The name of God


Is God's name of Greek or Hebrew origin?

The Septuagint, the Greek O.T., is believed superior to the original HEBREW TEXT of the O.T. by some.  However many current scholars believe that the Messiah spoke in Hebrew and read Hebrew, in agreement with the Jewish historian of the time, Josephus. It must be remembered that the Septuagint was a work ordered by non-Jews in a political attempt to break their national unity by undermining their national language. Language has a power of it own. It binds "a people group" together and keeps outsiders at arms length. Language is the root of culture, custom, and tradition dating back to the tower of Babel. Even the trusted KJV text tells us that the Resurrected Messiah spoke HIS NAME to the Apostle Paul in the Hebrew tongue, Acts26:14-15. So was HIS name Hebrew or Greek?

Hebrew is even sung by moderate Jews today in America as part of their worship service, many of whom have never been to Israel. Lets look at the text a little just to see some major inconsistencies that no pious Jew would consider accurate. Six times the Septuagint OMITS the word, Hallelu-YaH. The KJV prints the phrase, "Praise ye the LORD," as their substitution for the single Hebrew word HalleluYaH. 

HalleluYaH is in both the Hebrew and Current English Jewish O.T. versions. If you would like to check the text for yourself the KJV STARTS AND ENDS all Psalms 146 through 150 with the KJV phrase, "Praise ye the LORD," as the substitution for the commonly known and spoken English word: HalleluYaH. 


The Septuagint text deleted "HalleluYaH" at least six times altogether.

The Septuagint OMITTED the ENDING VERSE WORD of HalleluYaH in each of the Psalms 146 through 150 and also in Psalm 113:9 making a total of six HalleluYaH's missing from the text. There is not even a substitutionary phrase put in it's place.  Just ZAP, missing from action, removed, overlooked by this Greek translation. BUT the singular HEBREW text coming from the ancient ORIGINAL HEBREW chain going back to Moses and King David's time of the ORIGINAL SIGNATURE given by inspiration of God contains the word, HalleluYaH. 


The Septuagint tags the name, Joshua, as the Greek name of the Saviour.

The Septuagint (GREEK O.T.) proves which Hebrew name would be the name of  THE  SAVIOUR  in the N.T. It is actually  the Hebrew word Anglo-sized, JOSHUA or better YaH-shua.  The full pronunciation without silencing the middle Hebrew letter would be;  YaHWe-shua, meaning YaHWeH is salvation.  On this FACT, our English N.T. Bibles should be full of Joshua every where you see Jesus. Look at Acts 7:45 JOSHUA is called Jesus in a REAL KJV. Unfortunately every translation passed off as a KJV or Authorized Version is not printed the same! It depends on the publisher. Even now some supposedly Authorized Versions or KJV are now printing "Joshua" in Acts 7:45 instead of the NEW 250 year old substitute name "Jesus". 

The Greek is the same through out the New Testament for "THE NAME" OF THE SAVIOUR. The Greek in Acts 7:45 is the same Greek word as in Matthew 1:25 and Philippians 2:10 and Revelation 22:21 and everywhere the English word, "Jesus" appears in the KJV / Authorized Version printed after 1881.


The age of the scriptures:

The Septuagint was three centuries before the Messiah came and walked on the earth to fulfill the Jewish Hebrew prophecies of the suffering sacrifice for our sins. The Hebrew text started in 1688 B.C. under Moses and the Greek translation of that text about 285 B.C. under "Ptolemy Soter"- from the Septuagint.   Please note this ruler's last name as listed in the Septuagint Introduction,  Soter.

Soter is Greek for saviour, so you can see the demented view of this monarch under whose reign the Septuagint was birthed. As witnessed in this translations INTRODUCTION. By the name used of this ruling monarch, he believed himself to be a Saviour or THE SAVIOUR - since the term is used as part of his name.  We know from history many Christians were martyred because they would not worship the ruler of Rome as a God either. Unfortunately today we have those which believe the undisputed Hebrew O.T. text should be judged by it's 1,400 years younger Greek translation. This is to measure "the standard" by the cloth, instead of the cloth being measured by the measuring stick.

The 1611 KJV preface states the Septuagint was DONE IN JUST 72 days without the luxury of rechecking the work. The conclusion of those printing Bibles from the text of the Septuagint claiming it to be a Superior text --- and in their preface state "translators made full use of the ancient Greek, Aramaic and HEBREW texts" deceive the simple - when their translations are missing words or phrases contained in the Hebrew O.T.   Example to follow:


The Catholic - 1966 Jerusalem Bible

It is clear to this writer that "they" must have been using the HEBREW TEXT TO SIT ON, not read. Because the wonderfully advertised and acclaimed "Catholic work" of the 1966 Jerusalem Bible Reader's Edition first done in French and then in English missed the word, HalleluYaH, substituting "Alleluia" in the O.T. This proves they used the GREEK text for the O.T. instead of the original Hebrew tongue. 

Yet the surprising thing is the Jerusalem Bible 1966 is one of the few Bibles that print the correct Hebrew name for God in many places as, "Yahweh." They used the Hebrew name, Yahweh but practiced the old delete and substitute Greek name-game for YaH as in Hallelu YaH. While many of us appreciate the translation for using "Yahweh", we are sorry to report the scholarship of the translation is wonting. 

The KJV did put "Jah" for "YaH" in Psalm 68:4, but the Jerusalem Bible wrongly used Yahweh. Showing once again a poor job of consistency inserting the full name where the Hebrew clearly used the short poetic form, YaH. Looks like these supposed translators attempted to do a backward patch off the Greek Septuagint, which does not differentiate between Yah and Yahweh as the Hebrew does.

Similar to the Septuagint translators, the 1966 Jerusalem Bible also omitted "Alleluia" five times in Psalms 105:45, 146:10, 147:20, 148:14, and 149:9 proving to the English world they prefer the GREEK O.T. to the Hebrew original.  

Can we trust translations that omit, substitute and cut key words at will?  Key words that were contained in the original Hebrew language of the authors. The inerrancy of the "original signatures" that is to say when the Bible books/letters were first (initially wrote) they were totally Holy Ghost authored (infallible)! Since that time men, the Jews, the Christians, and their organizations have all had their part under the sovereignty of God as the whole world operates. While God is not the author of sin or errors, "it is the glory of God to conceal a thing" Prov.25:2, yet God knows the end of the story and has foretold it (so nothing catches HIM off guard); "but the honour of kings is to search out a matter."

"And I looked, and , lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Zion, and with HIM an hundred forty and four thousand, having his Father's name written in their foreheads." Revelation 14:1

The Hebrew text is the only original text containing HalleluYaH in the above five verses from Psalms, but the KJV does agree with the Hebrew in this point.


We ultimately respect God as the AUTHOR of the Holy Scriptures.

"The New Testament Environment" by Eduard Lohse 1971, translated by John E. Steely 1976. "If the translator's work is properly done, the reader will be unaware of him and WILL HEAR ONLY THE AUTHOR whose words, insights, and suggestions are the justification for the work." Originally in German. 

Such must be the case with God's names in the Bible. The names of God originating in the Hebrew text. The answers to Proverbs 30:4 that properly fit all the scriptures including: Hebrews 13:8, John 5:43, and Acts 7:45, Romans 10:13 and Acts 2:21 which both quote Joel 2:32 and all the other hundreds of O.T. quotes in the New Testament, written by, God the author, who alone has the only rightful authority to NAME  HIMSELF, even the manifested Son of God.
( John 17:6;     1 John 1:2; 3:5&8 ) 

Back to the reference: "The New Testament Environment" page 180 & 181     An unbiblical superstition: One does not pronounce the "name of God," lest one incur guilt for any kind of misuse or desecration. Because with the knowledge of a name power can be exercised,... no one may infringe upon the loftiness of the name of God, even in the remotest way. In the Qumran texts God's name (Yhwh - Yahweh) usually is written in old Hebrew script, and in the earliest manuscripts of the Greek Septuagint Yahweh was also written in old Hebrew letters. End of quote. 

This is the first of three references stating that the proper name of God, YHWH 
(in four Hebrew letters) was intact within an otherwise all Greek text of 
the O.T., the 284 B.C. Septuagint.  The Greek word Tetragrammaton, meaning 
four letter word, is also used by Theologians as a nickname for  .

 Second reference: "The New International Dictionary of the Christian Church" Gen. Editor J.D. Douglas, 1978 from page 627 The "Septuagint" (abbreviated LXX) is the name traditionally given to the pre-Christian Greek version of the Hebrew Bible. A papyrus fragment of pre-Christian portion of the Greek of Deuteronomy in Cairo (P. Fouad 266), containing a few verses of chapters 31 and 32 contain the divine name (YHWH) and are left in square Hebrew characters, instead of being turned into Greek. End of quote. 

The nickname LXX was given to the Septuagint because of the legend that it was
completed in LXX (70) days by only seventy (70) scholars. LXX is Roman
Numerals for seventy. Hence the famous LXX translation. 

My third reference: An article: "The Name of God in the New Testament" by George Howard published in Biblical Archaeology Review (BAR magazine) March 1978. After Dr. Howard references the above (P. Fouad 266) with the statement, scraps clearly show the Hebrew Tetragrammaton (i.e. YHWH) in paleo-Hebrew script written into the otherwise Greek text. A number of other similar examples have also come to light. In 1952, fragments of a scroll of the Twelve Prophets in Greek were found in a cave in Nahal Hever in the Judean Desert. This dates first Christian century and like the Fouad papyrus it too writes the Tetragrammaton in Hebrew - old style script - in an otherwise Greek text. The scroll is in Greek except for the Tetragrammaton (line 3 and 5) [ a picture of the actual fragment is in the article ] in paleo-Hebrew script. The text is a portion of Zechariah 8:19 thru 9:4. End of article information. 

I have personally met with Dr. George Howard who does speak, read, and write English, Greek, and Hebrew. Before I began teaching what you are reading. I wanted to quiz someone with LANGUAGE KNOWLEDGE to be sure I was not teaching something wrong. Dr. Howard graciously sat with me and a couple other brethren for two hours. We asked him about the Hebrew letters in the Tetragrammaton (YHWH). Could EACH letter be considered a VOWEL in Biblical Hebrew. His answer for each was YES. Also he said the pronunciation of YaHWeH was the best according to the majority of scholars. 

In Chapter V, near the end of section 7, of the Wars of the Jews, in "Josephus," The Jewish historian wrote:         ". . . golden crown, in which was engraven 
the sacred name [of God:] it consists of four vowels."
In A.D. 64, Josephus was twenty-six years old. His writings clearly state that Israel was using Hebrew as a national language and discouraged learning other languages, [such as Greek or Latin]. Be reminded this
was 300 years after the Greek "Septuagint" (abbreviated LXX). 

See Exo.28:36 and 39:30  are each vowels according to Josephus who spoke and read Biblical Hebrew.   The Masoretes in 900 A.D. invented pronunciation helps currently called "vowel points."  This is why most Bible colleges teach Hebrew as a consonantal language without vowels. A short look at Strong's and Psalm 119 listing the 22 letters will make any one wonder if A, Y, or U are still vowels. Josephus thought so. According to an Ethan Allan sampler dated in the 1700's the letter, "W" was among the vowels- even if we don't consider it that way todate. Those of you that have studied the name at any length will recognize some of these variants: YHWH, YaWe, YaHWe, YaHWee, YaHWeH. Some antagonists have attempted to use English this way to defame the Hebrew name and confuse the issue with English.

Some people say the letter "W" is a double "U" therefore a "U" sound. German language speakers can't pronounce "W" but speak the sound of  "V" instead. However the Historic Biblical pronunciation is thought to be actually closer to the Hebrew spoken by the Jews which migrated to Spain and could pronounce the "W" sound. Even though the MODERN Hebrew spoken is from the German migrants therefore modern Hebrew favors the "V" instead of the "W." Either way is fine, W or V.  I don't know anyone who insists that people must speak without multi-lingual "accent" or "accent" by personal speech impediment, do you? However for myself and conscience sake I'm going to agree with the majority of scholars which say "YaHWeH" is the closest pronunciation. They are the experts, and they say, YaHWeH is the best English transliteration.

So until we get a tape recording from Moses (Exo.33:19) we will have to wait for resurrection day to hear the exact, correct, accent, syllable stress, and full articulation of utterance called pronunciation of the appellation. (JeremYaH 3:17 and  ZephanYaH 3:9) Therefore let us not be too quick to become judgmental over the exact pronunciation.  But to say we have NO CLUE, or that the Hebrew name is INCOMMUNICABLE is just an excuse to hide our heads in the sands of the traditions of men instead of doing honest scriptural research. And get honest with God and "the word of YaHWeH." 215 Verses contain this phrase. Number15:31, 1 Samuel 15:23, 2 Samuel 22:31-2, Psalm 18:30,  1 Kings 13:26, 22:19,  
2 Chr..18:18, Psalm 33:4&6, Jeremiah 6:10, 20:8&9, 31:10,  Ezek.34:7-10,  Micah 4:2,

Isaiah 66:5 "Hear the word of YaHWeH, ye that tremble at HIS word; Your brethren that hated you, that cast you out for MY NAME'S SAKE, said, Let YaHWeH be glorified: but he shall appear to your joy, and they shall be ashamed."

                "Then they that feared YaHWeH spake often one to another: and YaHWeH hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before HIM for them that feared YaHWeH, and thought upon HIS name."    Malachi 3:16

The answer of what to do about HIS name came to me through studying the scriptures and all the references and commands to PRAISE HIS NAME;  32 verses with the phrase, "Praise YaHWeH"

The Hebrew name of Joshua, pronounced YaHWe-shua includes the full pronunciation of the Father's name, YaHWeH. (John 5:43)  Next I produced the HEBREW for the name of Elisha and asked George Howard if it translated to the GREEK word for Eliseus ( Luke 4:27 ). All names were photocopied out of the Strong's Lexicon Dictionaries and enlarged in size. He said it did not translate. Then we showed him the verse in Luke 4:27 out of Thomas Nelson's Book #301, the reprint of the original 1611 KJV. To his surprise the word was Elizeus. See it by clicking here.

Look very closely at the spelling here  E l i Z e u  s  if you didn't notice what the last four letters spelled  ZEUS. Dr. Howard said it did not translate to the Hebrew or the Greek. Nor does the Hebrew for the name translate properly to the N.T. Greek for the prophet's name. We then ask him why would the translators put that spelling there. Dr. Howard's answer was, "I guess they just wanted to inject some Greek." 

(Inject some Zeus you mean.) Zeus' statute stands in the foyer of the United Nations building, in New York City, N.Y., USA. We had Dr. Howard translate several names for us. Just to assure ourselves that he did know what he was doing. AND HE DID. Dr. Howard also read some Hebrew verses for us. It sounded like Greek to us, pun intended. 

Finally I revealed that we believed that YaHWe-shua was YaHWeH in the flesh. It was the only time he seemed disturbed and firmly disagreed with our ONENESS conclusion, "that God was manifest in the flesh."  1Timothy3:16.  Emmanuel = God with us.

The Hebrew names made a very convincing argument for this fact and the deity of MESSIAH.  It is a fact a Jehovah Witness will have trouble getting around. Seeing the link between the names challenged George Howard's BELIEF SYSTEM of the Godhead as well. Pray for Dr. George Howard's salvation. He is a very educated man, but does he have the revelation that YaHWeH is the only Saviour and that way of Salvation was accomplished in the manifestation of YaHWe-shua.. Thank you Dr. Howard again for your time shared with us years ago, you probably don't even remember us. May be a pile of large photocopied Hebrew stuff, letters, names, and just a few Greek items about 1989 will jog your memory? I was the printer, and we talked about republishing your book, "In Search of the Hebrew Matthew."  Anyway, may Yahweh bless you with HIS salvation, YaHWe-shua.


Is the KJV 1611 the infallible, inerrant, only English, 
"word of God" Bible?

Dear reader, prove it to yourself that "Elizeus" was in the Original 1611 King James Version, Luke 4:27 EliZeus. See this in the 1611 KJV by clicking here. Go to your local Christian Book store and order: Thomas Nelson's Book #301, the REPRINT of the Original 1611 KJV. It's under $35.00.  

All of you KJV Only people need one of these.

See the KJV Name Game Chart by clicking here.

For those which would like to make this a printers, misprint. The Hebrew and Greek doesn't translate on this verse neither and the 1841 Hexapla contains the 1611 KJV and it shows, EliZeus.  (Z capitalization added)  Click here to see it.

After you buy your own Original 1611 KJV, you can read the preface and hear The Translators to the Reader (tell you it's just a translation) and know for yourself that they did not intend on creating a paper Pope as Apostlette Gail Riplinger has done virtually making the KJV to be worshipped. By the way Gail, you need to buy one too. So that you can go through and find the 20,000 letter corrections (your inerrant writers wrote) must have slipped the spirit 20,000 times at least plus the added  6,800 times they codified "Yahweh's" name with capital letters in lord and god (as LORD and GOD). Look at the capital "D" instead of "d" and you know YaHWeH belongs there in the O.T. text except for the 46 times "YaH" should appear alone (or in HalleluYaH /  "Praise ye YaH"  using the KJV phraseology). If the KJV thought "Jehovah" was right instead of "YaHWeH." Why did they only put "Jehovah" in 7 verses out of 6,825+ "substitution" verses Gail. The Darby Bible of 1881 put Jehovah everywhere. And Gail seriously how did they know which seven places to put Jehovah in out of 6,825+ places? 

To make a long story short Gail, I use the KJV regularly but read it interpreting the CODED NAMES properly so before you start worshipping "J" names less than 250 years old, figure out why the 1611 KJV translators put pictured title pages 

(1) front BIBLE cover page [the name is cut in half  in Nelson's reprint] 


(2) the KJV 1611 cover page to N.T. also HAVING   AT THE VERY TOP CENTERED .  WHY? Because they knew "the name," YHWH, but mistakenly thought it was Jehovah. Should have been                                               YaHWeH.

Note the spelling of the name just before CHRIST dead center on this above page, IESVS.

Find an excellent explanation to the name Jehovah in the first English translation to put Yahweh in every 6,825+ places in the O.T. in the preface of  Joseph Rotherham's Emphasized Bible printed in 1902.

But Gail why only once in Psalm 68:4 "IAH" (1611) out of 48 times according to Strong's Hebrew word number 3050? And Gail two of these places are where they put "Iehovah"(1611). I hate to tell you Gail but your translators were not very consistence. 

Gail they also used italicized words for words inserted for the English reader that were not in the original. So what happened Gail in the 15 times your hallowed KJV printed, "God forbid" without italicizing the word, "God" and "Theos" is not in the Greek text !  "Theos" Greek for God is not in the text Gail, and your boys didn't italicize. Most Honest People call that adding to the word of God, Gail, INSERTION. What do you call it? Ten places in Romans, three in Galatians, and the other two I will let the diligent find them in the N.T. 

The word, "Epistle" in 2 Cor. 3:2 is capitalized in the 1611, not italicized, but also not in the Greek.

I hate to go into the SUBSTITUTION of "Easter" in Acts 12:4 for the Greek word, "pascha" translated the other 28 times correctly as PASSOVER in the N.T. Gail your infallible translators didn't have any excuse this time (except to prop up the worship of "the queen of heaven") William Tyndale in 1534 put PASSOVER.

Gail and there is a separate word in Greek for, Easter. During which "Astarte" or "Ishtar" or some other "queen of heaven" would be worshipped. Isn't it interesting how those two names sound real close to Easter. Easter was a pre-Christian pagan holy day. Why put Easter in substitution for the Jewish PASSOVER? What do Roman Catholics do with a rosary? Pray to Mary - their queen of heaven.

Now the above issues in the preceding two paraphrases have been corrected in the 1962 "The Modern King James Version" and in the 1979 "The New King James Version".

I apologize to the readers that don't want to get into an issue of which Greek text, "majority text", Textus Receptus, Westcott and Hort, etc. But the issue of the name of God is a translation issue. Without going beyond your current translation, you will be stuck with whatever names or "substitutions" the translator(s) decide are right for you their reader.

Lastly Gail the King James Bible has undergone MAJOR revisions since its inception in 1611, incorporating more than 100,000 changes. Now which printer and printing date of the King James Bible is the inerrant and infallible being from inspired translators/revisers/printers? Someone out there and Gail wants to know where over 100,000 changes took place. I am using the removal of a complete word without any replacement as my basis (to count for a single change).  Is that fair enough?

That should even satisfy Gail Riplinger since she accused the NKJV translators of "OMIT" ting the single word: "Satan" in Psalm109:6 in her pamphet "New King James Omissions." It seems Gail doesn't know the difference in the definitions of  "OMIT" and "substitute."  I understand because it's no problem to Gail when her favorite KJV substitutes LORD or GOD for YaHWeH over 6,800 times. 

But Gail we need to be honest when condemning Bibles WHOLESALE as you do. Because your favorite KJV didn't print, "Satan" in every verse where that Hebrew word #7854 appeared. 18 times your KJV put "Satan" and 8 times it didn't: "withstand" Num.22:32, "adversaries" 2 Sam.19:22, and 6 times "adversary" 1Kings 11:14, 23, 25 I'll let you find the others.  

Gail accused the NKJV of "omitting" Satan in Psa. 109:6 but ACTUALLY the NKJV substituted "accuser" for Satan in Psa.109:6 "Set a wicked man over him, And let an accuser* stand at his right hand." NKJV *footnoted  Hebrew: Satan. Besides doesn't Rev. 12:10 call Satan, "the ACCUSER of our brethren"? Now I admit the word, Satan is not in that text but 90% of people that study the Bible will admit that Satan is the ACCUSER of the brethren. Will you admit that Gail?  

Gail, it's my humble opinion you are straining at gnats, while swallowing camels. Do you have a 5th grader hired doing your research? Since you claim "Consequently the KJV reads at the 5th grade level and the NKJV reads at the 6th grade level." That might be true if we were still living in the 1600's but you also accuse new Bible versions of using, "complex Latinized words."  Gail that is my argument against the insertion of the Latin / Greek Anglo-Saxon saviour name  "Jesus"  SUBSTITUTED FOR the removed  Hebrew pronounication regardless of what grade level it is.         is what God said to name HIM and who and by what authority does any man or woman have any right to change it?   According to Strongs Exhaustive Concordance looking up Jesus the Greek # 2424 states this was derived from the Hebrew #3091  in the Hebrew language. 

The Saviour was born a Jew and given a Hebrew name, not a Roman / Latin name "IESU" as the Roman Catholics have spread over all the earth, not a Greek name, ee-ay-sooce, and not a German name, and not a Anglo-Saxon with an English name.  HE came to HIS own, in their national language of Hebrew, in their eastern culture, in their God given heritage. Born in Israel to fulfillment of the then Hebrew Bible not born in Greece with a Greek name.

But Gail, you did get my attention with all your overstatements against the NKJV. That's the only reason  I wasted my money buying your book, "New Age Bible Versions."  So if you're reading this and already got the scoop on "Westcott and Hort" and the new translations coming from it and more modern Greek translations. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY BUYING Gail's book.  Just get a NKJV and Strong's Concordance (computer is better) and start cross checking KJV/NKJV yourself to the original language. Or just keep using your KJV and Strong's and you will find the translation errors if you really study instead of read your Bible like the newspaper. If you do just read your Bible like a newspaper, than you better become a MKJV ONLY person. 

The Modern King James Version 1962 & 1990 will be safer for you and if you only have a 5th grade education reading level you won't have to wonder about thee's and thou's etc. which we in the 21th Century are not used to. The Modern King James Version contains less change than the NKJV. Gail won't be printing any flyers on the MKJV unless it is a more exaggerated writing than her attack upon the NKJV.

With this KJV ONLY attitude they have to crucify Martin Luther's earlier German, Wm. Tyndale because his translation was only used about 68% by the KJV (without any credit noted), the earlier Geneva Bibles,  John Wycliffe and if there is ever an inquisition by the fundamentalists: you will have to bow the knee to the 1769 or later KJV editions "they" hold in their hands as inerrant or burn.

There are 155,683 words missing (removed that means OMITTED) from the Original 1611 KJV Bible and the ones these KJV ONLY people are carrying around yelling "inerrant" are less than 250 years old!  Don't you forget that.  For those of you that have not purchased your Original 1611 KJV yet, it contains the Apocrypha, a group of  Jewish history books also contained in some Catholic Bible versions. Sometime between 1611 and 1769 and now these 155,683 words and books were TOTALLY "OMITTED" Gail, not substituted but totally REMOVED. So there you have it. The 1611 KJV translators did just what they said, made a translation (and a pretty good one I might add) but not an infallible paper POPE and therefore not inerrant (as the original signatures were).

So when you see the tract, "New King James Omissions" with the heading of "Now the serpent was more subtle..." you better find out if that serpent is changing the definitions of "OMIT" and "SUBSTITUTE" before you believe everything you read. The subject NKJV tract is an advertisement to sell a book, "New Age Bible Versions," by Gail Riplinger who wholesale condemns all translations except for "The King James Version" i.e. Authorized Version. Which publisher and year model is the inerrant one the King James Only Folks have not made known.  

BUYER BEWARE because "OMIT" is a very simple English word and Riplinger, the writer, does not understand the meaning of it. Gail's tract alleges a list of over 200  major primary words "omitted" when in actuality do to an attempt to keep consistency to the original language and true meaning of the text "substitutions" were put in place. But Gail is attempting to allege that those words were just wholesale removed from the text as the 155,683 words of the Apocrypha were removed from the Original 1611 King James Version. She sold me her book using this type of  false advertising. Don't let her fool you friend.

66+51+50+44+23+22+7=263 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

So the utlimate question is do we worship the text, as some KJV ONLY people seem to. Or do we worship HIM of whom it is written, which places the text as secondary IN WORSHIP, and that the texts (since we have many translations) are indeed just translations. But we currently believe the singular undisputed Hebrew text is therefore sound and the foundation upon which the N.T. must be understood and interpreted. Thus we worship the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob through the historical person (Emmanuel - the fullness of the Godhead BODILY).  That the Prince of Peace did come as recorded, without sin, death, burial, and resurrection as recorded in the scriptures. (This all the translations agree with.)

Personally I was saved, reading a lowly paraphrase bible, "The Way".  Why? Because God's Spirit (not the KJV only) is drawing sinners to be saved, drawing souls to the saving power of the Saviour's BLOOD, and the fact (TRUTH) that the Promised Jewish Messiah has come to redeem whosoever will believe in HIM (not the text of a certain translation).

Yes, I agree with Gail Riplinger to a large extent against the Catholic Westcott and Hort Greek and the modern translations from it which include the Watchtower's Bible and the NIV as the leader. I don't care for them, I don't use them. But Gail has brought WHOLESALE  judgment against ALL BIBLES BEFORE and AFTER the 1611 KJV, or 1769 KJV or which ever KJV she happens to be holding.  All I can say Gail is the world needed you before now because of William Tyndale's 1526, 1534, the Cloverdale, the Bishop's Bible and the great Geneva Bibles of 1560, 1589, 1599, 1602. Some of these were sealed with the translator's own blood. The KJV enjoyed political protection as did the LXX, they were not translated by martyrs, nor does God require government approval of HIS word.  Government has destroyed the work of prophets in the past but God had it delivered again. Jeremiah 36:28  So can we make the brazen conclusion that all future translations will be inferior to the 1611 KJV?  Or is YaHWeH still on the throne and able to reveal, high-light, and enlighten our generation beyond generations past, which could have missed the mark, over-looked, even darkened some areas?  Besides for language changes in the last 400 years.  A few issues being: renewal of 1 Cor. 11 head covering, renewal that "wine" is not always alcoholic in the Bible context, and the name of God has been sadly neglected, covered up, substituted, and gone into general disuse since the Hebrew element of the church virtually ceased.  God is still on the throne and is calling the Jewish people once again and HIS Hebrew name is also coming forth once again.

Just as the Pilgrims didn't need a new politically correct liberal Bible endorsed by government. That government was the one running off the true believer's to the New World. The separatists and pilgrims ALL carried the Geneva Bible, especially prior to 1611. They didn't need an Earthly  KING'S "copyright" approval or the N.T. book name changed to James. Gail you bring many accusations that are very one sided. The underlying text of all English translations of the New Testament from William Tyndale's translation in 1526 until the Revised Version of 1881 that is called the "Received Text."

Gail, I know you want to sell your book so you accuse the NKJV of omitting "Jehovah" entirely. It appears they were more consistent than your translation, they substituted / put "LORD" it their translation as did the KJV translator's the other 6,825+ times. Thinking like Gail Riplinger's is exactly why the Hebrew names have been suppressed over a 1,000 years.

Another reason for the suppression of the name in the New Testament would be the Romish Church and it's HOLY LANGUAGE - Latin. From the book, "First General Controversy Concerning the Scriptures" page 159. "It was decreed in the Tridentine Council that the service of the Church which they call "the Mass", should not be celebrated in the vulgar tongue, [English] (sect.22.cap.8.) And it is the common practice everywhere of the Romish Church to use the Latin tongue only. We must be content, say they, with those three tongues which God honoured upon the cross: namely, the Hebrew, Greek and Latin. This liberty only they grant, that their priest may expound some things as he readeth, and shew the meaning to the people." It is true now that in the once greatly protestant-influenced USA, "Mass" is now said in English, but not normally in the rest of the world - even today.


 The name of YaHWeH is dated prior to Babylon. "And judgement is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, ... " Isa.59:14

"Reader's Digest" June 1987 "Mystery of the Buried Amulet" by Claire Safran. pages 95-99 
A silver amulet dated in Solomon's time (prior to the Babylonian Captivity) was found in Cave 25. 
In paleo-Hebrew YHWH three times as follows: YaHWeH bless you and keep you; YaHWeH make his face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you; YaHWeH lift up his countenance upon you and grant you peace. End of quote.

I stand amazed with so much information available today. Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, articles, magazines, knowledge and information are exploding. You almost have to hide from the name of YaHWeH to not find it used today, especially if you read any Christian literature.

 The word of YaHWeH says, "For ever, O YaHWeH, thy word is settled in heaven." Psalm 119:89

"For thy Maker is thine husband; YaHWeH of hosts is HIS NAME; and thy Redeemer the Holy One of Israel; The God of the whole earth shall HE be called." Isaiah 54:5

Also look up Psalm 72:19. "My mouth shall speak the praise of YaHWeH: and let all flesh bless HIS HOLY NAME for ever and ever." Psalm 145:21

I was checking my calendar this morning and "FOR EVER" is not past yet. It appears we are at a point of decision like at Mt. Carmel.

We can believe the Word of YaHWeH ( that phrase appears in 242 verses in the O.T. alone ) 1Sam.15:26, Isaiah 2:3, Jer.6:10 ...behold, the word of YaHWeH is unto them a reproach; they have no delight in it. , Jer.22:29 O earth, earth, earth, hear the word of YaHWeH. Ezek.34:7 Therefore, ye shepherds, hear the word of YaHWeH; and 12 times in the New Testament we don't have a different LORD in the New Testament then we had in the Old Testament do we ?

ONE God in Mark 12:29 [ you know that quotes Deut. 6:4 ] HE is the same! Mark 12:29 does have some extra words... "And YaHWe-shua answered him, The first of all the commandments [is], [Deut.6:4] Hear, O Israel; YaHWeH our God, YaHWeH is one."  This is the Hebrew word order "ONE" is last.


My bible says, "Many of them also which used curious arts brought their books together, and burned them before all [men]: and they counted the price of them, and found [it] fifty thousand [pieces] of silver." Acts 19:19

These books were worth a lot of money, but they burned them. These DEVILISH books were written by wizards, witches, charmers, consulters with familiar spirits, enchantments, and necromancers.... These are the kind of books Mr. G. R., the Hebrew name Debater uses to INTERPRET HIS BIBLE and BIBLE NAMES. KJV ONLY of course.

I know to burn them, not reprint the garbage in an attempt to discredit and Blaspheme the proper Hebrew name of God, YaHWeH. But Mr. G.R. Debater uses the word of Kabbalists, Charles Ponce, Kabbalah; Masons, Albert Pike, Charles Taze Russell, Freud; Talmud to justify his anti- semitism. Mr. G.R. Debater goes so far as to print a picture of where Charles T. Russell is buried. Who cares ? Not I. What does that have to do with Mr.G.R. Debater's desire to interpolate his "guess names" into the Hebrew scriptures which are settled in heaven for ever ?  Nothing except those ideas aught to be buried along with Russell and forgotten.

In about 1995 (though UNdated) I think it was his 3rd edition (114 numbered pages) of "Praise --- N--- of J---- C-----". Mr. G.R. Debater put in print at least 11 times that Jesus is called "the P-G ". Personally I've never heard or read of this statement before reading it from Mr. G.R.'s material prepared by him.. I counted it at least 11 times in G.R. Debater's booklet. I wouldn't be proud of that. I wouldn't want to say it let alone print it eleven times in one booklet. I suppose his justification is to incite the emotion of HATE against Jews and the Hebrew name of God, YaHWeH! Mr.G.R. Debater has accumulated a lot of slop in his booklet from a bunch of books "most Christian's" would NOT even read, but BURN INSTEAD.

 So why does Mr.G.R. Debater want to use a bunch of sources I WILL CALL, "PIG" sources worthy of being burned? Not all the sources are of witchcraft origin, so I do exclude those from this rash statement. It's not WHO he is defending but WHAT. Why has Mr.G.R. Debater gone to all this great mud-throwing, anti-Semitic, anti-YaHWeH tirade ?     The answer in One word is: TRADITION.

Mr.G.R. Debater is defending his tradition and his custom in English to spell the promised (Jewish) Hebrew Saviour's name with an English 18th century "J" Latin, " e s u " and tack on the "s" for Greek syntax - and you have Mr.G.R. Debaters' "JESUS" which he must therefore believe that the Apostles spoke the same verbal appellation.  Sorry, the MESSIAH never heard anyone call HIS name, Jesus, while HE walked on this earth.

The Jewish Apostles never called the Saviour, "Jesus". 
They spoke HEBREW, not KJV English.

Mr.G.R. Debater, like lots of activists, knows that HATE will motivate better than Scriptural TRUTH. So he uses name calling, and all the garbage he can find just to keep a 250 year old spelling tradition. I will not list every false prophet and Hitler that used the favorite name  Mr.G.R.Debater worships, to defame it. But that is his style of defending, "the tradition of men" he holds to.

So far as I know we believe in THE SAME PERSON (or God) but choose different ways of spelling and pronouncing HIS name in English letters. I use the Hebrew BIBLE letters as my basis together with BIBLE CONTEXT, Mr. G.R. Debater uses books I'd rather burn to ashes to interpret his Bible.

Mr.G.R. Debater has NO authoritative Hebrew text of the O.T. To my know he will not even admit the O.T. Bible has a Hebrew text, he loves Greek.

Mr.G.R.'s motive has to be to insight HATRED for Jews and the Hebrew name of God, YaHWeH ? 
Mr.G.R. Debater's problem is that he does not have any O.T. reliable Hebrew text IN his THINKING. 
It's kind of funny because the O.T. has been around a lot longer than the N.T. and 

Mr.G.R. Debater must only rely on Greek manuscripts alone!

The N.T. Greek text is disputed by about FIVE DIFFERENT GREEK N.T. TEXTS each claiming to be the ONE and only authentic text. So which COVENANT have the Theological Spin Doctors been tampering and playing with ?

Mr.G.R. Debater in what I'm calling his 1995 booklet didn't print ONE HEBREW LETTER, IN HEBREW in a positive way. He only used adulterated English. Yes, the English language is the most adulterated language on the face of the Earth. Made up primarily by: Greek, Latin, and the romance languages, it contains words from many languages, even Hebrew. But the most disgusting thing about Mr.G.R. Debater's booklet is that he only attempts to discredit and demean   the Hebrew letters of YHWH by reprinting pictures out of books written by those with familiar spirits.

What's worse is Mr.G.R.Debater uses these books which should be burned to interpret his BIBLE and the names he believes were in the original Hebrew text (which is only in his imagination.)

And then Mr.G.R. Debater attempts to interpret and interpolate God's name by using these demonic sources. Mr.G.R. Debater didn't know that our enemy, Satan never had an original thought. That is why Satan has to use the TRUTH of YaHWeH's word. I know of no other (so called believer) which uses occult books to make any doctrine or interpret their God's historical name in the text of the O.T. except, Mr. Gary Reckart.

But he wants to pervert the word of God.. Don't do that neighbor.

1 Chronicles 10:13 "So - - - - died for his transgression which he committed against YaHWeH, even against the word of YaHWeH, which he kept not, AND ALSO FOR ASKING COUNSEL OF ONE THAT HAD A FAMILIAR SPIRIT, TO INQUIRE OF IT."

W A R N I N G     N E I G H B O R     don't let your name be in a verse like that, doing what King Saul did. If King Saul thought he could find out the key of YaHWeH's word by reading books written by witches or those with familiar spirits, HE WOULD HAVE. I hope you burn those witch reprints Mr.G.R.

Don't be the enemy of God by going against HIS word which is settled in heaven.
Psalm 119:89 "For ever, O YaHWeH, thy word is settled in heaven."

Just a little research with early English Bibles and looking at Acts 7:45 will tie Jesus to Joshua which in Hebrew would be YaH-shua as in Hallelu - YaH.

Strong's number H3050 YaH see Psalm 68:4 in KJV.

Mr.G.R. Debater wants to Keep the Roman Catholic Church Tradition of Jehovah, Jesuits, Jesus. If "TRINITY" is Roman Catholic, which it is together with baptism in the slogan, " Father, Son, and Holy Ghost"... JESUS is the official English Roman Catholic Church NAME for their SUN god.

The Roman Catholic Church is very proud of itself for changing the sabbath day to SUNday.

IESU is pure Latin. Add on the 18th century new English letter "J" and you have "JESU."   IESU in their Latin and you see it in JESUits and JESUs. The "s" on the end added for Greek syntax. The Roman Catholic Church and all her daughters, the harlot churches use the NAME - Jesus, which is their mantra.


Click here to see the List of Hebrew names which would have also had to been changed to change the spelling of the name of God  to YaHWeH in the over 6800 places plus all the places these prophets names appear using the first three letter of the name of God,Mr. G. R. Debater forgets his claim to a changed name would also entail changes to all the prophets names.  So if he can't trust the Hebrew Bible for these names, only he wants the power to insert or keep his guess name. Click here to see name list from Strongs.

I copied most of the names out of Strong's which has the first three letters of YHWH making a compound name for the prophet with a meaning including the name of the Father, YaHWeH. 

Now, according to Mr.G.R. Debater all Tetragrams YHWH were added to the Hebrew text 6,825 plus times, therefore I must also conclude that all these prophets names were added as well to collate with YHWH as YHW-. Pretty unlikely isn't it! Well, when you start changing words wholesale in the Hebrew text you are making quite a big accusation "against Scripture" especially without PROOF in the form of TEXT... OR SCRIPTURAL CONTEXT... 

Remember Mr.G.R. Debater's supposed truth about the subject comes from all those books which good Christians BURN according to Acts 19:19. He reprints segments instead of BURNING THEM. Surely the Apostle Paul wasn't reading the Kabbalah to interpret his Hebrew Bible - HE BURNT THE KABBALAH. He did not reprint sections or pages of it. In Acts 19:19 the Apostles weren't out there getting themselves a free copy of each burnable book to interpret the correct historical name of God. 

But Mr.G.R. Debater has been and therefore would have if he had been there - because that is what he did. Wake up people and read "the word of YaHWeH", instead of Kabbalah commentators like Gary R. Debater. Mr.G.R. tries to ignite zealous antagonism against the Hebrew people and the name of their God, YaHWeH, the God of the whole earth. He knows people filled with hate can not reason, let alone reason Godly things. This is the mind set of a man that just wants to enshrine the English  KJV (and worship it) throw everything else away and self-elect himself to be your dictionary, commentary, and guide to all truth. 

Therefore my arguments are all photocopies of Bibles, dictionaries, encyclopedias, Christian magazines, and a Readers' Digest article on an archaeology find containing the Hebrew name YHWH, or YaHWeH for our pronunciation - should I say our best TRANS L I T E R A T I O N in English writing so as for an Engishman to pronounce something close to the Hebrew sound of the original word. Instead of being closer to the Greek or Latin Saviour of the Roman Catholic church.  

Hebrew is read from Right to Left (the opposite of English) hallelu yah 22 times in the Psalms ending in YaH ; the poetic or song form of YaHWeH condensed in KJV Psalm 68:4 is YaH.  YaHWeH meaning eternal manifestor explained by the verb meaning, "I will be, what, I will be," in Hebrew thought instead of, I am that I am , Greek thought. William Tyndale was the first to translate Exo.3:14, " I will be, what, I will be."

YaHWeH 6,825+ times in the O.T. Hebrew scriptures and answers Prov.30;4, Psa.83:18, 145:21, 148:13, Joel 2:32 and many N.T. verses quoting the O.T. YaHWe-shua in the shortened poetic or song form is YaHshua from which Joshua was derived. YaHshua is pronounced when middle Hebrew letter is silenced YaHWe-shua pronunciation contains the full name of YaHWeH as spoken thus fulfilling John 5:43 literally and Proverbs 30;4, Heb.13:8, John 3:18, Acts 4:12 Mat.1:21, Phil.2:9, Acts 10:43, Eph.1:21.

I present to you the 1769 KJV Lord Jesus Christ as YaHWeH YaHWe-shua Messiah or what does this mean Jesus is Lord but YaHWe-shua is YaHWeH . . . the ONLY Hebrew God. 1 Tim. 3:16, John 10:30, Isaiah 9:6, 45:5, 45:6, 45:14, 45:18, 45:21,22 1 King 8:60, Deut. 4:39, 6:4, Mark 12:29, Joel 2:27, John 8;24, Isaiah 43:10, Isaiah 43:25, 41:4, 44:24, 48:12, Rev. 1:8,11, 17-18; 1 Tim.1:17. The mystery of the ONENESS hidden in the name, YaHWe-shua, until now seeing the ( Father's ) eternal - for ever name YaHWeH linked with salvation HE PREPARED for mankind even in the name. Even so, come, YaHWeH YaHWeshua. The grace of our YaHWeH YaHWeshua Messiah be with you all. Amen. 

How do you interpret the scriptures? By the word of God / the word of YaHWeH which is stated both ways in the scripture or by books produced by men with familiar spirits which should be burned according to Acts 19:19? 1Samuel15:23 "For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of YaHWeH, HE hath also rejected thee from being king." Numbers 15:31 "Because he hath despised the word of YaHWeH, and hath broken HIS commandment, that soul shall utterly be cut off; his iniquity shall be upon him." 

Mr.G.Reckart Debater says on page 19 "that we pronounce it unknowingly." To connect Jesus to the Yah in Hallelujah?  Do you really believe you pronounce it unknowingly as Hallelu-Ge?  Give an honest person a break. If it ends with the same "sound" that the following KJV words start with: gender, genealogy, general, generation, Gentile, gentle, I won't bore you with more from the dictionary. Using the soft G, when you say your a, b, c's, d, e, f, g,e. is the way you say Ges-us. Jesus starts with, Ges us. Gee-whiz, is that so hard to figure out? We say, Hallelu - Y a H. Instead of Hallelu-Ge. And that special sound of "YaH" is not perverted by a bunch of geocentric German gym gems that all start with the same sound as Jesus. Like "Ge-nie" in the bottle you can spell it any way you want it. 

The "J" was to be a "Y" sound for the LATIN "I".  Proof: the supermarket chain in Michigan, "Meijer's" pronounced Meyers. The German name in mid-Missouri, Jungmeyer; pronounced Young-meyer. The Germans still pronounce all the "J" words in the Bible with a "Y" sound.  Why, because the German is closer to Latin than English is.  And the Latin "I" is the "Y" sound, not a soft "G" sound as in the common pronunciation of Jesus. Mr.G.R. Debater, what do you have to say about that?  You said this didn't exist, well the facts are it does and you're wrong.

Isn't it funny that the letter "J" is NEVER any place but at the beginning of a ROOT word? The tenth letter in the Hebrew doesn't do that and neither does the English corresponding "Y". Look up ANY Bible "J" word in Strong's, the pronunciation always starts with "Y". There are several verses containing four, three, and twice the name of YaHWeH in the same verse. 1 Kings 19:11 contains the Hebrew name of God, YaHWeH, in Hebrew & KJV   F I V E   T I M E S.  Does God not know HIS own NAME, or is HE trying to tell some of us "smart" people what it is and how important HIS NAME, YaHWeH, is. 

But some of the most interesting in the KJV are Ezek.20:5 and Amos 6:8 ... Lord GOD and LORD God and further Jeremiah 2:19 and Ezek.34:30 ... LORD God and Lord GOD... This begins to show the problem with the KJV CODE OF CAPITALIZATION FOR THE NAME, YaHWeH and lower case for other words in the original. This means the ears of a listener of a reader of these KJV verses does not know Lord from LORD or God from GOD, or that LORD and GOD here both represent the same original Hebrew name YaHWeH. 

Unless the reader de-codes the verse and reads YaHWeH for the capitalized LORD and GOD.  ( Look at the "D"  folks "d" don't be fooled by the size camouflaged "D" "d" "D" "d". Some preachers have been so ignorant when I innocently questioned them on one of these verses, "he attempted to explain the capitalization to me as the PRINTER needed to fill the line up for justification so the capitalization was added." Having been a printer I know and can assure you that is NOT the case.  You reader should know that preacher's answer WAS a VAIN IMAGINATION needing to be brought into subjection to TRUTH. 

The only reason for the capitalization of LORD  or LORD and GOD or GOD is to put the name of YaHWeH in The KJV Name CODE - for the knowledgeable reader to profit thereby. I would like to add that ALL CAPITALIZATION IN THE SCRIPTURES IS ADDED BY THE TRANSLATORS. PERIOD. 

The Original Signatures of the writers did not use upper and lower case letters, sentence breaks, or paragraph breaks. All of these wonderful helps were added including the chapter and verse numbers added during the time of the reformation. The KJV translators knew what they were doing... read the preface to the reader.  They NEVER claimed to produce the "inerrant word of God, but an English translations. The KJV CODED THE NAME (YaHWeH)  accurately except for knowing whether an all capital LORD is YaH or YaHWeH, but that only happens 46 times out of 6,825+ times and once you know 22 of the 46 are beginning and ending verses in Psalms as "Praise ye the LORD" (HalleluYaH) plus "LORD" (YaH) 2 times in front of Jehovah in KJV (YaHWeH) once in Psalm 68:4 as "Jah" in KJV (YaH) and once as "vehement" in Song of Solomon 8:6 in the KJV;  making the total of 48 YaH's in the Hebrew in the O.T.   That only leaves 22 places of confusion of "LORD" for (YaH)  in the KJV but they are all in Psalms and Isaiah 38:11 twice. 

Now if the Tetragram (YHWH) was inserted as one man claims why would we still have YaH? Would not the inserters have also added the last two Hebrew letters to YaH also to make YaHWeH? Of course they would, so this is beautiful because we have a pre-Babylonian proof in the Psalms that the full name of YaHWeH was used and also for poetic and singing was shortened to YaH, Hallelu-YaH. But even better is that the ONE GOD major prophet of the O.T. Isaiah also used YaH twice with YaHWeH and alone twice in Isaiah 38:11. Does not "the Word of YaHWeH" I mean the Hebrew Bible, delight and thrill you? I hope so. 

The Bible interprets the Bible, you don't need Books which should be burnt to interpret your Bible or interpolate man's tradition where you want it, unless that's what you're really trying to support. Finally MY position on LAW KEEPING ... I am against being called "A Law KEEPER" in fact they "the Law KEEPERS" call me, "antinomian", which means one who denies the validity of moral laws. 

I believe in ALL THE MORAL LAWS OF THE NEW TESTAMENT OR COVENANT and if one dies in an unrepented condition listed in 1 Cor.6:9-10 or Gal.5:19-21 they shall not inherit the kingdom of God. But for salvation I do not believe in O.T. Law KEEPING, never have, and have never preached it. Mr. G.R. Debater alleged in his book that I endorse Law KEEPING.   See my message on this topic by clicking here.  Get my open letter to all LAW KEEPERS. 

It's a requirement in 1 Timothy 3:2 and Titus 1:6 for a preacher to be, "the husband of one wife". Not a polygamist or a man with another man's divorced wife. These easy-believism preachers preach easy divorce and only one licensed adulterous wife at a time as the American culture does. 

America needs to repent and quite desecrating the picture of CHRIST and the Church and start living according to the fifth chapter of Ephesians. As for a preacher who is divorced and remarried or married a divorced woman (with a living ex-HUSBAND), HE IS AN ADULTERER. 

He needs to repent; or he shall not inherit the kingdom of God according to Galatians 5:19-21. Adulterers, sorcerers and their books all go hand in hand. Isaiah 57:3 "But draw near hither, ye sons of the sorceress, the seed of the adulterer and the whore." These produce books that should be burnt, Mr. G.R. Debater. Not used for interpreting the Bible which would also be practicing witchcraft (using those books) and witchcraft is listed in Galatians 5:19-21 as well. 

Fornication in the Matthew "exception clause" is for people practicing Jewish Betrothal like Joseph and Mary were. Fornication is ONLY PREMARTIAL SEX, not adultery. That's why Gal.5:19-21 lists BOTH: Adultery, then fornication... because they are different. See Black's Law Dictionary. 

Luke 16:18 "Whosoever putteth away his wife, and marrieth another, committeth adultery: and whosoever marrieth her that is put away from her husband committeth adultery." 

Don't believe me, believe Christ (MESSIAH), who said these words. Adultery defined in the Bible: Romans 7:3 "So then if, while her husband liveth, she be married to another man, she shall be called an ADULTERESS: but if her husband be dead, she is free from that law; so that she is no adulteress, though she be married to another man." Divorcement (putteth away) does not end, Gen.2:24 ONE FLESH, it requires physical death of that mate's FLESH. 

Not spiritually, marriage is marriage, for on the earth in THE FLESH, ie ONE FLESH. Moses' divorce law of Deut. 24:1-4 is abolished and Messiah quoted Gen.2:24 in Mat.19:5-6. Mark 10:8 And they twain shall be ONE FLESH: so then they are NO MORE TWAIN, but ONE FLESH. 

Mat.19:8 "HE saith unto them, Moses because of THE HARDNESS OF YOUR HEARTS suffered you to put away your wives: BUT FROM THE BEGINNING IT WAS NOT SO." Mark 10:5 b " For the HARDNESS OF YOUR HEARTS he wrote you this precept." 

DIVORCE and REMARRIAGE is HARDNESS OF HEART. Are you listening to a preacher with HARDNESS OF HEART? Reading (witchcraft) material written by those with FAMILIAR SPIRITS to interpret your Bible? REPENT, PREACHER, REPENT! 

As for Mr. G.R. Debater accusing me of preaching / practicing SALVATION BY LAW KEEPING let me give you my favorite verses for that topic. Galatians 5:4 "Christ is become of no effect unto you, whosoever of you are justified by THE LAW: YE ARE FALLEN FROM GRACE." Fallen just as much as an unrepentant Adulterer. Galatians 3:11 "But that no man is justified by THE LAW in the sight of God, it is evident: for , The just shall live by faith." Romans 3:20 "Therefore by the deeds of THE LAW there shall no flesh be justified in HIS sight: for by THE LAW is the knowledge of sin." 28 "Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith without the deeds of THE LAW." 

Get my open letter to all LAW KEEPERS.  Click here to read it.  It was sent to one and I never got an answer. 

At a restaurant would you request a new cup of drink, when you discover a dead fly in your drink? Read Lev. 11:32 Flies aught to be as clean as pigs are in this dispensation, shouldn't they. REAL Cheap free protein. Or believing, "The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto YaHWeH thy God." Deut.22:5 Which of us disagree with using that principle in, the law, lawfully by faith? 

BUT that is not our salvation, nor have I ever preached, Law KEEPING, to sustain salvation. I believe Mr.G.R. Debater just wants to defend his tradition that has been handed down to him, ANY WAY HE CAN. And since the scriptural record, supports YaH YaHWeH the ONE true God which in the fullness of time was made manifest to the world, in a human form, made of a woman, made under the law, to REDEEM them that were under the law, that we might receive the adoption of sons. Gal.4:4- 5 Before named by the Angel, no doubt in Hebrew from (Acts 26:14), HE come in HIS father's name YaHWeH (John5:43), Matthew 1:21 YaHWe-shua, (meaning YaHWeH our salvation), to those which believe on HIS name Acts 10:43, John 3:18, Acts 4:12 is in my Bible too. See Romans 10:13 quotes Joel 2:32. Now HE is our RIGHTEOUSNESS, as it says in Jer.23:6 ... YaHWeH our RIGHTEOUSNESS. and again in Jer. 33:16 ... YaHWeH our righteousness. YaHWe-shua purchased our salvation on calvary. And the ONE true God had completed HIS plan of salvation for man, paying the penalty for death in HIS own manifested body of flesh through the virgin birth to be OUR SALVATION. Jonah 2:9 b... "Salvation is of YaHWeH." Lam.3:26 "It is good that a man should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of YaHWeH." 

We don't have to wait any longer, but the REVELATION of the meanings within HIS name has come once again to us in these last days before Isaiah 6:3 is fulfilled when, "And one cried unto another, and said, HOLY, HOLY, HOLY, is YaHWeH of hosts: the WHOLE EARTH is full of HIS glory." When HE comes to rule and reign here on earth. Until then we need to let people know to change to the Hebrew name written and spoken in English, YaHWeH YaHWeshua. It wasn't easy for this street preacher. It takes time, but it's SCRIPTURE both context and original historical BIBLE. Rotherham said we need to change slowly. Well that was in 1902. Let's speed it up now. As ONENESS BELIEVERS in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob we can work together and get this GOOD NEWS out with each other's help. Let's work together for the TRUTH OF THE BIBLE instead of the traditions of men. 

TRUST the Original Hebrew Bible Text or TRUST nothing and be lost. Even so, come, YaHWeH YaHWeshua. The grace of our YaHWeH YaHWeshua Messiah be with you all. Amen. 


Contact: Bro. Dale Sabin, 19591 Kelsay Road, Barnett, MO 65011 (573) 378-1917 Copyright 2001 --- Permission is given to reprint complete without editing to the Glory of YaHWeH provided this material is not sold!   Point of interest perhaps the name, YaHWeH or LORD (KVJ) does not appear in the following books, Esther, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon , 1 John, 3 John. The word God (KJV) does not appear in Esther or Song of Solomon; and only once in Lamentations, Nahum, 3 John, twice in Philemon, once in Obadiah as GOD (YaHWeH). 

If as Mr.G.R. Debater alleges that the Tetragram was placed in the text at later times almost 7,000 times in only 36 of 39 books and Mr.G.R. Debater claims some sort of sexual connotation on the Tetragram, isn't it odd that it is not once in the SEX BOOK of the Bible, Song of Solomon. If evenly divided the name would have appeared about 170 times in each book, but the books are different lengths also. There is some where around 30,000 verses in the entire Bible that allows for the name of YaHWeH to be in about every fourth verse one time. Yet we have single verses with the name in them a multiple of times. The only verse the name of YaHWeH is in five times is 1 Kings 19:11 (please see the Hebrew text handout of this) and remember read Hebrew from Right to Left !  (Mr. G.R. Debater how can anyone say they believe the Bible when they consider the O.T. Hebrew text has been perverted as much as you claim it has been?)  The problem is you have destroyed the original Hebrew text.

Click here to see the HEBREW TEXT of 1 Kings 19:11

Some exciting discoveries in terms of identifying the original texts are coming from the work of groups like the Center for Judaic-Christian Studies of Dayton, Ohio (not to be confused with the non-Christian Institute of Judaic-Christian Research in Arlington, Texas) and YAVO, Inc., of Austin, Texas. These groups are showing that an original Hebrew source (now lost) probably lay behind our Greek gospels and much of the book of Acts. By translating the Greek texts back into Hebrew, they have been able to clarify a number of previously puzzling passages. Their theories and discoveries, if they become well-known and accepted, should have a significant effect on future translations.


What comes as a surprise to many people is the fact that even "reliable" versions sometimes unnecessarily reflect the religious beliefs of the translators in ways which compromise the integrity of the translation. Readers who don't know Greek or Hebrew often remain wholly unaware of such things until it is pointed out to them or they discover it by reading and comparing different translations.


The KING JAMES VERSION the first politically correct Bible.

The KING JAMES VERSION is a case in point. This most popular of all English translations was commissioned by James I of England, who wanted a Bible that would be used by all the people. The Puritans were using the GENEVA BIBLE, but its anti-Catholic notes and its usage of words like "congregation" and "washing" instead of "church" and "baptism" offended the bishops of the Anglican Church (Church of England). The bishops reacted by producing their own BISHOPS' BIBLE, though it was recognized even by the bishops themselves to be inferior to the GENEVA BIBLE as a translation.

In order to end this division, James commissioned a group of scholars from both parties to make a Bible translation that would appeal to both Puritans and Anglicans. This effort was eventually to become a great success, as witnessed by the still-current popularity of the KING JAMES VERSION. However, some of the rules the translators were guided by inevitably compromised the integrity of their translation.

One such rule was that the BISHOPS' BIBLE was to be followed and not altered unless the original warranted it. (Fortunately, though, the translation was frequently corrected along the lines of the GENEVA BIBLE and other versions.) A second such rule was that ecclesiastical (church) terms used in the BISHOPS' BIBLE were to be retained. This meant that ekklèsia was still to be translated as "church," even though its truer meaning was "congregation" (i.e., a group of people, rather than a building), and baptizo was still to be transliterated as "baptize" instead of being translated as "wash" or "immerse," which is what the Greek word really meant. Since the Anglican Church baptized by sprinkling, to translate baptizo correctly as "immerse" would have set the Scriptures against church practice.

Indeed, culture and personal or religious beliefs influence Scripture translation far more than we realize.

Young's Literal Translation:

An example of the first kind of "error" Young wished to correct--translating a single Greek word by several different English words--can be found in the KING JAMES VERSION of Paul's Epistle to the Romans, chapter 5. In verses 1-11 Paul uses the Greek word, "kauchaomai," three times to great effect. But readers of the KING JAMES VERSION wouldn't realize this because the translators rendered the Strongs word #2744 as "rejoice" in verse 2, as "glory" in verse 3, and as "joy" in verse 11.  To make it more confusing verse 2 also contains "glory" in English but the Greek is #1391, "doxa."


Richard Weymouth stated in the Preface to the First Edition of his New Testament translation: "An utterly ignorant or utterly lazy man, if possessed of a little ingenuity, can with the help of a dictionary and grammar give a word-for-word rendering, whether intelligible or not, and print 'Translation' on his title-page."

I'm not sure the NT could have first been wrote in the Hebrew Language tell me more, click here.

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