Mis-Guided Leaders
Harboring Youth

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In our youth we learned about Jesus, and how we were to be SERVANTS. It seems that now men get rebellious about this "servant" business. They want to be "Spiritual" leaders or "Spiritual" fathers. We are shocked and alarmed over today's focus on leadership instead of being servants. 


Through the years, we have noticed how some so-called spiritual leaders have felt led to become Spiritual fathers to vulnerable young women. They may be deceived into thinking it's God's will for them to harbor other parent's children or young people in their homes for Spiritual training. What do you think about this?


They get to leave their "so-called" bad fathers, and get a new "Spiritual" father to "play" for them the "kind and proper" fatherly role. They may leave their own family and sometimes move to a new state. When they reach their new home, they are showered with appreciation for all their ways of helpfulness that they do for their new family. All the new parents have to do is convince the new member of their household, that their Christianity is at a much higher level than the girl's God-ordained biological parents. It probably never even enters the girl's mind that one of the ten commandments says, "Thou shalt not steal," and that this wonderful "new" father has stolen her heart away from her own parents, and also stolen away her promise of the reward of long life because she stopped honoring her own father and mother before her marriage, let alone the value of her work going into the bosom of a stranger and thief. It probably never enters the "new" father's mind as to how he has become a thief, because of the many examples of the other "so-called" Godly ministers and leaders who have received full-time baby-sitters and mothers' helpers and they all feel they have "earned" the right, to transfer the original father's authority over the girls to, themselves. They think they earned it because the girl respects them to so much higher degree than her own parents. In reality, rather than "earning" this authority, they have just allowed themselves to be quietly admired many times, and have given the girl many friendly smiles, have given her exaggerated sympathy for all she endured before she entered their "godly" abode, and if necessary have widened the gap of any respect she may have had toward her blood parents by "we hope ignorantly" stabbing the father and mother behind their backs. 


The Bible speaks of a prophet coming who will turn the hearts of the children towards their fathers.  (Malachi 4:5-6)  These Scriptures alone should convince any truly Christian young person that a new set of parents who do the opposite of that are not even Christians at all! Why? Because of covetousness, stealing, in-ordinate affections, seducing, and/ or etc. 


Simon, the sorcerer had the admiration of people from "the least to the greatest, believing him to be some Great Power of God." He must have been a great "Spiritual Leader" with a lot of "so-called" authority, or abused authority. Even with all that, we doubt that he had very many young girls harbored in his house. Do you believe that God really "messed-up" on the following: 

#1 Rather than saying to "honor father and mother", shouldn't He have said girls should leave them for more deeply "Spiritual" ones? Many are catching on how nice it is to leave father and mother for "better" ones than what God gave them. 

#2 Why did God make such a mess by not teaching that most all girls should swap fathers so they can live with a real kind, gentle man whom they can give all their admiration and affection to before they marry their own husband? I absolutely do not believe that Christians are buying the surrogate parent thinking like it was from God. 

#3 Or will this make it easier for the girl, after married, if her future husband doesn't fulfill all the "put-on" graces of her "priestly-like Spiritual" father?  Will she not stay with her lawful husband just as she did not stay with her lawful father before marriage? This nonsense of condoning rebellion is planting the seed for divorce later. 


There are so-called spiritual leaders who give council to girls and wives in private, behind closed doors, in the absence of the real fathers and husbands and the absence of their own wife. This sounds appealing to the flesh, does it not? Do we need this example of our ministers and leaders so that we can learn how we also have the authority to do this and don't feel pricked in our consciences about it if this same opportunity in the future comes our way? 


With these thoughts so despicable, can you see how God must feel? Let's cry to God for revival and eye-salve to anoint our eyes that we may get a vision as God sees. God wants the heart of the children to turn to their fathers, just as He told us. (Malachi 4:6) 


Leaving parents is a great dishonor. It silently testifies that the parents are at best "second-rate" Christians, especially if you claim to be Christian but don't have grace to live at home. If young people are called to the mission field and not replacing their set of parents for another, or if a girl is helping a mother who has a new baby for a limited period of time; we are not referring to these situations. 
(Galatians 4:1 & 2)


You Bible readers, have you not noticed that sorcerers always practice and manipulate by whatever means it takes to CONTROL people? Fathers, don't abuse your authority over your household wrongfully! 


When David was in authority. (see Bible story in 2 Samuel 11-12:7) He used his God-given authority with deception to get Uriah's wife--which was stealing, and through others committed murder. He had the legal right to do these things, but even though he originally was a man after God's own heart, God judged him and his household severely for it.. How he ABUSED his authority! 


We see these seducers also feel free to use their abused authority to control churches by deceit, trickery, and wittiness in many areas --even in ordinations.


Church, I beseech you, "wake up!" Abused authority offends many, and may lead themselves, with those they have offended, to hell! Let us hope these folk will humble themselves to COMPLETE full repentance. Sincerely, what do you think God thinks about His Word trampled under foot by this deceptive bewitching? Galatians 3:1 Paul said, "Who hath bewitched you!" Why? How? Just by Peter "walking out" and not standing by true Gentile believers


Have you ever done some checking? Do you enjoy being mis-lead without checking the Bible and the fruit signs around us? 


Do we allow any deceivers to crush a saint without saying, "Boo" when our Brethren are trampled upon? And are we so "deaf-eared" that we cannot hear the cry of broken-hearted fathers? Maybe you never even checked how they felt. Will we refuse to be awakened? Shall we plant flowers and posies over this stench and ignore it? "and now abideth faith, hope, and love" (or is it lust?) 


Jude 1:16 When these "having authority" Leaders because of advantage are admonished and entreated of their errors by faithful brethren, they demote them. (to say the least) 


While my thoughts are so despicable, if we don't cry against these sins, who will? Can we see God's heart in Malachi 4:6? God wants the heart of the Children to TURN to THEIR fathers as He told us. Do we believe His Word? We are being cursed with broken homes, broken marriages, and broken relationships. Are we past feeling? Do we care? 


Leaving parents is a great dishonor. A silent testimony goes far and wide that the parents are horrible - especially if we claim to be a Christian, and yet cannot have grace to live under our parents' authority. Can we visualize how these fathers feel? Shall we support God's plan and support fathers, or shall we be partakers of their being demoted, demoralized and degraded? 


God's Word says, "Thou shalt not covet anything that is thy neighbors" - let alone steal his (thy neighbor's) daughter or wife.


Girls, it becomes very evident who you honor in many ways. I'll present a few simple illustrations as to who receives your deep, beautiful smiles. Who do you love to see? Who do you council with and obey? Who do you give your free time to? Whose burdens do you care about? Is it your God-given father? These improper actions reveal the sins of in-ordinate affections on the part of girls and also their phony fathers. 


If you girls have any trouble forgiving your dad, invest EXTRA in his life. Honor your father and mother which is the first commandment with promise. If you feel one or both have done you wrong, "Do good to them who despitefully use you" is what Christ taught. The only way to conquer deep-seated bitterness is to follow Jesus' ways. If you choose to hold hatred and find outsiders on whom to bestow mis-placed parental affection, you'll be well trained for divorce when difficulties arise after your own marriage. 


Think how much your parents invested in you: they fed you, rocked you nurtured you as a baby, and you owe all your love to Jesus by expressing love and obedience to your parents. This is God's way. Jesus said, "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."  Matthew 25:40  The least not the greatest. 


If you invest in and honor your parents in thankfulness, taking God's W A Y , ALL your relationships to your parents will become sweet in forgiving and caring for them. 


Don't focus on seeing what you can get or what they owe you. (This is pride.) A humble spirit feels you deserve nothing. Start giving yourself to them, instead of another father. After a while, your parents will believe you are a REAL Christian. Prodigal, "Go home." God gave you, not by mistake, to your parents and God is greatly honored; when you honor God's plan or become willing to do this. 


Consider God's Word or suffer a curse. (Malachi 4:6) This writing is the input of crushed Christian fathers praying for their prodigals to come home... Over years of observance, we have seen church divisions and other disasters, including heart-broken fathers and mothers, and later their children's life-long regrets as a result of having left home before marriage. 


No pastor can deal properly with adultery and other "death" sins in his church when he is Out Of Order by having a girl or young women living in his home while it is her father's highest will to have her back. The ministerís hands are tied by his own sins. When men grieve the Holy Spirit long enough, they seldom awaken to true honesty. We refuse to believe that the Holy Spirit has not been faithful to prick the conscience of these men who claim the "fatherly role" of someone elseís daughter.


Church, check if these girls' fathers want their daughters out of their homes. You may be shocked. These so-called "Spiritual Leaders" have tricky ways of deceiving you. There are many seducing spirits and Doctrines of Devils today. It is not of God to believe that young people should leave home for these men to "play" another's fatherly role. This is not God's order, but Satan's disorder. 


Church, be real and come clean. Shall you continue in sin? A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump. How many sexual failures have to happen before you can see the problem going to seed, young people leaving home, as well as other sexual sins in the congregation not being dealt with? Is there freedom to encourage repentance in the congregation where you go? 


Unless these seducing spirits are openly confessed and repented of, they may lie dormant for a while, and then rise again. In the meanwhile, all kinds of sex sins will likely bloom out of your congregation. Why? God is not mocked when HIS ORDER is trampled under foot. Church, it's time to get quiet and listen to the cries of these abandoned fathers whose daughter's hearts have been kidnapped. 


Cults are well known for dividing homes and deceiving young people into joining them. The groups usually do not contain many older folks. The congregation becomes blinded and almost worships their leaders. They become devoted to "a man" instead of God, and the Church Leader controls many of their decisions in life. In the Bible the prophets were called seers. Where are they today? Is their nobody who sees and cries for righteousness? People in cults become so blind to evil, it is almost impossible to awaken them out of their spiritual sleep.


Parents, remember evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse - deceiving (your daughters and you) and being deceived. 


If you fear God at all, never give your daughter to another man to "play" your fatherly role. First recognize those who do these cultish acts are not Christian "brothers." Secondly, if your stolen child is a minor you may have to use the civil authorities to rightly enforce your parental authority which is the commandment of God. 


Christian brethren you can work with, but with a cult you cannot. They will not heed your plea, but trample God's Word under foot, dishonoring both fathers and mothers. Things are so bad you probably cannot even get many professing Christians to stand by you to get your daughters back home. Because of the strong bewitching influence and lack of principle and Christian brotherhood, they will just find your faults. Judging you to be the erring one, they will not help restore your home, but push you farther apart. 


I call this "off-breed Anabaptist nunneries." It may be worse than the Catholic ones because there, the parents willingly give their daughters, to become nuns. At least, I have not heard of priests stealing the hearts of girls against the parents' will. 


I ask you, what kind of fruits comes from this abused authority of so-called Spiritual leadership concepts? "Sow to the wind and reap a whirl-wind." You can be sure no TRUE motivated prophets are welcome where these seducers are. In my youth, ministers were servants, but now they are called LEADERS. Jesus called them "blind guides". Is Christ the only true head of the church? A curse has become upon the heads of some of God's people because of their lack of knowledge. God's fear is lost in many churches today, genuine Fear of God is lacking at best.


Now be a wise reader and don't put all these seducers in the same box permanently with the same degree of error and deception. There have been some which have repented. There are some which will repent in the future but presently are blinded by their pride and power.  There are some which will not repent and will require judgment from God. It is for us but to sound the warning that the wise may recover themselves from the snare of the enemy.


God's people will promote youth to honor, respect, obey, and live under the parents authority. As parents, we understand we are to release and give away our daughters for marriage. As youth get older, we understand that we are to release them, as Christians, to the obedience of Christ, but never is it God's will to release them to any man to play the fatherly role for us. The children of Israel, under the age of 20, still were allowed to enter the Promised Land yet they remained subject to their natural parents. Thus we do not divide natural families under a guise of religiosity.


A God-fearing enlightened true minister of Christ will not promote Christians of his congregation to confess the faults, shortcomings, and/or sins of their parents, and not approve of it being done publicly. Otherwise we become like, "The Catholic Priest, The Woman, and The Confessional", for those which understand this bewitching power.  Instead the true man of God will preach messages that will convict individuals to confess their own sins to God, as directed by the Spirit of God, and to those they have directly sinned against. The sins of our forefathers only need confessed privately to God alone, in honor and respect to them we do not tell others.


Many times the respectful, obedient attitude of youth toward their parents may win the parents hearts and they may be drawn to want to attend the same congregations as their adult children, but this is only where parents are respected and given their rightful honor. 


Should there be any young adult in the churches whose parents are so ungodly as to be continually commanding them to sin - according to what the Bible specifies as sin - this being almost unheard of...  If this young adult is not able to entreat the parents that (the child themselves) aren't forced to sin.  Then this young ADULT might be lead to leave the parental home for Christ's sake, but would be leaving as an ADULT not looking for a  surrogate home or substitute/replacement parents.


2Timothy 3:6 & 7 - Paul speaks of those who creep into houses and lead captive silly women, laden with sins. What kind of sins? Probably bitterness would be #1. They are led away with divers lust. They are ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. Please read the entire chapter. 


Dear readers please notice: When the prodigal son left home his focus was on what he deserved. No doubt he had a magnified focus on his dad's faults and was full of pride. Please note the father allowed him to leave, even gave him his future inheritance, on the spot at his request.  This is not the picture of someone leaving against the father's direct will, which would even be worst.  But a young ADULT person still in rebellion to their parents leaving the family home to make things better for himself, so he thought.  But after his sinful ways had run it's course.  When he became alive and returned, his spirit so changed that he did not even feel worthy of being called his son. Then his dad was so good a man he felt miles below him. When was he a living Christian? When he left for better things or when he got the SERVANT attitude? Do you really want to be alive




People will use all kinds of human reasoning to convince you to ignore this writing of Bible truth about God's plan for you. Remember the SERPENT beguiled Eve to not believe God's Word only by changing it just a little. Be real and Honest! Remember a deceived man will deceive you and THINK he is doing God's service. In his "human psychology manner" he will set ablaze and major on our faults, short-comings and anything which might discredit our Biblical admonitions. We do not claim perfection. We only urge you to read your own Bible then listen and do to what the Holy Spirit tells you.


The First Commandment with Promise


Jesus' story about the prodigal said that when he was gone out from under his head (dad) that he was dead and lost. When anyone supports the idea that a son or daughter who goes away against the parents wish is alive (Christian) and not dead in sin, he is clearly refuting Jesus' teachings, for he said the son was dead and lost. (This was twice in Luke 15:24 & 15:32.) The son had his father's permissive will, for the father divided unto him his living. (Money). Even with that, the son was being rebellious when he left home. The question is, does he want you at home? Are you under God's umbrella? (Or Dad's headship?) 


If not, you are a victim for God's deception plan of strong delusions (2 Thes. 2:11 & 12) I ask, with all the teachings today, could it be a youth could leave home against Dad's wishes and not feel guilty? If so, they are misled. In Luke 15:13, where it refers to riotous living, the dictionary definition says "disorderly". Everything out of God's plan, including riotous and inordinate affections, are Bible sins. Before the act of adultery takes place, it is nearly always preceded by inordinate affections. The enticements start first in the mind. Jesus taught looking on a woman to lust after her is committing adultery in the heart. Deception is having wrong concepts of God's order and will. When we don't accept God's Word of truth, Paul says that God sends strong delusions that they might believe a lie. The New Testament teaches us that everyone is to be led by the Holy Spirit and not by some Spiritual leader. All the New Testament teachings proclaim Christ as Lord and King. Christ alone is HEAD over the church with dominion and power. All these belong to Jesus.


In the church or God's Kingdom, no man is the head and lord. In the home, the father is the head, under God, and this carries no farther than the home. In the church, any man, at best, is only a servant to tell what God says. As brethren, there is to be no lordship and dominion and control. In the home a son may properly say to his brother that Dad said to do this or that. In the church a brother (or ministry servant) may properly say that God's Word says to do this or that. (Speaking with authority.) This is not of his own making, but, as he is being under God's authority, he, as a servant, speaks with great authority. (God's Word) Jesus pictured and instructed that gentiles or sinners exercise lordship, but commanded his disciples to not do so for He said that they were all brethren. 


The carnal - Godless - wicked - demoralizing - deceiving nature of man wants to control other people, and when anyone wants to be a "so-called" Spiritual leader, he is a deceiver. Jude calls him a "brute beast". Why? Because they despise the dominion of God, and try to take dominion themselves, having men's persons in admiration. 


Dear Christian brethren, beware when a man becomes controlling and replacing God in governing. Terrible deceptions become the results or fruits. The evil fruits will poison your thinking and replace the Holy Spirit's government for a manís control. Yes, they are usually admired men just as Simon the Sorcerer was. To keep a rebellious son or daughter, even if there is no inordinate affection, still makes us a partaker of their rebellion. We must teach, "Honor thy father and thy mother." When we don't, we also fail to love our neighbor as ourself. 


May God bless you in seeing God's Divine truth! Let Jesus govern you freely and completely in Holiness. 


In love by your servant, 

Albert Glick

975 Manchester Ave. SW
North Lawrence, Ohio  44666
Phone 330-830-3345  


"Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength because of thine enemies, that thou mightest still the enemy and the avenger." Psalm 8:2


Albert was born in 1938, married in 1959, started preaching the next year, he and his wife have thirteen  children all married but one, over 59 grandchildren, and one great grandchild at time of this posting.  God bless you Albert for sharing this truth. We realize that Prophets and Apostles are not welcome in most church meetings today, because the leadership are really not open to correction from the word of God.  "They" desire to be "the unquestioned authority" and only diviner of TRUTH.


Albert would be happy to hear your comments, corrections, and suggestions.  Correspond with him using the above address and telephone number only.


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