Modest SwimWear

Around 1901, swim wear was modest and stylish. Featuring a knee-length dress over matching bloomers, i.e. Modest Swimwear.  The swim-dress has elastic in the sleeves to prevent them from floating up; there is also elastic in the waist to hold this heic to jpg; the bloomers can be any length you want. Some of my daughters prefer to have the bloomers just below the knees and others like them a little longer. The belt is optional, it is mainly for looks. We don't use it, but would be happy to make one for you.


Girls Size 2 to 6        4&1/2 yards $22 Std. Cut*, $41 Custom Fit

Girls Size 7 to 14      5&1/2 yards $25 Std. Cut*, $45 Custom Fit
Wait and Listen for the Tide to Come in - Continuous Ocean Waves after fully loaded

Ladies Size 6 to 12   6 yards $27 Std. Cut*, $47 Custom Fit

Ladies Size 14 - 24   8 yards $29 Std. Cut*, $49 Custom Fit


***Standard Cut* Notions required for each suit ordered, large thread, one package 3/8" Elastic, 
and one package 1/4" elastic, adults 22" zipper, children  14" or 16" zipper.

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Swim Fabric Selection - a good heavy 100% cotton (not denim) - I mean thicker instead of thin (light weight) material.  in the quilting section.  Also medium weight 100% polyesters actually works the BEST from our experience --- but don't get thin or stretchy polyester.  Remember 100% cotton will require Preshrinking & ironing out some wrinkles after washing. 

Other tips on choosing fabric


Nursing Swimwear - A cape to the dress bodice and the slits  are under the cape.  This is the only way I know where a lady could nurse with no one else seeing.   $10.00 for nursing option, we would supply 2 zippers in slits. (Be sure to specify on order).

Maternity / Nursing Wear

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