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"A Cape Dress" is a dress, with the top half of an apron attached at the waist and neck, on both the front and back. Capes are modest.

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Ladies Dresses

            Our price includes optional right inseam pocket, all dress lengths are below the knee, according to your measurements. You purchase the  fabric of your choice using our EASY fabric guide yardage required based on 45 inch width fabric.  

          Custom Fitted Prices  include (when needed) zippers, thread and elastic, plain standard buttons , and shoulder pads. Decorative buttons of choice are to be supply by you.  Standard Cut Prices you supply all these notion items with the fabric of your choice. 

Ladies Belts

                     Our belts can complete an outfit. We use the same dress fabric. Our belts are washable, hold shape forever and generally out last the dress. We use two colored straight pins (to match dress) this holds belt together. It works real good making the belt adjustable. If you want hook and eyes we need the exact waist measurement, let us know. 
Belt price $7.50.

Cape Dresses

            A "Cape Dress" conceals the figure better than a regular dress and is the most modest dress we sew. The cape is sewn at the neck and waist only covering the front and back bodice. From the back the cape hides all straps and body lines. Our designs look pleasing and are comfortable to wear.

"Standard Cut Size Prices" limit any changes to 1"  (one inch) from those in the our Size Charts. If you are ordering a "Std. Cut Size Price" please put STANDARD CUT on your order form (which justifies the lower price) however on your BODY MEASUREMENTS portion of the order form be sure to give us your EXACT correct measurements so we can adjust an inch here and there. Std. Cut Size Price requires you to supply fabric and in addition to all NOTIONS: thread, and shoulder pads. We sometimes list a notions price option if required items such as zippers, buttons, elastic, bias tape, interfacing, and any other items you might have difficulty finding or we will bill exact cost of any of these items you fail to supply. Thank you for your understanding.

If our Size Chart is confusing to you?  If so, click here.





YOCHANAN - "God is Gracious

Please note - this is NOT a blouse and skirt.  It's a dress

            Our most popular dress. Dress has cape front and back bodice, back invisible zipper, gathered sleeves long or elbow length with elastic to create a ruffle,  shoulder pads, pointed collar option, inseam side pocket. 
Available in Sizes 8 to 24. 
Matching belt $7.50.

Standard Cut Pattern Dresses" which limit any changes to 1" from the Standard Size Charts
   Std. Cut Size Price
$19.00 + Notions 1 pkg. 3/8" elastic, 22" zipper, large thread,1/4yd interface

                    You purchase fabric.

CUSTOM FITTED Price $45.00 i/c notions
You purchase fabric. 
Fabric needed:    
Add 1 yd. if Floor Length
Sizes   8 thur 12 --  5 yards
Sizes 14 to 18 --     6 yards
Sizes 20 to 24 --     7 yard


What is the difference between CUSTOM FITTED Pricing and STANDARD CUT SIZE Pricing?  Click here to find out in detail.



   LINDA - "pretty one"    Cape optional

            Dress has cape front and back bodice, has button up front, back ties, with slightly raised gathered waist, long or elbow length sleeves;  shoulder pads, inseam side pocket. You supply fabric of your choice.  
Available in Sizes 6 to 20. 

Std. Cut Size Price $20.00 + notions
5 -- 5/8" buttons, 1 lrg. spool thread, 1 yd. interfacing, 
(3 frog closures-optional) see on right
Can be ordered without Cape, please specify

CUSTOM FITTED Price $49.00

Optional Belt Sash add $5.00
Ties in the back (see on left)

Fabric needed:   Add 1 yd. if Floor Length
3/4 yard collar & cuff contrasting fabric plus
Sizes      6 - 8 - 10  --  4&1/2 yards
Sizes 12 - 14 - 16 --    5 yards
Sizes 18 - 20        --    5&1/2 yards


Shown "without cape"





    HARMONY - "Compatibility"

            Optional Cape. Dress has front neckline  pleats, back invisible zipper, pleated front and back skirt, full bodice gathered at elastic waist,  elbow length or long one button cuff sleeve,  shoulder pads, inseam side pocket. 
Available in Sizes
6 to 20.
  You supply fabric. 
Matching belt $7.50
Std. Cut Size Price $
$4.00 for optional cape
Custom Fitted Prices below

You purchase fabric. Cape Price $45.00
Price for Dress With Out Cape $40.00

Fabric needed:   Add 1 yd. if Floor

Sizes   6 to 12 --  5 yards
Sizes  14 to 16 --  6 yards
Sizes 18 to 20 --  7 yards



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Lydia of Purple specializes in modest CUSTOM FITTED sewn garments for homeschooling mothers that homeschool their young ladies and dress their homeschoolers modestly.

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