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 Turn the heart of the children to THEIR fathers . . .


Quoting the 1881 KJV Malachi 4:5 “Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD:” Malachi 4:6  “And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to THEIR fathers, LEST I COME AND SMITE THE EARTH WITH A CURSE.”


Or continue practicing curses by encouraging rebellion (witchcraft) under the guise of righteousness.  You won’t do it to those not NON-RESISTANT because as with the Apostle Paul on issues of life and death, he’ll call the earthly authorities to judge evil (Kidnapping and accessory) and reward good (God ordained parental authority.)


Will Mr. Self-Righteous Preacher repent?   And do works meet for repentance?          Or will he continue to be self-righteous SO LONG as his pampered wife needs help with several toddlers and diapers to regularly change at his house?    The test here is; do only families in need of domestic help practice LONG TERM Holy Kidnapping?    Self-appointed MASTERS over another man’s daughter - is that how Christ understood parental authority? 


HEAR the words of  God, in Mark 10:19 and Luke 18:20 ,
right out of the very mouth of God in the flesh.


  “Thou knowest the commandments, 
Do not commit adultery, Do not kill, 

Do not steal, Do not bear false witness, Defraud not,
 Honour thy father and (thy) mother.”



Yours In Christ,



Mr. Heal Wounded-father



I await your reply.


P.S.  It is my consensus that perhaps a HOLY KIDNAPPING tract should be published to unmask this practice of witchcraft against parental authority by some Anabaptist sects, Charity fellowships, other groups, and CULTS that side with child rebellion against their natural NON-abusive God given parental authority for the ultimate purpose of increasing their church membership.  Since the minister this letter was sent to did not even acknowledge receipt let alone commit to repent of doing the same in the future; This tract needs to be available to families in danger of experiencing a similar disaster.  This letter was sent certified mail return receipt to insure that it was at least delivered to the church address.


The church name and minister’s name has been withheld from clear public view in a demonstration of REAL CHARITY towards the correct doctrines that are taught there.  This letter is a warning to the universal church at large that witchcraft is being practiced from time to time against families unaware that such activities as these are deliberately planned and going on in 21st Century America.    These Family Psychology Cult gurus believe they can manage your family better than you can. Not only that, to prove it they want to win over your families confidence so that they can show you it’s all true too. They can rule their wife and children and yours too, if you let them.


This is perpetrated most times upon unsuspecting families and even in churches which in the bond of true Christian Love and liberty have allowed such to enter in unawares to such a place of supposed friendship, leadership and counsel to help, or even just ministry as to pull off such an act (as HOLY?  Kidnapping); without shame, conviction, or ever being called to account for their UN-Christian separation of brethren (Prov.6:14-21) and even separation of Born-again Christian Flesh and Blood Family members.  


"My son (and daughter), 
keep THY father's commandment, 
and forsake not the law of THY mother:" 
Proverbs 6:20


Holy Kidnapping  HAS GOT TO STOP AND BE EXPOSED FOR THE WITCHCRAFT IT IS.  Both against God ordained parental authority and HONOR of natural God given father and mother.


To withstand their wiles, call the governmental authorities, or attempt to hold them to accountability for their actions; based on your God given 5th Commandment parental authority - not their Romish derived ecclesiastical church and ministerial powers which they endeavor to bring you and your family into bondage with. The victims being the father/mother whose God given parental authority was usurped - are then accused of their short comings by those which believe the answer is to split families and churches to give them control and authority over the rebellious disgruntled teenager or young adult daughter.  In their self-righteous minds they have made themselves judge over other’s parenting skills, style and home rule.  The ultimate decision of who should do what, and live with whom these modern scribes and Pharisees usurp authority over other men’s homes, over other men’s heritage, that is over other men’s children.


If they were Noah the ark would have been filled with Kidnapped daughters, and their excuse would have been what better way to quickly repopulate the earth and provide for maid service at the same time?  They must not be content with the children God gave their wife.   THEY WANT YOUR DAUGHTER also.  Both control and custody preferably older girls, NOT BOYS, so they can run an in-house maid service for their surrogate’s new family operation.


The saddest thing is, this doesn’t stop here.  


These families LIKE CHEAP in-house maid service and will look for another maid.  The maids retire at marriage usually NEVER to give PROPER Honor to their God given Legal Natural father/mother from the heart thereafter. That relationship completely ruined by the surrogate family. BLAME to balance the run-a-way daughter’s GUILT is used against the REAL parent(s) God GAVE. Instead of Godly sorrow, repentance, restoration of the God given relationship, and giving of the child’s:  TIME, AFFECTION, LOVE, and HONOR as Christ instructed in the Real Gospel directed to the REAL father/mother.  But this is pushed away and rejected just as the parent was originally rejected by the rebellious daughter.  


Guilt is a function of the SPIRIT and the daughter can’t stand to even see her father years later.


This over-whelming GUILT produced by parent(s) that continue to attempt to rebuild a correct relationship will soon turn to BITTERNESS and out right hate --- or the parent(s) will have to be a doormat for their daughter “to wipe her dirty Self-Righteous Feet on” tracked in from the surrogate’s home.  Will her father mistake this for true HONOR?  Let’s hope not.  Will God accept the self-righteous or the humble repentant sinner?   Luke 18:13


That’s not enough. To self-justify the past, some of these children reproduce this witchcraft by performing the whole cycle again in their new married home. It feels good and is comforting to have your conscience eased by your own special in-house maid service.  Rebellion coddles rebellion once again and the cycle is repeated again.  Helping others to continue in rebellion as they did, reinforces that they were right, to abort their God given family for a surrogate one.


LOVING, CHRISTIAN PARENTS, BEWARE OF THESE WOLVES IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING.  They really exist and THEY WANT YOUR TEENAGE or OLDER DAUGHTER.  They want you to be NON-resistant so they can steal your heritage, reward, and blessing.  (Psa.127:3)


Mark 10:19             “Thou knowest the commandments, Do not commit adultery, Do not kill, Do not steal, Do not bear false witness, Defraud not, Honour thy father and mother.”


Luke 18:20             “Thou knowest the commandments, Do not commit adultery, Do not kill, Do not steal, Do not bear false witness, Defraud not, Honour thy father and mother.”


These verses we leave as our final authority on this matter.



Witness of these facts:                            Witness of these facts:

Mr. John Laing                                       Mr. Albert Glick, author & Great-Grandfather
4287 Fairfield School Road                    975 Manchester Ave. SW
Columbiana, Ohio  44408                       North Lawrence, Ohio  44666
330-482-4827                                                                    330-830-3345


Witness of these facts:                             Witness of these facts:                        

Mr. Charles Shofstahl                             Mr. Samuel Shirk
I/c Pilgrim Brethren Printing                    740 Hempfield Hill Road
P.O. Box 171                                        Columbia, PA 17512
Petersburg, Ohio  44454                        717-285-5672
330-542-2365 (deceased in 
his 60's in 2006)


If you are a parent in a situation as described above and you need help contact one of the people above 
or Email the Web Servant listed below.

Witness to this testimony and many of the above facts::        

Mr. D.H. Sabin, author, all rights reserved, 2001,  CLICK HERE TO contact the Web Servant 

The role of the prophetic in exposing "THE TRADITIONS OF MEN" which have replaced the "COMMANDMENTS OF GOD" and TRUE DOCTRINES OF THE BIBLE requires much prayer and Holy Ghost boldness. Pray for families and us in this spiritual battle. During the reformation the Spirit of God brought sweeping changes to the entire world as men of faith, charity, and courage stood against the majority AND THEIR OLD RELIGIOUS TRADITIONS to let them know, "they were in error."  The word of God, believed in faith is the only answer to the error of men and their traditions lasting hundreds of years.  While we are happy to answer your individual questions, a FREE Newsletter, "Exposing the Traditions of Men in Christianity" is available by Email only.  Please REQUEST it if you would like to receive it without cost or obligation.

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