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 and SOLAR SHEDS or Sun Sheds

Spout your seedlings, flowers, and grow things like tomatoes when the neighbors are paying big prices for that red gold at the grocery store.  These Green houses, Sun Sheds, or Solar barns whatever you call them make the novice gardener look like a professional.  Made to give many years of enjoyment.  Use for storage as well, when you aren't growing things. 


All Clear Model

Hi Roof, CCA floor, Thermostat controlled exhaust fan,
fold down wall tables,
electrical receptacle,
optional water inside,
electric thermostat heat
overhead light switch @door,
10 year guarantee on siding

 Solar Shed Prices
Clear 10 year Guaranteed Roof almost the square footage of the building, optional full clear roof
CCA floor all other items are optional, Thermostat controlled exhaust fan,
 wall tables,
electrical receptacles,
water plumbing inside,
electric thermostat heat
overhead light switch @door,

   8x8x7 sides   $1,399.00
  8x12x7 sides    1,699.00
  8x16x7 sides    2,299.00

8x8   $1,055.00
8x12   1,411.00
8x16   1,833.00

Lower Ceiling &ALL CCA Prices
6x8  $1,399.00
8x12  1,899.00
8x16  2,499.00

For the serious gardener

King Size Solar Sheds
10x12   $1,733.00
10x16     2,311.00
10x20     2,713.00


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