SO THEY ARE NOT "ONE FLESH" YET, just BETROTHED. Some Gentiles then try to wrongly equate betrothal to engagement, but there is a difference.  In Betrothal the couple legally become husband and wife by a Betrothal Marriage Covenant.  Husband and Wife being legally committed to each other, even before they have set up their own housekeeping having not yet been given leave to live together or take each other in sexual consummation of the covenant, by their parents (who are the authority over this).  


LEGAL permission and LEGAL marriage or betrothal contract...

BETROTHAL is the condition as the above two virgins ( or eligible parties ) are in with or without leave of their authorities to come together --- even when they have received leave to come together in sexual union from their authorities and have a church or court marriage ceremony today, they leave that ceremony in the Betrothal state.  They are then Betrothed husband and wife (but only legally)  until sexual consummation.  See man and government only betroth people to the "LEGAL STATE" of husband and wife.


Biblical LAWFUL unalienable right under God's LAW of marriage (Genesis 2:24) and God Almighty joining the two (or twain) into ONE FLESH.

It is God Almighty that makes them ONE FLESH, until death do us part, upon the sexual consummation of their LEGAL or COMMON LAW agreement.   Then at consummation of the Betrothed couple with leave to come together God joins the twain (eligible parties only) together into ONE FLESH.  God then joins the twain into ONE FLESH, until the death of the husband.

HOLY, UNDEFILED BED, do you think God will join  (divorce and remarriage to another)?  God does not join in your sin.  NO !  Do you think God will accept and sanctify your divorce (from your ONE FLESH partner) and remarriage to another ?  NO !

God will not be a party in an adulterous union.

I do understand that many people will go through the motions, licenses, ceremonies, and according to man's laws they are LEGALLY (by government) married (husband and wife) just as in Roman 7:3 BUT God will not join any licensed adulterous union into ONE FLESH...  God does not join in SIN.  God does not JOIN licensed adultery even with a church ceremony and adulterous vows of death (under the pretense of doing it again right this time) if the parties entering into said marriage are not eligible according to God to be joined into HOLY MATRIMONY into ONE FLESH according to Genesis 2:24.  There was no divorce and remarriage in Genesis 2:24 to put divorce and remarriage into Genesis 2:24 is to adulterate Genesis 2:24 and to adulterate Adam and Eve's marriage in ONE FLESH.  This is the precept that is forgotten by these hyper-conservative zealots that desire to make every marriage VOW binding unto death.  God doesn't and therefore we should BIND divorce and remarriage either.   

Therefore the Messiah is showing us that understand (God's Biblical Marriage Plan) that this adulterous husband and adulterous wife can be loosed from each other.. to return to their rightful ONE FLESH spouse or remain separate if reconciliation is not presently possible.. 


the Exception Clause of Matthew, or Matthew's Exception Clause, given by CHRIST.

Other than the birth of our Saviour, pregnancy normally proves sexual activity whereby the woman would NOT be a virgin.  There is no other exception in the New Covenant (Testament), except for FORNICATION i.e. pre-martial sex.  The husband had a week (Gen.29:27) after given leave to consummate with his wife or bring accusation of NON-VIRGINITY.  Why would any one need longer ? Christ's exception clause was only for if she was NOT found to be a virgin - period.

In simplicity, if God because of sin, is not willing to join the couple into ONE FLESH at consummation.  Then the couple can undo their legal marriage with a legal divorce and have never been "married" according to Genesis 2:24 in Sexual HOLINESS into ONE FLESH.

We must allow CONTEXT to be KING and to take precedence over word definition as shown below:

In Hebrew: Wife and Woman are the same Hebrew word, Strongs H802 'ishshah

Husband and Man are primarily the same Hebrew word, Strongs H376 'iysh      


In Greek:  Wife and Woman  are the same Greek word, Strongs G1135  gune         

In Greek:  Husband and Man use the same Greek word, Strongs G435  aner         


The English words, �husband and wife� unfortunately add conclusions to the context that in general just are not there.  The true context is only showing generalized COHABITATION in a typical family setting THAT APPEARS to be a marriage.  But the same word in the original could mean just �man or woman� THEREFORE THE CONTEXT IS THE DETERMINING FACTOR.  Please note it is very dangerous to make marriage, divorce, and remarriage doctrine using as primary proofs from the English scriptures the words, Husband and wife.  

A woman did such a work, which was out of Texas years ago, and she wrote very convincingly.  But her whole premise was based on the English definitions of husband and wife and how those words were used in different English scriptures.  She wrongly used these definitions to make her doctrine.  But these English words are scriptural NOT the CONTROLLING FACTORS in making marriage doctrine. Because it will not hold up in the original languages of the Bible.  These words, Husband and wife have in themselves no binding power.  

The REAL controlling issues are 1) God, 2) eligibility to enter the Holy state of ONE FLESH, 3) sealed by the actions of the eligible parties, the commitment is assumed in addition to taught in scripture. We could as easily say, "The Woman is bound unto her (ONE FLESH) Man so long as HE liveth."

For whoredom or adultery  to continue for years, for convenience sake, and to appear as husband and wife in the same household, even producing a baby (called a bastard - because of lack of LAWFUL Genesis 2:24 production) DOES NOT BIND TWO into ONE at all. Only God does that, when HIS pre-requisites are fulfilled in Genesis 2:24.   

YES, God does forgive sin.  But God does not ERASE an authentic original ONE FLESH union as sin, even if it has been sinned against. Hosea is proof of that, taking back his ONE FLESH wife which was a whore before he married her and was an adulterous whore after he married her.  And took her back again and again.  Adultery did not END the original ONE FLESH marriage of this couple.  ONLY PHYSICAL DEATH did.  Romans7:2 and 1Cor.7:39

For additional PROOF  that absolute definitions of some "words" can lead to incorrect conclusions.  Please read the Footnote study at the end.



Again in order from Gen.2:24 to summarize and conclude.


Genesis 2.24 "Therefore shall a man (husband) 
LEAVE his father and his mother, and shall 
CLEAVE unto his (woman) wife: 
and they shall be ONE FLESH."


Above we have the proof text of  HOLY "ONE FLESH" MATRIMONY.  Please be careful to note that the word, "Marriage" is not in the text.  Nor is the word, "Marriage" in the same verse when quoted in the New Testament text, Matthew19.5, Mark10.7&8, and Ephesians5.31.

This singular verse is  THE LAW, which binds a woman (wife) to her (man) husband, until the physical death of her husband's FLESH.  Romans 7:2 and 1 Cor. 7:39

"The wife is bound by THE LAW as long as her husband liveth; 
but if her husband be dead, 
she is at liberty to be married to whom she will; 
only in YaHWeH." 1 Corinthians 7.39


"For the woman which hath an husband 
is bound by THE LAW to her husband so long as he liveth; 
but if the husband be dead, 
she is loosed from THE LAW of her husband."  
Romans 7.2


Please note that Paul's understanding of "THE LAW" was until DEATH, not UNTIL DIVORCE, or until different vows to another.

Everyone should be warned about making absolute definitions on words like wife, husband, married, marriage, marry, bound, loosed, etc because using these words to CONTROL the context leads to wrong conclusions.

We better re-discover what  "HOLY MATRIMONY"  is by learning a fresh what constitutes  "ONE FLESH"  and what doesn't constitute "ONE FLESH" in the eyes of God.

THEREFORE God HATH JOINED TOGETHER  and quit leaning on the understanding given to us by  government, culture, and churches with little stand again sin nor the requirement of true repentance.. We need the Jewish understanding of marriage together with God's view of all men, in all nations, in all the world, for all cultures.  God doesn't care about your education or the lack of it. HE'S not impressed either way.  HE just wants you to see �ONE FLESH� HIS WAY.  God created Holy Matrimony, HE designed ONE FLESH, HE still joins twain RIGHTEOUSLY into ONE FLESH until death today.  But God only does it HIS WAY.  We need to see this matter "AS God VIEWS IT" or forever wonder in a sea of misunderstandings.

Then we can see we need to be free of Adultery if we plan on attending the marriage supper of the Lamb.

Galatians 5:19-21  "Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these;   
ADULTERY, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, Idolatry, 
witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, 
seditions, heresies, Envyings, murders, 
drunkenness, revellings, and such like: 
of the which I tell you before, 
as I have also told you in time past, 
that �they which do such� things 
shall NOT inherit the kingdom of God."

1 Cor. 6:9-10  "Know ye not that the unrighteous shall NOT INHERIT the kingdom of God ?  Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor ADULTERERS, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God."

I write these things because I tremble at the words of our God.  Isaiah 66:5  I fear for your soul and mine.  Many have been deceived on these issues.  Galatians 5:19- lists ADULTERY as the first primary work of the flesh.  1Corinthians6:9  Lists ADULTERERS as the third on the list of works which will keep us from inheriting the kingdom of God.

Do we believe and tremble at this scriptures or explain them away.  Please this is wrote to believers, not unbelievers.

Some will complain this is too long or too complicated of an explanation.  All I can say is that "Hardness of Hearts" and the sin of divorce and remarriage is what has made it so complicated an explanation, because people seek to condone their sin or add to God's Holy requirements putting bigger weights upon those that have sinned.

The simple explain is Adam and Eve, one virgin man and a virgin woman, stay married until death do you part, whether you sin after becoming ONE FLESH, makes no difference you are still bound in ONE FLESH so long as both shall live, for better or WORST, for richer or POORER, in SICKNESS and in health.  See how simple that is.

The original "ONE FLESH", first husband and first wife remain together as long as they live.

Is that so hard and complicated?  NO, the complications begin when we have to examine blended families (that are assumed OK) but these scrambled egg marriages are claimed by the liberal preacher as impossible to UNSCRAMBLE, therefore let them be as the worldly governments call them.  Hey, Preacher, my bible says, what is impossible for man is possible with God.  Matthew19.26,  Mark10.27, & Luke18.27

"with men this is impossible; BUT WITH God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE."  Matthew 19:26  Mark 10:27

Holy Matrimony as given in the Garden of Eden is SO SIMPLE and if we would KEEP IT.  We would have no need of this long explanation and attempt to deprogram our culture's brainwashing on marriage.  This adulterous and sinful generation needs to repent of ALL SINS including contracted adultery.         Mark 8:38  



ONE commitment, one virgin man, one virgin woman, never committed to any others...  HOLY MATRIMONY UNTIL DEATH DO US PART.  

END OF SUBJECT !    Eph.5:32


        As I have believed since 1979 but today definitely more

        refined in explanation.  Dale H. Sabin  This paper only

        deals with the "one flesh" issue, and that not exhaustively.



Footnote study as further proof the absolute definitions of the following    "words"   can lead to incorrect conclusions.


Hebrews 13:4  "Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: 
but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge."


In Hebrews 13:4 the word, "Marriage" is understood to be ONE FLESH Gen.2:24 because of the CONTEXT of the undefiled bed (verse an adulterous situation)..    While those appearing to be  married  and living as if they were husband and wife, though denying (each other as husband and wife and denying being married) make themselves whoremongers, not ONE FLESH.  And according to Romans 7:3 the first word, "married" is not ONE FLESH from the context but the entering of the STATE of Adultery by a second cohabitation  in the guise of marriage but is actually adultery...  So what is God's judgment ?

(a)  Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed UNdefiled 

(b)  Adultery, Adulterous, Adulterer and Adulteress coming together makes the bed defiled.   This is NOT  Holy Matrimony, this is not ONE FLESH.

What's your judgment ?    ONE FLESH    or    Adulteress,  Adultery

Though both uses of this word, "married" is the same Greek word ( "ginomai"  Strongs Greek #1096) in the verse.  There are two different results of cohabitation, one a holy state the other a sinful state. Therefore context must CONTROL the definition of the word "married" instead of the common English definition overpowering the CONTEXT. This is only complicated for those which desire to condone divorce and remarriage or those which desire to equate "married" with "ONE FLESH".

Marriage, married, etc. in the simplest terms merely means: the condition of cohabitation.  Whether the state is one of HOLY MATRIMONY in ONE FLESH according to Genesis 2:24 and therefore joined by God.  Or whether it's a state of a licensed adulterous union according to Romans7:3 and therefore sinful in the sight of God requiring repentance and forsaking of such a union in the fear of God.  Otherwise the judgment of Hebrews13:4 will take effect on whosoever dies in such a martial state.  Shall not inherit the kingdom of God according to Galatians5:19-21 and 1Cor.6:9-11.

Romans 7:3 So then if while her husband liveth, she be (A) married to another man, 
she shall be called an adulteress: 
but if her husband be dead, she is free from that law; 
so that she is no adulteress, though she be (B) married to another man.

(A) married... is a sinful act or union of   Licensed Adultery making her an adulteress  
                        and the man also according to Luke 16:18 and Mark 10

(B) married... is assumed to be the Holy act   producing ONE FLESH ...  
                     because it is in contrast to the above and no negative verdict is given

You cannot have both being equally ONE FLESH as spoken of in Genesis 2:24. .  

(A) married...  One is SIN done with just the "Body" the Greek word "soma" in 1Cor.6:16.  

(B) married... The other God creates the mystical ONE FLESH Greek word "sarx" which is HOLY.   


(A) married... 
Sexual sin is making  ONE  BODY  "soma" in (1 Cor. 6:16), it is NOT  ONE FLESH "sarx".   The act of making ONE BODY by either fornication, whoredom, or adultery by singular act or (divorce and remarriage) being SIN with or without a marriage license, agreement from the government, or blessing of your church and/or minister.  All sin and sinful agreements are to be repented of not only in mental and verbal confession but also by act and deed.  Forsaking and undoing the wrong.  

(B) married...
ONE FLESH is when ELIGIBLE PARTIES are joined from twain into ONE FLESH by God.  Not the government, not the church, not by anyone else but between themselves and God.  Mark 10:9 "What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder."   (note ONLY when BOTH parties are ELIGIBLE)  In past years I wouldn't have to say my next sentence.  One party is MALE the other party is FEMALE.  BOTH parties preferably virgins, but neither can be already bound by THE LAW of ONE FLESH according to Gen.2:24 to another person that is still physically living.  This is the way it was in Genesis, the parties were NOT previously married or divorced (from a ONE FLESH) yet physically living ex-spouse. Luke 16:18 


The hard questions:

If the MALE is not a virgin, he is not eligible if he has put away (divorced) a female (which would be his rightful ONE FLESH wife) that was joined to him in ONE FLESH when they both were eligible to contract betrothal, (which was not broken because of the exception for fornication) should she still be physically alive.  That is a large sentence but yet a single thought with all the elements.  Read it several times.

Luke 16:18   If the FEMALE is not a virgin. If she had previously contracted legal betrothal (which was not ended within 7 days because of the exception for fornication - being pre-martial sex or divorce from licensed adultery) but had fully consummated Holy Matrimony in ONE FLESH with an eligible man who is still alive (irregardless of divorce from her), then she is not eligible so long as he (her ONE FLESH husband) is physically alive, though they be legally divorced and/or separated.. She is still married in ONE FLESH according to Genesis 2:24 to her first eligible husband, so long as he is physically alive, though they are currently legally divorced and / or separated.


HOLY, UNDEFILED BED, do you think God will join in your sin ?  NO !  Do you think God will accept and sanctify your divorce (from your ONE FLESH life-partner)? NO !  Do you think God will join you to another person which is already ONE FLESH with someone else?  NO !  Do you think God will join you to another  person which is divorced from their still living ONE FLESH spouse?  NO !   God will not join you  to any other party until the death of your current ONE FLESH husband, whether you are divorced legally or not.!


Again the word, "MARRIAGE",  MARRIED,  MARRY, etc.  by definition alone doesn't constitute the doctrine of ONE FLESH according to Genesis2:24, in HOLY Matrimony..  The hyper-conservatives make the mistake of equating marriage with ONE FLESH.  That is why they are confused and have designed the unpardonable sin doctrine explained in the introduction.. Because the Greek word "gameo"  Strong's #1060 ; married, marrieth, marry, marrying  must be understood by context as to the correct meaning...  whether this is a "cohibitation" unto SIN or HOLINESS in ONE FLESH according to Genesis2:24..

#1060  gameo,        to wed,         listed in the verses below

KJV verse

English word used
for "gameo"
condition of

  the state of cohabitation

Mark 6:17   married  SIN  
Mark 10:12         married      SIN                 adultery  
1 Cor. 7:10    married           HOLY            ONE FLESH  
1 Cor. 7:39     married        HOLY          ONE FLESH      
Matthew 19:9      marrieth    SIN   adultery  
Luke 16:18    marrieth    SIN     adultery  
Matthew 5:32   marry   SIN   adultery  
Matthew 19:9    marry    SIN   adultery  
1 Cor.7:28  marry      HOLY         ONE FLESH        
not sinned  
1 Cor.7:36  marry    HOLY ONE FLESH  
sinneth not

  As you can clearly see the Greek word "gameo" is not always
ONE FLESH according to Genesis 2:24 or it would NOT be SIN as in some of the above verses.  CONTEXT is KING here, not English definitions of the word marriage.  One reason for the misunderstanding here is that we have been taught to speak in terms of "marriage" instead of ONE FLESH; Governmentally, educationally, in society, at home, work, culturally.  So we don't "think" properly according to the Biblical original languages, culture, and thought.  It is us that need to change and return to righteousness instead of any of man's traditions be they more liberal or more conservative than the truth of God's word.


To add to the confusion here is a different Greek word, "gamos", Strongs #1062, meaning "nuptials" which describes a wedding ceremony, celebration, or agreement --- but was and still is being translated marriage

  #1062 gamos,  nuptials  

KJV verse

English word used
for "gamos"
condition of

  the state of cohabitation
or special event

Mat. 22:4        marriage         HOLY                    celebration  
Mat. 25:10        marriage       HOLY      HEAVENLY  becoming ONE SPIRIT 
not  ONE FLESH  
although we will be in HIS likeness
Heb. 13:4     




Rev. 19:7   



not  ONE FLESH  

Rev. 19:9 


 descriptive adjective of supper  

I hope people will also see that the definition placed on marriage may, or may not be binding so far as ONE FLESH.  I am amazed that the primary verses for proof and authority of this doctrine do NOT have the word "marry" in them, or a variant: married, marriage, etc.   THEREFORE WE CAN * NOT * EQUATE MARRIAGE OR IT'S VARIANTS (MARRY, MARRIED, etc.) WITH "ONE FLESH" IN 
***ALL CASES*** AS SOME hyper-conservatives HAVE DONE creating the unpardonable sin.  By mystically putting all parties ever cohabiting together as bound together by their **VOWS** or physical action of making ONE BODY into ONE FLESH is first not true and second makes it indissoluble unto death by vows, instead of FLESH; and if ONE FLESH is true in these sinful states then the unpardonable sin remains until death, though the parties would separate all one from another and remain so..  May God give them grace to see their error and recover from it.

Therefore I say that once they REPENT of this condition, by leaving the adulterous union and obtaining a legal divorce from that SINFUL MARRIAGE LICENSE and forsaking the whoredom of one body together --- which actual was only a Licensed Adultery and act of Adultery against any remaining valid Holy Matrimony �ONE FLESH� previous marriage... 

Hence the The Adulterous License...  Adulterous Vows of DEATH...  The covenant with death...  Was all SIN and a sham to God... to be repented of in both thought, speech, action and deed.

God HIMSELF therefore did NOT JOIN SIN and create the indissoluble institution of ONE FLESH giving HIS blessing on any SINFUL action.

Isaiah 28:18  And your covenant with death shall be disannulled, and your agreement with hell shall not stand; ...

These good meaning N.T. people want Moses' Deut 24:1-4 restriction not to return to the first to be used by Messiah also, but Messiah said, "it was not so from the beginning." Yet they do reject Moses' allowance to remarry after divorce, as "it was not so from the beginning." But wish to keep Moses' injunction against returning to the first, which is also a part of what MESSIAH rejected with, "it was not so from the beginning."  It's hard for some to believe that MOSES gave the allowance for divorce and remarriage... but he did and the scriptures clearly tell us that CHRIST said, "MOSES because of the hardness of your hearts suffered you to put away your wives: but from the beginning it was not so."  Matthew 19:8 


by:     Dale H. Sabin

        19591 Kelsay Road

        Barnett, MO  65011

        (573) 569-0141


Copyright 1999-2004 by Dale H. Sabin to the Glory of God, permission is granted to reprint complete without edit, FOR FREE distribution only.

Also if parties entering adultery according to Luke 16:18 become a ONE FLESH couple then it is only logical that those parties which ever commit a singular act of adultery have likewise BOUND themselves in ONE FLESH because of 1Cor.6:16 and thereafter should not live as husband and wife together thereafter until the death of one of the parties that committed adultery, not even after a full confession and repentance with Godly sorrow following.  

This is the way the unpardonable doctrine would have to work, because Luke 16:18 calls it adultery, and if adultery can not be repented of --- then the act of adultery is just as binding as the VOWS of adultery would be.  Of course, I don't believe this is the case and therefore this is exactly why every spouse is allowed to have their rightful life-mate/spouse even if one of them sin a sexual sin... because it is they have are ONE FLESH and it is they whose marriage bed is undefiled...  Even if one of them has sinned and defiled themselves as Gomer did in Hosea.  Her lawful ONE FLESH husband according to Genesis 2;24 was always able to come in unto her again and it was NOT sin for him or her, because they are always ONE FLESH until death do us part...  So their fleshly bodies coming together is nothing sinful because they are always ONE FLESH with or without the sexual act.

Likewise some hyper-conservatives also wrongly bind, any single person, which has ever committed a singular act of fornication with anyone already in ONE FLESH. wrongly teaching them that they should never marry anyone else not even after a full confession and repentance with Godly sorrow following � because they would be and bring a pollution to the marriage bed � should they ever marry. This is false and judgmental without any mercy or allowance for each person to be able to have at least ONE rightful spouse.  Even if everyone repented tomorrow, if we understand ourselves bound by THE LAW of ONE FLESH in Genesis 2:24, then ever single person would be able to have their rightful spouse and no one would be stolen from their rightful spouse and no one would be without their rightful spouse.  Any other more liberal or more conservative stand either prevents certain people from marriage with anyone (until someone they sinned with or their life-partner sinned with dies); or it prevents someone from having their rightful life-mate because their false exception to divorce and remarriage has allowed another person and the selfishness of their life-mate to forget them and continue on with their NEW MARRIAGE which according to Luke 16:18 is called adultery.  So God is not in the mate stealing business neither.

This shows which conclusions are obviously wrong.  Just as if anyone ever went Bankrupt they could never ever borrow again, if anyone ever swears taking YaHWeH�s name in vain they could never praise YaHWeH again, if anyone ever worshipped the devil they could never worship God thereafter, we could go on and on, but perhaps some people desire to put so much fear into other people or they are convicted so much by their prior sexual sins that they find it necessary to make the way of Holiness in marriage by ONE FLESH, more difficult than the Apostles and the Saviour did 

YaHWeH does not BIND sinfulness into permanency until someone dies.  And Christ died for us to release us to forgiveness and mercy even back to a proper marriage in the sight of YaHWeH.  Just as King David took back his first wife (Michal), though she had gone and become another man's wife. YaHWeH forgets SIN and SINFUL acts and SINFUL agreements and SINFUL VOWS because they are lies, because of a previous ONE FLESH marriage and SINFUL covenants when HE forgives the sin as far as the East is from the West.  Our problem as men is that we don�t forget so easily and are very prone to becoming respecter of persons when we should not.

Gen.2:24 ONE FLESH is pure marriage according to Heb.13:4 not to be repented of.


Divorce is NOT the unpardonable sin. But divorce does not separate ONE FLESH into twain again either.  Therefore the theory that divorce carries with it the right to remarry before God is a lie of the Devil from the pit and father of lies. 

Divorce does not loose a ONE FLESH life-mate according to Genesis 2:24 to go and marry another person, until after their original ONE FLESH life-mate dies a physical death.  Romans7:3 and 1Cor.7:39  Then are they free from THE LAW of Genesis 2:24 and can marry a new eligible person to become their next spouse, until death do us part. 

We understand that government believes divorce ends marriage and allows  remarriage.  But what we have presented here proves that is not the mind of God on the matter. LUKE 16:18  "WHOSOEVER putteth away his wife, and marrieth another, committeth adultery: and whosoever marrieth her that is put away from her husband committeth adultery."


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