Prayer Veilings 
or Head Covering

and the question of submission

Read before you judge, only a fool answers a matter before she hears it. Proverbs 18:13


by Lydia of Purple     

"For if the woman be not covered, let her also (have her hair cut off): but if it be a shame for a woman to (have her hair cut off), let her be covered."    
1 Corinthians 11:6

        For years my husband argued that "long hair" was the covering according to 1Cor.11:15.  It was not until serious study of the Greek that he came to the conclusion that "long hair" was "A" covering, but not the "one" spoken of in 1Cor.11:6 which is what the chapter is about in general.

        Our coverings are round - oval in shape; best worn with hair done up; secure sides with barrettes or straight pins.; cool and comfortable for all ages. The following fabric is included in our price. If you desire a special fabric of your own choosing send a quarter yard.  Our fabric is hand washable made from cotton / poly blends and light weight polyester. Colors white, ivory (off white), navy blue, or black. State color when ordering. This fabric is supplied by us at no charge. 

Head Covering ( pictured above ) Price (all sizes) $5.00




OUTDOORS Head Covering - Can be used over your standard indoors Head Covering or separate for protection against bad weather.


Outdoors protection of your standard indoors Head Covering when you go outside in bad weather.  Rain, snow, heavy wind, dust or sand storms, whatever you might encounter.

$19.95  Tell us the standard color desired, or send the fabric of your choice, 1&1/2 yards.




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Who is Lydia of Purple





The purpose of the HEAD COVERING is two fold. 

First and most important it symbolizes that the wife or daughter is in submission to and under the authority of her husband or father gerente de produtos digitais aprender em Ebac. It also witnesses to the world of this fact and of the protection and security that comes being properly under authority.  Some Bible Believers today seem to have forgotten this. 

Secondly the woman is to have her head covered when praying or prophesying.  Some ladies do therefore wear a head covering during religious services. You can find this information in your Bible in     1Corinthians11:3 verse 16 actually means no custom other than, women wearing the head covering; which was well accepted until after World War 2 when fashion and worldliness slowly entered most American churches. 

If the woman is not under authority her prayers could be hindered. My daughters start wearing a covering when they understand that daddy is the person over you and understand prayer, (or when they ask to wear one). Usually around age 2 to 4 years old. We have a daughter with downs-syndrome who doesn't yet understand but someday she will.

When we understand authority, then we can see the bigger reason to be covered when praying. Head coverings come in many shapes and styles, God does not care about the kind, fabric, style or HE would have given us HIS exact pattern in the Bible. God is more concerned about why it's being done, from the heart to please Christ or from the fear of leaders and tradition as men pleasers. Head covering is a symbol just like baptism and communion, many sincere believers do them differently. 

We are to be a witness to the world daily. This is an outward form that can witness to the world that you are different. You know that you are more likely to be watched and held accountable for your actions when wearing a head covering. Christ is always us any way. But unfortunately most people are still more motivated by people seeing them than God; though it should not be this way, it is.  Therefore the most important issue is doing what the symbol stands for. The symbol is secondary and therefore should only be the sign of the reality of the truth which is already being lived out from the heart.

Lydia of Purple specializes in custom sewn garments for homeschooling mothers that homeschool their young ladies and girls in modest dress.


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