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   Magic Castles

Play Towers 
starting at $531.00

Our Stone Play Castles and Towers are made of wood to make them portable and less expensive playcastles.  But your playcastle with our excellent painting these wood playhouses are transformed into an Old English playhouse of Castles with Kings, Princes, Queens, Princess, Knights, Dungeons and Dragons, come to our magic kingdom dream world where children play the memory of Harry Potter fades or becomes more real as the night begins to fall around the moat protecting the family crest as the draw bridge is raised to keep out intruders from getting your little prince or princess.  Such shall it be in your own back yard as you lower the drawbridge to allow your friends to enter your backyard private kingdom, scale the walls to the roof, slide down the secret escape, or just swing with the wind in your face as you dream of prince charming or the sleeping beauty of princesses. Rescue the maiden of your dreams from the Tower of the wicked evil prince of darkness before it's too late.  Of course, you have to use your imagination a little, but our cute rugged tower and castle can also anchor your swing and slide for you from


  See our special $11.00 Coat-of-Arms offer below.


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Stone Castles
4x10x8 ft. high
starting at $921.00*

Stone Towers
4x4x8 ft. high
starting at $531.00*

Courtyard walls 3 ft tall, castle 8 ft, peek of tower 13 ft, top flag pole 17 ft high. Castle ceiling 6 to 5 foot high.. Tower section is  two story.

Castle courtyard with drawbridge, 4x10 castle, and 4x4 tower, flag, special paint, artists rendering $1,644. as pictured

Now buy the plans to build a Castle
8x14 Castle 8 ft tall (6 to 5 ft interior ceiling) made with
two towers 12 ft tall, flag, (pole top at 15 foot from ground)
drawbridge, special exterior paint
 included $2,003.00. 
Totally unpainted special $1611.00

Top stone blocks 
about 1 foot high

Prices Without Delivery

Prices Without Delivery  

 4x10 Castle std. paint $921.00

Plus these pictures give a very

 King Size Castle /storage
 8x10 std. paint add  $ 344. to above

    crude temporary example 
of our special paint

  add 4x4 tower to top of castle  $211.

4x4x8 High Tower  $531.00

  add 4x10 Courtyard in front of Castle  $237.    

add 4x10 Courtyard in front of Tower or 4X14 castle $311.    

add Draw Bridge to Courtyard, Tower or Castle  $111.

  add Draw Bridge to Courtyard, Tower   $111.

add Flag to Tower or Castle $31.00 add Flag to Tower  $31.00
add Ladder to Castle Roof $137.00 add ladder to Tower Roof $137.00
add 8' Slide to side  $241.00 add 8' Slide to side  $241.00
add Swing Set to side  $137.00 add Swing Set to side  $137.00
add Special Exterior Paint 
Highlights $133.00
add Special Exterior Paint 
Highlights $111.00
add Interior Paint Effects $ 337.00 add Interior Paint Effects $ 237.00
add Family Coat of Arms  start at $11.00 8&1/2x11" full color print for framing with "your name" on it add Family Coat of Arms  start at $11.00  8&1/2x11" full color print for framing with "your name" on it
  Plans to build the Castle, click here ***
  *Delivery is $1.75 per mile one way, Plus minimum $35.00 set up
delivery spot must be trailer and vehicle accessible

We have over 300 Coat of Arms for you to choose from
Get yours for only $11.00 here is a short sample but
go to our 300 Coat-of-Arms page by Clicking here

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                        Example of standard Castle/Tower Paint above


animated dragon breathing fire

Click on the Knight to Slay a bargain on a Castle of  your own making

Parents what is your children's happiness worth?  Kill the green dragon and get your children the only castle in the neighborhood or go to the dungeon of regret for ever.  Yours kids will think you are a King and Queen when they have a castle in the back yard and their friends will be green with envy:-)  Wondering what they will have to do to get their parents under the spell of getting a PlayCastle from


Prices and availability subject to change without notice, customer responsible for all taxes, permits, delivery and local licenses if required.

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