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What is the difference between CUSTOM FITTED Pricing and STANDARD CUT SIZE Pricing?

Our lead time, turn around time, or how quickly can I get something sewn?

Can I buy one of your patterns from you?  NO, we do not sell patterns.  You can pay the full amount and have us just cut out the fabric and then return the cut fabric to you.  You could then copy/trace the cut fabric material pieces and have a pattern of the item ordered... but there is no discount because we didn't finish sewing the garment upon your request about лучшие ставки по ипотеке на вторичное жилье.  Please note, do not do this if you are not a seasoned sewer, because we don't send any sewing directions watching.  And if then after wards you want to return the pieces to us and have us sew it, we charge 1/2 the original cost, plus the order fee again.

Will you sew the pattern I send you?  Yes, we will sew patterns supplied to us (but they must be modest). We are modest seamstresses and do reserve the right to make appropriate Christ honoring changes to cover revealed chests, shoulder/top of arms, thighs, and knees, minimum sleeve length - we do NOT sew sleeveless outer garments, slits, mid-rifts, etc.

Are you Mennonite?  No, we are not Mennonite nor raised Mennonite.  However our second married daughter and her husband attend the Mennonite church he was raised in.



 CUSTOM SEWING by Lydia of Purple:

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