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"And a certain woman named Lydia, 

a seller of purple, . . . "  Acts 16:14 


Dear Sisters in CHRIST,

            Greetings. The garments in this on-line catalog we personally sew with love as unto God whom we serve.  We are pleased that you desire to dress modestly. Our desire is to help you in your walk with Christ. You are real to us and we hope to have ya'll as friends in Christ not just as customers.

             This web site contains all of our custom sewn clothing information up to date with pictures of our modest dresses, jumpers, blouses, wedding / bridal wear, slips, under-garments, bloomers, maternity and nursing attire, doll clothing, look-a-like, robes, and much more. To go to the main selection page click on this line now. Otherwise you can also get there by clicking at the bottom of this page.

            We want to be sensitive to your budget as well as to your tastes. You will find our low prices for "Standard Cut Fit" allows you to obtain a quality sewn garment for the price you would spend on just a pattern from some independent pattern companies. Or you may supply your paper pattern to be sewn without alterations for the "Standard Cut Fit Price."

               Lydia of Purple also has available "Custom Fitted" personalized seamstress services of the highest quality tailored specially just for your body. We have customers that have reported to us that they have paid as much as double and triple our "Custom Fitted Prices" for a tailored dress done in person (and ours fit better).  "Custom Fitted" is when we make a pattern from an existing dress or make alterations to an existing pattern or use multiple patterns to create an original garment.

                We specialize in Modest Christian Apparel. We want to be your private Christian seamstress offering  prices to fit into your budget. 

            A little about myself. I've been sewing for over 40 years and truly enjoy the humming of the sewing machine. I have made every kind of garment there is and enjoy challenging custom patterns. YES, I can make beautiful custom fitted garments just from accurate measures (some people are under the impression it requires seeing a person, in person).  If you don't know what you're doing that may be true for some seamstresses.  It does require you to give us accurate measurements - see our body measurement form on our order form page.

            I've been a Bible Believer since 1975 and married since 1970. Am the mother of nine children, seven are girls. Two daughters are married making me the grandmother of eight in 2003.  We like some of you have daughters martial age still living at home waiting for God to supply a Godly young man as a life-mate.  Ireael is 22, Michaele is 20, they have each about completely finished copying the Bible, O.T. and N.T., by typing it or hand written.

            We have homeschooled for over 20 years and now the second generation of homeschooling has begun. We do understand some things are not for everyone, some people are not able to home school and we understand that, but it is a conviction for our family believing the protection and transfer of the faith to subsequent generations is more important than earthly wealth.

            My daughters also enjoy sewing and have become my right arm at times. We have our own sewing room with several specialized sewing machines.

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            Our desire is to help meet the needs of the growing community of modestly dressed ladies at affordable prices. If you can't find what you're looking for we can still make it; sewing casual dress styles, formal church dresses, or special occasion dresses.

            Modest under garments are many times hard to find and those special "Blessing" needs of Maternity and Nursing wear are always available through us. 

      We call these "Blessing" dresses because children are truly a blessing from God. Out of ignorance to God's word we used "the pill" closing the womb for eight years after our first child. Then by Bible reading Christ came into our lives and we submitted to God's will; allowing HIM total control of family planning thereafter. God graciously gave us eight more children.


            With a little of our guidance CHOOSING THE FABRIC you will be excited and delighted to choose, FEEL, and see your fabric in full size held up by you, BEFORE it's made into a dress, just for you. Once you have had the enjoyment of picking out your own - you will never want to purchase from just a catalog again. 

            Who said it should be a chore to buy a dress ? It's fun to handle the different fabrics feeling the difference in textures and quality. There are so many colors and fabric designs that it dazzles the eyes. We'll give you some helpful hints of where to purchase and how to select the right fabric for your next garment. 

            We have learned the fabric is the difference between that favorite dress becoming worn out from use and that other dress just pushed to the back of the closet or given away because of the fabric. We want you to enjoy wearing our dresses for many years to come. Lydia of Purple wants you to be happy with your new dress for a long time.

Yours In Christ (OUR MESSIAH), 

Signed  Coleen Sabin, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Custom Seamstress

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Lydia of Purple specializes in custom sewn garments for homeschooling mothers that homeschool their young ladies and girls in modest dress.

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